Walk With Me. Part Three

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Lee and Alyssa sat in the car together, checking one another out in the mirror and making last minute
adjustments to their wardrobes. “Ready?” Lee asked with a cheeky smile, “You bet”, Alyssa replied. They both
got out of the car and Lee waited for Alyssa to lock the doors. They could hear the loud music playing
and the screams of the already partying high school kids. The girls had arrived late, it was already 11:30
and they were almost sure that everyone would be drunk by then. The Catcher’s lived on a large property
in the sub burbs. They were a wealthy family and enjoyed throwing parties for any occasion. Lee knocked on the
door and rang the doorbell, knowing no one would come they entered the beautiful mansion. The music was louder
in here and the shreaks of everyone were getting closer. The two entered the living room and saw Mr and Mrs Catcher
enjoying a night cap together. “Hi Jean and Dave, how are you two tonight?” Lee said, the couple were a family
friend. The couple both sat up and welcome Lee with a warm hug and a hearty hello. Jean Catcher looked at
Lee and smiled “Girl, you look beautiful tonight. And I don’t mean to be a gossip but all day the boys could
not stop talking about you.” Lee knew she was referring to Jesse and John. Her cheeks flushed with colour and
Jean Catcher giggled. Alyssa had already made her way to the back yard where the party was and Lee said her
goodbyes to join her. Lee tiptoed through the gorgeous mansion and pushed the back doors open to enter the
backyard. It was beautifully lit with decorative lights and the yard was a beautiful lush green. The pool was
a beautiful clear blue (even with a fistful of drunks swimming in it), the music was loud and people were walking
around laughing and having a great time. Lee said hello to passing friends as she searched for Alyssa. It was
almost impossible to find anyone in the packed yard but she saw Alyssa talking to John and Jesse and made her
way over. “Alyssa!,” Lee shouted over the music, “You duntz you could have waited for me.”
“Sorry, you know how I get around parents.” The small group laughed and Lee noticed she stood inches away from
Jesse. Her heart skipped a beat when she heard his voice, “Alittle late I see.” Lee’s mouth dropped he was
waiting for her. She turned towards him, her face flushed with colour, “Sorry, but you know I have to make my
entrance.” The words tumbled from her mouth and she had to keep herself calm. Alyssa and John were talking
amoungst themselves and left Lee and Jesse to be alone. Lee stared at the ground, she was completely shy
this was the first time her and Jesse had the chance to be alone and she was blowing it. At that thought she felt
his hand take hers and he started to guide her threw the party. “Where are we going?!” He couldn’t hear her
and she knew it but she still felt the need to ask. Jesse opened the doors to the pool house which was set up as
a guest house and motioned for Lee to sit on the bed. Jesse stood at the door for a moment, his eyes full of
thought and questions. Finally he spoke, “I needed to talk to you.” Lee’s heart dropped, was she in trouble? Did
she do something wrong? Why was Jesse being so serious!? He came closer and sat near her on the bed the laid in
the center of the pool house. “I have wanted to talk to you person to person for so long,” Jesse began, “you
have no idea. I just can’t believe I pretty much waited until the last moment to do so.” Lee looked up
at him. “Lee, I want you. I want to date you, I want to kiss you, I want you to be mine.” Lee was startled
she couldn’t believe he was so subtle about the whole thing. The whole school knew there was something between
them but nothing really came of it, until now. Lee sat in silence, this is what she wanted and she could
not say a damn thing. She looked at him, he sat in silence staring at the ground waiting for a response. She
decided not to say anything, she inched closer to him and placed her hand on his. From there she ran her hand
up to his shoulder and slowly to his face which she stroked gently. He leaned into her touch and kissed her
fingers. Lee’s breath hitched and her body felt like it was on fire.

It felt so right, like it was the way it has always been and from there on forward. Jesse grazed his
lips on the tips of her fingers and Lee couldn’t hold back a moan. She could feel every part of her body
become ready and needy. Lee leaned further into Jesse she pulled her hand away from his kisses and replaced it
with her lips. She could feel his nervousness at first, and then he opened up like a flower in bloom. The
Kiss went from being a slow and exploring kiss to one that would make the pope get a hard on. It was passionate
and needy. His tounge exploring hers, his husky moans vibrating in her mouth. She couldn’t hold back anything
she ran her fingers through his hair and pulled him in closer. She would stop the kiss just for a second
to gently bite his bottom lip or to run her tounge across his upper lip. Jesse loved it, every movement of Lee’s
tounge made his pants tighter and the need to take them off even greater. He placed his hand on the small
of her back and guided her on top of him. She sat straddling him and he ran his hands up and down her back.
Their moans were even louder now, it was almost as if they drowned out the music. Lee couldn’t hear anything
but them, together.

