I follow you into the lady’s room. We close the door of the stall. My hands are all over you. You reach for my bulge, so evident in my pants. You stroke it through the material. I turn you so you are facing the wall. You brace yourself as I pull up your skirt and pull down your wet panties. I unleash my cock from its restraining pants. I grasp the shaft and paint the tip up and down your juicy slit. It feels so exciting and forbidden. You muffle your moans in case anyone comes in. I slip just an inch inside you, then pop out. Again and again. Then 2 inches; such sweet torture. You lean forward and press back into me. My cock slips deep inside your silky wetness. You gasp with the sensation. I grab your hips and pull you onto my probing cock. My thighs slap against your ass cheeks. Your wetness drips down your thighs in warm rivulets. You reach between your legs and cup my swaying balls. You grind them into your clit.
Now I am moaning, “OH, BABYYY!”
I become wild with my penetrations. I am grunting with the pleasure. Then I hold you onto my fat cock. You feel my cum pulse up my shaft. It spurts inside you in gobs of heat. You now cannot stop your orgasm. You thrash on my squirting cock. Your climax is so intense. You almost scream, “THOMASSS!” Then we hear the door of the washroom open. Heels click across the tile. We try to silence our breathing gasps. Then we begin to giggle. Your laugh is so infectious that it makes me laugh. You slide off my shaft. You turn and kiss me. You straighten your skirt and walk out. I wait for the lady to leave, then sneak out with a big smile on my face.

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