What we both wanted

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My name is Johnny. This story is about me and my friend Leah, whom I grew very close to.
Leah and I had been friends for a couple of years, we were in the same grade in high school even though we went to different schools. Leah had been dating a friend of mine who was a bit older, and during the time they were dating, she and I became close, and stayed that way after they broke up.
Once they graduated, Leah stayed around for about 7 months, and she and I and all of our friends had a good time hanging out with each other and enjoying our first bit of freedom. However, leah was still living with her stepdad and wasnt going to college anywhere like the rest of us, and didnt think she had much of a future in our little Indiana town.
She decided to move to Texas with her mom. We stayed in touch as best as we could, talking on the internet and calling each other. We decided that during the summer, me and Janice, another friend of ours were going to go down there for 2 weeks in early July, so we could spend the 4th with her.
The time finally came, and we drove down there. We had a great time, partying every night, and hanging out with a few of Leahs new friends.
As the last 3 days of our visit came around, Leah started getting really emotional. We were set to leave on Sunday, so on friday night, Janice went to the store to get some things for the trip and Leahs mom went to work. When Janice shops, she doesnt plan ahead and is usually gone for quite awhile so Leah and I decided to go out to eat, and then go home and watch a movie.
When we got home from dinner, we sat down on the couch to decide what movie we wanted to watch, but instead, started talking about other things. We had always been pretty open with each other about pretty much everything, so when the subject turned to sex, I wasnt suprised to hear her say that she really needed to get laid. “Its been about a year since ive had sex, it really sucks.
She had only had sex with one guy, which was my friend that she had dated when we were in high school. “I used to get so pissed at you because we would be at a party or something, and we would be cuddled up on a couch or on your bed watching a movie or something, and I wanted to have sex, but you never even acted like you noticed.
At this, all I could say was “I was interested, I just couldnt read your signs because I have never just had casual unexpected sex before. I have only had sex with one girl and we had a long talk about it first. I dont know what the signs are when a girl wants to have sex.”
She sat there for a moment looking down at the floor, then looked at me and said, “then let me help you out…..I want to have sex with you right now.”
I just looked at her for a minute, not knowing if I belived what she had just said or not. She then lunged forward, and flung her arms around me, and started pasionatly kissing me on the lips. When this happend, I decided it was safe to belive it, and I started kissing her back. She then suddenly stopped, threw the huge pillows on the floor, along with the blanked that was on the back of the couch, then leaned forward and kissed me again gently and breifly.
She stood up, pulled me up, and started moving her hands under my shirt, pulling it up as she went, then pulled it over my head. She then started kissing me and rubbing her hands all around my bare chest, she then moved her hands around to my back and started rubbing my back as she lowered her lips to my nipples, and playfully nibbled and licked both of them.
I then put my hand under her chin and gently pulled her face back up to mine, then put my hands on her waist and moved them up forcing her arms in the air. She laughed as the feeling of my fingertips tickled her arms as I worked my way up.
Once her hands were raised in the air, I pulled her white shirt over her head, to fully reveal her lacy black bra, which I already knew she was wearing since I could see it through her white shirt. She often dressed like this…nobody knows why, but noone seems to care either. Then I reached around and unclasped it. She then let it fall to the floor, and I immediatly started fondling her petite B cub breasts, rubbing my fingers slightly over her nipples, just enough to send chills down her back and make her whimper a little with pleasure. I then knelt down a little bit (Im about 6’1″ and shes like 5’5″) and started kissing and gently sucking on her nipples.
Once I stopped, she seized the oppurtunity to take control again, and slid her hands which were around my neck down my chest, to my belt buckle, which she quickly undid, along with the belt to my pants, and slid them, along with my boxers, down to my ankles, leaving me standing naked, fully revealed to anyone who might walk in. She then undid her own pants and let them fall to the floor leaving her only in her black panties.
I wanted to tease her for a little while, so I pulled her close, and put one hand on her ass, and grinded my naked penis against her pelvic area. She started to moan, and put her hands on her head as I moved the hand on her ass down to her thigh and picked it up, forcing her to half straddle me, while I fucked her through her panties. Suddenly as though she couldnt take it anymore, she pushed me back. Then quickly dropped her panties to the floor.
She then sat down on the couch and spread her leags, and I got down on the floor and crawled over to her and got on my knees and started kissing her breasts, then slowly started moving downward. She obviously didnt want to wait, and forced my head down between her legs. I then forced my tounge into her warm and moist slit and started flicking my tounge. She wrapped her legs around my head so that I couldnt move, and began moaning with pleasure.
Once she had enough, she released my head and I put it up and looked into her eyes. She smiled and kissed me, then said “Its your turn”. So I laid myself backfirst onto the floor, and she crawled down onto her knees, and laid with her head level with my penis, elbows supporting her, and with one hand grabbed hold of my penis, then lowered her mouth onto it. I just laid on my back, enjoying, looking up off and on and seeing her head bobbing up and down.
I was suprised that for such a small girl, she took my entire 7 Inches into her mouth, and into the back of her throat. As I got nearer to cumming, I strokked her hair and told her to stop. She then backed her mouth off of my penis, and crawled on top of me, stopping when her slit was level with my penis, and then, very very slowly, lowered herself on to me.
I almost came right there, and obviously so did she, because she was so tight already, and since im fairly good sized, it seemed even tighter when she slid herself down. Not to mention the warmth and the moist feeling. It seemed like forever until she had all of me inside her.
She then sat up, and slowly began lifting herself up and down on my penis, almost like riding a bull, and gradually began speeding up. She then began moaning, very loudly I might add, and trying to spit out phrases that I didnt understand in the midst of all the moaing. Eventually, I couldnt hold back, and I joined her in moaning.
She couldnt stand sitting up on me anymore, and lowered her chest to mine, and put her hands on both sides of my face as I gripped her ass and pulled it down harder toward my penis with every stroke, moving as deep as I can into her deep slit. Then, right is I was trying to kiss her, I went suddenly stiff and shot a warm load of seamen inside of her, which obviously set her into an orgasm too. She let out a loud scream, and started slowing her strokes until she came to a stop.
Once we were done, she pulled a blanket over us both, and we just kissed and stared into each others eyes as we rested, before getting up and getting dressed before Janice got back.
We ended up sleeping together for
the next three nights until I left, which consi
sted of as much lovemaking as we could, since we probably wouldnt be able to do that again for a long time, if at all.
On the last day, we spent an hour making out before I left. We said our goodbyes, and then Janice and I drove away, leaving Leah crying staring out the window.

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    Write a follow-up and maybe a little longer. I like the content though.

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