Just think about the money

So here I am. I’m really sitting in this room with a neatly made king size bed and I’m sitting in the chair at the desk looking at my self in the mirror. The lights and TV are off and it is quite as the library study rooms i sit in during the day at college. The butterflies in my stomach are raging as I am as nervous as I believe I have ever been. Think first date nervous multiplied by 10. Suddenly my other phone, the one my friends don’t know about and i pay by the minute on, buzzes across the table. I answer and the voice on the other end says, “I’m nearly there. Turing off the interstate now.” I was kinda hoping I wouldn’t even get that call. I tell him with a quiver in my voice, ” I’m at the _____ Suites. Room 323.” He said then he was on his way.
How did I get here? Well… I don’t know to this day. Two years ago i’m playing high school tennis and tonight I’m sitting alone in a hotel with a drawer full of rubbers and a handbag full of lingere waiting for a guy i have never met to pay me to have sex with him. Never in a million years I have even though this was possible. I mean I love sex, but I ususally made the guy take me out about 5 times before the fun started. But situations change things. I’m a sophomore at a large state university and I’m out of money. I tried waitressing and the restaurant closed. I tried being a cashier but short hours and low pay don’t pay the rent. My parents are just getting by on my fathers wages as his hours were cut and mother is down to part time. Times are bad. Obviously really bad.
During my scans of the internet I find a cam site. “Why not?” I asked. I bought a good cam and a mic and signed up. The cam thing was ok. Just ok. The competetion is brutal and I have never got so tired of fingering myself and playing with my dildo. It wasn’t cutting it. I needed better or I was about to have to set up in a tent when I was thrown out of my apartment for not paying the rent or having to skip multiple semesters of school. Then I happened across it, an escort site that advertised along with independent girls. I just stared as the statement in bold “Models wanted”. It was several hours before I got up the nerve to pick up my cell.
Greg, as I will call him here, spoke with me and he made it sound like a wonder land of money and power. I would be my own boss, I can be pure sex appeal, I was every guys fantasy, and most important, Just think about the money. Greg missed his calling as a salesman, cause he talked a girl that didn’t lose her virginity till the summer before her senior year to come to his escort agency for an interview as a sophomore in college. He knew I was desperate and he was about to add to his staff.
He had a nice setup. He had lingere of all kinds and I took pictures on his props. He had drawers of new panties, stockings, garters, babydolls, corsets, and every satin piece of lingere imaginable. It was still in the plastic from various mail order companies and in all differnet sizes. This wasn’t a small agency. It was run like a business should be. It was legit…. well all except for selling sex. Which if you asked…that isn’t what we did. I even got to pick out what I wanted to take pictures in. About 10 was picked out to go on his site if I decided to go further.
The last thing was kind of an orentation with a more experenced girl. I went to the hotel with the driver and her and she talked about what to do and what to expect all the way there. She spoke about it like she was selling ice cream or something. She told me how to act, how to prepare, how to conduct the “service” and how to get him out of there as quickly as possible. “Just think about the money if you begin to fall apart”, she joked.
I sat in the adjoining room with the driver, who would be the guy to come in and break up a bad situation, and listened to his advice if the “date” went wrong. It was hard to concentrate with the headboard hitting the wall from the other room. After about 5 minutes it stopped, and 3 minutes after that the door opened and shut to her room, and then she came and knocked on our door saying she was done. Just like nothing happend.
So a week later here I am. In the room myself this time. I look out the window and a middle age guy steps out of a mercedes and I know its him. I walk to the bedside drawer and make sure everything is there, and put my handbag of lingere under the sink in the bathroom. He requested stockings and garters and I had a couple pair from the agency. There is a knock at the door and I walk over and open it. Sure enough, there is the middle age guy. I invite him in and he lays the envelope on the tv stand. I sit on the bed with him and chat about his day. Then i remember we are not there for chat and I tell him to “get comfortable. I’m going to freshen up”. I grab the envelope and walk into the bathroom. My heart is beating so hard I can feel it about to jump out of my chest. I check the envelope and there are 3 one hundred dollar bills in the envelope along with a card. A nice card. Well that was a sweet touch I guess.
I undress and hang up my clothes. I pull out a pair of stockings and roll them on, pull out a garter and hook it on my waist and attach the straps. I have completely shaven since that’s what all guys want right? I then put on a black lace babydoll and my 6 inch black Pleaser heels. I turned and looked at myself in the mirror, took a deep breath, and walked out just as I practiced in my mind.
He is naked on the bed and raises up when I walk out. “Oh my” is what rolls off his tounge. His expression and words kind of flattered me. “What do you like……….” is what I say and he immediately says he wanted a blow job. I walk to the drawer and there are flavored rubbers in the pack. I slide one on his erect dick and it unrolls completely just as it hits bottom. He slides to the side of the bed and I get on my knees. I begin to give him the best blow job that I can muster from my mouth and tounge. Not because I want to please him…I want him to nut and leave. I suck his dick for 5 minutes and get moans, fingers through my hair, and hands on me but no cum. He stops me and says he is ready for more. “What would that be” I asked. “Lay down sweetie” he says. I cringe at the word “sweetie”. I silently sigh, pull off the babydoll, and lay on the bed.
He climbs on me and I stop him for a second. I am no where near wet enough for him yet so I lean over and get the lube out of the bedside drawer. I raise up and squirt a good amout of lube on the condom and then let a drop or two fall on me. I pull a pillow up and lay down. He leans forward with me and rubs his dick down there and then slides it in. For the first time during sex… ever… I feel zero attachment as it slides in.
As he gets going my heels raise up off the bed and that familar squeaking and thumping of the headboard against the wall starts. Just as the other girl said to do. I immediately put my hands on his back and pulled just enough for him to feel it. Don’t dig your nails in she said…. his wife will know then. Also moan in his ear and get in to it. He will cum faster she said. I follow her advice and moan like I am immediately cumming and tell him how good his big dick feels. He is getting into it but no cum. “Cmon!” I was thinking. “Jack off in me and get out!”
He begins to sweat and lose momentum so I get up on all fours and invite him in doggy style. I screw up and position myself in front of the mirror so I can see everything. I hang my head and moan again as his thighs slap my cheeks. I sat there for 10 minutes and he is still going. “Am I no good?: I’m thinkng. Then I think about it and behold….. It begins to feel good. He has me by my thighs pulling me toward him at every thrust and it’s deep. We went on for about 15 more minutes and then it quivers… Omg. I’m about to cum! I moan in the pillow and then a rolling orgasm hits and I moan loudly in the pillow. He never checks up!! I cum two more times and finally yanks it out and sits down. He never came.. he just got tired. Then the revelation… He took a viagra before seeing me to get hard…. turns out his hour was indeed an hour and his dick was hard as a stone. I pulled off his rubber and gave him another blow job and after a few mins he finally let go. I grabbed a tissue and pulled off his rubber and wiped him clean. Just like I did my boyfriends in the past. He then hugged me and got dressed and finally left.
I was with many many more men after that. one more that day, five that week. hundreds from that time till I quit. I was with lawyers, doctors, businessmen like my first guy, and other well to do people…. I was also with regular folks and several shady characters. It paid well and it got me though college. My clueless roomates thought I had a job at a restaurant in town they didn’t like so they wouldn’t come there to meet me. I finally graduated college and now am working in an office. I quit escorting and it’s this dark cloud in my past that i’m not proud of. I keep if from my boyfriends and am glad everyday that I went to school out of state. Was it worth it…. I want to think no. But I wouldn’t have gotten a degree without selling myself. But it’s a shame because I had to sell myself to do it. What got me though it? Just think about the money.

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