30 Year fantasy

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My Auntie Laura is the most beautiful woman I have ever met. Now that may sound a little disturbing, but I must point out that she is not my blood relation. Laura just happened to marry my uncle.

My first ever feelings of sexual attraction were of Laura when I was about 12 or 13 years old and my first crush has been my biggest crush for the past 30 years. To say she is my most fantasised-over women whilst masturbating would be something of an understatement.

Whenever we meet, I always get a big hug from Laura, much bigger than from anybody else I know. There’s something ‘extra’ to these hugs, they are tighter more intimate and last longer than hugs with other people I know.
Once, after a family get together, feeling a little drunk, I told her that she was the most beautiful woman I had ever met. She said that she was flattered but also said ” I bet you say that to all the girls!”

Laura and her husband, my uncle, live in France now and I get over once a year with my family to see them on their farm. I feel just the same way about Laura now, at 40 years old as I did when I was 16 or 25 years old. Laura has aged but is still as beautiful and as desirable as ever to me.

Last year on our visit to their farm, a trip out had been arranged for my children, to a monkey theme park. I found that morning that I had a flat tyre on the car. With the car being a people carrier which was packed full of camping gear and holiday stuff, it would take an hour or so to get to the spare, change the wheel and repack. The boys and my girlfriend went with some friends to the monkey park and I stayed behind to change the wheel. My uncle was away working on a job some 200 miles away and would not be back for 2 days. Laura needed to stay behind as she had work to do with the animals.

As I realised that I was going to be alone with Laura for the first time ever, I felt rather excited. Would anything happen? ….Nah of course not. Cannot let my fantasy get in the way of reality.

I cleared out the car, got to the spare wheel and changed it in about 25 minutes. I managed to get some things back packed away but saw that my hands were black with brake-dust so went inside to wash them.

The bathroom is just inside the front-door and as I washed my hands I could hear Laura was in the kitchen which is right next to the bathroom. It’s a strange layout in their little farmhouse!

I dried my hands and walked into the kitchen. As I entered, Laura was bent over unloading the dishwasher. She was wearing a thin white skimpy t-shirt and her bra was clearly visible through the light cloth. She was also wearing shorts which were quite tight and her figure was not hidden in the slightest. I felt a tightening of my balls and let out an “Mmmm” which was a lot louder than I intended.

Laura looked at me a little surprised as she stood up. As I was looking straight at her, I just smiled at her, maybe rather awkwardly, but she gave me a big smile back. “Have you changed the wheel already?” she asked.

“Yes” I replied. “Oh, they could have hung on for you!” she exclaimed.

“Well, that’s ok,” I said, smiling. “I can spend some quality time with my favourite auntie.”

Laura smiled a big smile and with a glint in her eye stepped closer as she asked “Well what would you like to do then?”

I was looking straight into her beautiful brown eyes, my heart beating like mad and a bulge was growing in my pants as I tried to think of a suitable reply.

Then I noticed a look in her eye and a sly little smile that suggested she may have the same thing in mind as me.

I leaned in, towards her, kind of testing the water, expecting a sudden snap out of this situation, but she also leaned in towards me. I put my hands towards her hips and found that I was actually shaking in anticipation. My hands clasped down on her hips as my lips met hers and we kissed a passionate kiss.

There was 30 years worth of infatuation and fantasising in that kiss and it really felt like Laura may have had the same feelings towards me. My hands moved closer together around Laura’s back as our bodies moved closer together and her hands were stroking up and down my back as we kissed passionately.

I moved my right hand down to her bum and pulled her inwards and she let out a little moan of pleasure. I started to kiss her neck and she was breathing heavily pulling me closer and tighter. Then Laura stopped and pushed me away a little. I thought that was it. It was fantastic though. I had never thought I actually would have a passionate kiss like that with her and I knew it was something I would remember for the rest of my life.

“God I have wanted to do that for years Laura!” I said, “I know,” she replied “me too!” and gave me that little sly smile again. She held her hand out for me to take it.

Laura led me out of the kitchen, through the living area and up the stairs to her bedroom.
At the side of the bed Laura placed her hands on my neck and pulled my head towards hers. We kissed again, very lightly, very sensuously. My hands were on her sides moving up and down and slightly rubbing against her tits. I moved my hands down to the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it up so that I could feel the bare skin on her back. Laura pulled my shirt up and off over my head. I quickly pulled hers over her head and resumed our sensuous kiss. Small kisses a little lick of each others lips then some more small kisses. The passion was building and I have never felt such an erection before. It felt like my dick would burst.

