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Mark Callaway sighed softly as he clutched his cut arm damn cena slammed him into the steel steps causing his arm to get cut on the corner of the steps.

Mark walked to the trainers room to get fixed up he walked in and saw the most beautiful woman he had ever saw, Mandy turned around and instantly went shy for there in front of her was the undertaker she took one look at his arm and said ” come in and let me bandage you up,”.

Mark sat on the table and Mandy begin to clean the cut she continued to work and trying to hide her blush that was forming from the closeness of her and mark, mark smiled softly and lifted her face to his and asked” may i ask your name”? Mandy said ” Im Amanda but everyone calls me Mandy”, ” oh im Mark or the undertaker as everyone knows.”

Mandy finished with his arm and turned to finish her paperwork when he grabbed her arm and asked ” would you like to get some dinner with me” Mandy nods and finishes her work and follows Mark out to his bike and climbs on they ride to a place to eat and then they went to his hotel room where they sat and talked until it begin to get hot and heavy as they kissed.

Mandy begins to suck on mark enjoying the noises he was making as she sucked he soon cummed and she came up and looked at him he layed her on the bed and begin to eat her out until she screamed with pleasure and cummed hard.

Mark looked at her for the consent and when she nodded he entered her, he pushed past her barrier she hid her face into his shoulder and cried softly from the pain, mark just held her and went slowly for a while until mandy begin to thrust back he begin to slam her repeately mandy moaned softly which begin to turn into screams she screamed loudly as she cam again for the second time mark roared when he cam deep inside her, they fell asleep together knowing they loved each other.

Mandy and Mark are now said to be living somewhere hidden they are married with 2 kids and a third one on the way

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