Their clothes felt like a barrier between them and Lee just wanted to feel his skin against hers. She
broke away from the kiss to grab at the bottom of his t-shirt. His eyes were full of curiosity and his hands began
to shake against her back. Lee looked up at him before she continued looking for a silent approval. Jesse
removed his hands from her back and held them at his head. She once again took the cotton material in her hands
and pulled the material over his head. She look at his body, it was perfect. Jesse’s body was sculpted like a
prince from a fairy tale it was toned and angular like the hands of heaven took extra time on him.
Lee grazed her eyes and moved her hands over his tight stomach and pecks.
She could feel his heart racing and let her eyes move back towards his face. They held their gaze and
as if reading each others minds laid back onto the bed. Her voice was barely audible as she
put her lips against his ear, ” I want you.” Jesse looked up at her, his eyes wide. He put his hands on
the small of her back and guided her face back to his. Their lips joined and they moved in an even rythm
matching each others kisses. Once again, they both got hotter feeling the need for each other even greater.
He tugged at her shirt and pulled it up over her head and unhooked her bra in seconds. Jesse looked up at her breasts, so
full and perfect. He reached up and rolled them in his hands. Lee let out a soft moan as if begging for more.
Lee could feel the heat between her legs becoming a soft pool of wetness. She couldn’t remember
a time she had ever been this wet. As Jesse ran his hands in her hair Lee began kissing him once more. Letting herself
rock on his knee. The contact was mind blowing as her pussy moved against his thigh. She needed more, she needed to feel
him inside of her. As the thought of his cock inside of her ran across her mind Lee could feel Jesse’s hand undoing the
button of her jeans. His hands carressed her gently as he slowly undid each button with care. Lee looked into his eyes
the passion behind his eyes forever scorching her brain. Jesse moved tilted his head up to her once more and kissed her
while removing his hand from the crevice of her jeans to her back. In two speedy seconds Jesse was on top of her. Lee
let out a soft giggle as she looked at the godly creature on top of her. “These need to come off,” h
e said to her with
a coy grin. Lee could barely speak so she just let out a soft sigh and a cute nod in approval. Jesse had removed her
jeans i
n top speed and was back in his spot on top of her. Their skin scorching one anothers as their bodies touched.
Lee could feel Jesse’s soft lips trail kisses on her chest leading to her stomach. Her breath was harsh as she could
feel his tounge move against her panties. She was wet, and he knew it. Jesse felt her through her panties, Lee moaned.
“Please,” she begged in a whisper. Lee couldn’t handle it, Jesse was teasing her. She just wanted to feel him in her,
his hand moved her panties off of her crevice. Revealing soft pink lips perfectly shaven. His
fingers gently moved across them readying his fingers to push against her lips into her tight hole. Lee’s back was arched
her body needing him inside of her. She was moaning more than ever now and her legs could barely keep still. Jesse
watched her every move as he touched her, slowly inserting a finger inside of her. He could feel her tighten against him
and than withdraw as he pushed more of his finger inside. Slowly he moved and then faster, just so he could hear her moans
get stronger with passion. Lee was on the edge, she was close to cumming, she could feel her climax with every stroke
of his finger. His speed was increasing as he trailed kisses on her inner thigh, it was too much for Lee. She was
sure if he didn’t stop she would soak the bed. “Jesse, Je..ss..e…I am…Oh my god…JESSE.” She felt herself release,
spasms of pleasure went through her like small electrical currents. Lee didn’t even realize that her eyes had been
closed the whole time, she slowly opened them and looked up to Jesse. He was smiling, his grin so big it was almost
as if someone had drawn a line on his face ear to ear. She giggled, “Well that was mind blowing.” Jesse laughed
as she proped herself up to one elbow. “So I am naked and you are still in jeans, I really don’t find this fair.” She
could see his eyebrow arch up. “well you should probably take them off then,” he said playfully. Lee moved off the bed aware
of how soaked it was, and she went betwen his legs. She went slowly down to her knees and could see that he hadn’t lost
his bulge. She looked up at him playfully as she moved her hand across his hard cock to open his jeans. Jesse hissed a moan
as each button came un done. Lee removed his jeans and slowly moved her hands to each side of his boxers and pulled those
off too. She gawked, he was even more beautiful than she expected. His penis was fully erect and she could see it tensing.
She couldn’t believe how big it was, it was beautifully edged as a circumsized penis should be and stood nine inches tall.
Lee wrapped a hand around it and gasped, it was thick, very thick. She was amazed not only was it lengthy it was also at least
three inches thick. Lee looked up at him, his face was unsure as if scared she didn’t approve. She smiled at him, “I don’t