We pulled each other together so that our skin met and my hands moved round Laura’s back to the clasp on her bra. It was with some relief that the clasp came undone easily with the first attempt. I pulled off her bra to reveal her beautifully pert tits covered in freckles and her large brown nipples. I looked at them for a few seconds, admiring them and only now realising just how freckly Laura was. I moved my head down and licked and kissed my way down her left breast until I reached her nipple and circled around it as she groaned in pleasure stroking her fingers through my hair. I sucked on her nipple and it grew bigger than any nipple I had in my mouth before, and I loved it! I moved slowly over to her right breast and did the same before Laura pulled my head up to kiss me some more.

Our kissing was more passionate now. We were probing each others mouths with our tongues and lightly biting each others lips, our hands playing teasingly around the tops of each others shorts. Laura pulled on the front of my shorts and the button flew off. We both let out a little giggle and then Laura thrust her hand down the front of my shorts and into my briefs squeezing her hand around my balls. I gasped, she moved her hand upwards and took hold of my dick at the base and stroked it slowly whilst I found myself making the most unusual groaning sound. She pulled my shorts and undies down with her other hands as she continued to stroke my manhood. I continued to kiss her, on the lips, down her jaw-line around her neck and I was teasing her a bit more by only moving my hands inside her shorts a little bit, just until I felt the frill on her panties and then pulled it away. Her breathing was getting heavier and I saw her pupils dilate as I plunged my hand down the front of her panties and felt her pussy for the first time. My middle finger found it’s way easily between her lips as she was very wet. Laura groaned as I moved my finger very lightly, up and down her lips from the entrance to her vagina and up to her clit. Down and up, down and up, I could feel her pussy lips filling with blood, down and up, down and up with a little light rub of her clitoris, over and over again. Laura was loving it, (and so was I!!) We were stroking in each other in rhythm get a little faster with every couple of strokes. Still kissing and looking into each others eyes, giving a look which was saying “How naughty is this?”

I was just dying to taste her so I pulled Laura’s hand off my cock and she looked at me a little surprised as I moved her hand to by her side. Then I started to lower myself down, kissing her neck, breasts and tummy as I descended down to her waistline. I tugged Laura’s shorts down to reveal her knickers, they were wringing wet and I could see her ginger pubic hair through the soaked cotton. I kissed and licked around the top of Laura’s thighs as I gave her a little push at the hips to encourage her to sit down on the bed. I slowly licked at her, up and down through her panties and she murmured “Ohh Graham!” I slowly pulled her panties down, continuing to kiss and nibble around the tops of her thighs. With her knickers removed, totally naked, Laura lay back and opened up her legs. I probed and licked gently up and down her pussy lips with just the occasional light flick of her clitoris with my tongue. She tasted fantastic. Laura’s breathing got noticeably loader and heavier as I moved up and down with my tongue and catching her clit more and more with each stroke. Laura was pulling on my hair as I parted her lips more with my fingers. I moved up a little and stared licking her clitoris more, in regular motions quite fast and I toyed around the entrance to her vagina with my fingers. She was really loving this now groaning “ohh ohh ohh, yes oh yes,mmmmmmm” I pressed two fingers into her vagina as I sped up the licking on her clitoris. After a few moments Laura arched up on her back, her legs were trembling, I felt her fingernails dig into my scalp and she squirted a little love juice which I lapped up with my tongue. it was delicious.

Still moaning she pulled me up and kissed me on the lips, ” Thank you, that was amazing” she said. I have never had an orgasm from oral sex before. She reached down to my dick and pulled it towards her fanny. I pushed into her a little bit, just the head at first. In and out slowly, very slowly. I was dying to thrust forward but I controlled myself going just a little further in with each couple of strokes. Gradually I was going faster and faster. Laura had her legs up with her knees bent and I put my hands behind her legs so that I was Pushing her legs back towards her head so that her bum was slightly raised off the bed. It is the position to get the most penetration I was thrusting with all my strength. I was close to coming when I felt Laura holding her breath. Then I felt her Vagina tighten around my dick. It was hard to penetrate her all of a sudden, then I felt a flow of juice around my penis and it was enough to tip me over. I let it go and had the most amazing orgasm of my life. We lay there for a few minutes to catch our breath and both said at the same time ” That was wonderful!”

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