know if you will fit.” Jesse chuckled his self consciousness dissapearing, ” Well can’t say I would know, I am a virgin.”
Lee sat up straight, she was completely shocked. “WHAT?” He looked at her seriousness covering his face. “No joke Lee, this
is my first time.” Lee looked into his eyes and saw no lie, no trick hidden in them. Her mouth moving into a soft smile,
“well baby I promise I won’t hurt you.” She kissed him then, like no other kiss she had given anyone before. It was different
and she could feel it in her bones. He kissed her back with the same intensity and moved her on top of him once more. Lee
was dripping wet, she didn’t notice her body’s need until she was straddling him. She broke from the kiss and moved her hand across
his cock feeling it pulsing once again. She wanted him, more than anyone she had ever been with before. She needed to feel him
inside of her. She angled her body to his so that they were perfectly aligned, his cock only inches away from her throbbing pussy.
Lee pushed his head against her lips, guiding him inside. Jesse thrusted in with one hard stroke the length of him was inside of her.
She screamed as he put himself inside, he was stretching her, filling her. “Lee, are you ok? Did I hurt you?” Jesse said in a
panic.”No…no…don’t stop…please.” Lee looked into his eyes and swooned, she kissed him and slowly began to rock on his hard cock.
Once again their moans became louder and huskier. Her speed increased, guiding him in and out of her wet pussy. Jesse began moaning
her name and scratching her back. Her thrusts against him became harder, she just wanted him deeper. Deeper. Her moans more like
screams of passion. This was it, Jesse was hers, Jesse was inside of her. Her climax was building her heat seeping into a pool,
collecting to explode. “Lee…Lee…Baby, yes. Lee….Le…e..e…e” Jesse moaned, almost growling against her shoulder. Then he stopped her
he scooped her up into his arms and threw her gently against the wall. Almost violently he spread her legs apart once more. “oh my god Jesse.
baby, oh my god. Fuck me. Please. Jesse, please put it back inside.” Lee begged him, she didn’t want to part from his passion. She wanted
more of him and he knew it. She could feel his eyes look at her backside. His hands dipped between the crevice of her tight ass and
pushed her cheeks apart to reveal her dripping pussy hole once again. He growled as he pushed his cock against her. “Lee, I am
going to cum soon.” He thrashed inside of her. Pushing his entire length in and out of her at top speed. Her head hitting the wall and
her screams echoing through the room. “Fuck, fuck fuck….Jesse…AHH..FUCK.” She couldn’t control herself, passion was running through
her veins controlling her every thought, scream and movement. She could feel his cock pushing deeper inside of her, filling her more
and more. Her climax was creeping, it was so close. So close. She knew it was only a matter of time before she felt her juices
running down her leg. Once again, Jesse stopped. He turned her towards him and lifted her up off of the floor. She held onto him tightly
as he pushed inside of her once more, violently moving in and out of her. “Jesse…fuck…Jesse. Oh…my..god. Baby…” His cock
slowed as he began pushing harder, focusing more on strength rather than speed. She was in extasy pure extasy. She didn’t imagine
it would be like this. Him in control fucking her like she has never been fucked before. She dug her nails into his back, screamed against
his skin. There was nothing but him and her and she didn’t want anything else. Jesse slowed again, moving himself gently in and out
of her, ” Baby, I don’t think I can hold it back anymore…” Lee looked up into his eyes, “I don’t think I can either.”
His pace quickened once more and Lee’s climax was inching closer. Stroke after stroke it became stronger, just when she thought she was
going to pass out, she felt her orgasm. A tiny explosion between their legs, her juices flowed from her like a fountain. Lee
screamed, she held against Jesse tightly as her orgasm slowed. He pushed himself inside her, the pain was great this time. She
didn’t know if it felt good or bad but with each stroke Jesse took it made her body limp. His groans were louder and she could
feel his body quake. He moved his cock in and out of her for a few more moments and than pulled out. His juices joined with hers.
He pumped his hand over his cock and the cum poured out. Lee was fascinated, she couldn’t look away. She felt his cum spurt onto
her legs and after a few more strokes he stopped. His once fully erect penis soft and satisfied in his hands. Jesse looked down into
her eyes, he was flushed and exhausted. Lee reached her hands over his neck and pulled him into her. Their embrace seemed to last
forever, as they kissed and held eachother tightly.

“Lee? LEE? Lee, are you in here?” Aly’s voice trailed into the pool house. Jesse stiffined in Lee’s arms. “Fuck, I’m naked.” He whispered into
r ear. She couldn’t help but giggle. “Uhm, me too. Shower? Run, NOW?” She let go of him and bolted towards the pool house bathro
They were both laughing as they locked the door and heard Aly’s complaints. “What the hell it smells like sex in here!”
Lee looked up at him once more and locked her arms around him, ” I am glad I came tonight.” Jesse looked back at her,” Me too.”

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