A Womans Best Friend

My day starts out like any other day,I’m in the shower thinking about how I,m gonna get my taste of cum for the day.As I shower my hands travel over my breasts which aren’t large,but they are extremely sensitive and are very often my nipples are hard like bullets all day.My hands travel lower to my pussy fingering my clit as I Imagine a tongue licking my clit,the tongue of my lover sliding into my pussy as i push two fingers into myself I start to cum almost instantly,My pussy drenching my hand with my cum.I lick it off my hand,”Mmmmmmm god that tastes great”.

So as you can see I really don’t care who’s cum I get I just need a dose everyday,but while my own cum is very sweet and tasty i still would rather have someone else’s sticky cum in my mouth.I get out of the shower my body tingling as I dry myself and my mind wandering thinking of how to go about seeking my desires and in walks Cuthbert.He has been my friend and companion for two years now and I just adore him.”Come here Cuthbert” I say as he pads his way into my room.I reach down and pet him,his tongue lolls out if his mouth as I scratch behind his ears.He nuzzles me with his cold nose and I giggle at him just glad to have his company while I get dressed.I turn to my bed where I have my clothes all spread out and reach for a bra to put on,Cuthbert seeing me with my bare ass in front of his nose he moves forward to get a sniff and as his cold nose touches my ass I let out a shriek as he licks my pussy with his very long and very rough tongue.I spin around at him saying”Cuthbert you bad dog you”.”You gave mummy such a fright just then”.He just looks at me with those big brown eyes of his,his tongue still lolling out of the side of his mouth as he looks at me with what looks like adoration in his eyes.I say to him”Cuthbert you be a good boy now while mummy gets dressed ok?”.I turn back to the bed to continue getting dressed and as I reach for my bra again Cuthbert once more leans forward to lick at my pussy this time his tongue travels from my clit to all the way around to my ass in one long slow movement.I shudder when he does this to me my mind racing as he almost makes me cum with that one lick of his tongue.I sit on the bed thinking to myself,my legs spread as I look at Cuthbert in a new way.

“Ok boy if thats what you want to do to mummy then mummy is going to let you”.”Oh god” I think to myself “am I really going to let this dog lick my pussy?”.As I lay back on to the bed I guide his head between my legs,He looks up at me with what looks like a question in his eyes,”Yes boy” I say ” Mummy says you can have a taste”.He jumps onto the bed as i scoot backwards to make room for him,My legs spread for him as he leans forward again and procededs to lick my pussy his cold nose touching my clit.His long rough tongue entering my pussy as shudders run through me.His tongue is moving faster than I have ever had before and it is reaching palces no tongue has ever reached before as waves of orgasms sweep through me ,one after an another.I climax so many times in the space of just five minutes that I am amazed I am still concious.I look down at Cuthbert his tongue still sending waves of pleasure through me,I move around so that I can reach his cock.I start to stroke it and his pink cock slowly emerges from its sheath.”Wow” I say as it is bigger than I thought it would be,I slowly stoke its length as it twitches in my hands,I lick my hand tasting my dog for the 1st time and find that it isn’t as bad as I thought it might be.I move my head closer to him and take his cock in my mouth sliding my lips around his length as I give him one of the best blowjobs I have ever given anyone in my life.He stops licking my pussy and starts to hump my face,his bucking at my face so strongly and so fast is driving me to another climax as all of a sudden he fills my mouth with his doggie cum,I gag at 1st but quickly discover that doggie cum has a quite different taste than ordinary cum and it isnt half bad as I thought.I try to swallow it all but I just can’t as there is so much cum now just exploding from his cock it starts to dribble down my chin.Mmmmmm oh god all that cum in mouth I explode with the hardest most intense orgasm in my life that leaves me drained as it subsides.I take Cuthberts cock from my mouth and hug him to my breasts,feeling his fur on my skin I cry with the relief his tongue has given me.

As i hug him to me he licks my nipple and sends another shock through me,my pussy is aching for cock now and I wonder if Cuthbert is up for it yet.I lay back on the bed as he straddles my chest his tongue working on my nipples.His rough tongue sending shivers from my nipples to my pussy,He nips my nipple with his sharp teeth his fang snaging my nipple and streaching it out,I cry out with pleasure, my breath coming in gasps now.I stroke his cock again and to my joy his pink cock emerges once again from his sheath.I grab his cock to guide it to my soaking pussy.The head of his cock pushes past the entrance to my cunt and drives itself into me as i lift my ass from the bed to allow him better acess to me.Oh god he is driving himself into me harder and faster then anyone or anything has ever before sending wave upon wave of extasy though me.I begin to lose control of my pussy as I start to climax as a seemingly endless supply of my cunt juice covers Cuthberts cock that is buried deep in my pussy.I feel a pressure at the entrace to my pussy and I glance down to see a huge knot emerging from his sheath pushing through and past my pussy lips.I scream as it passes my entrance and embeds itself in my cunt.

He continues to hump me and I feel his cock twitching inside me and then he is cumming again emptying himself in me as a shatttering orgasm rips through me,I pass out from the pleasure Cuthbert has given me as he trys to withdraw from my cunt but the knot isn’t letting him.He lays down on my chest his tounge once more lolling from his mouth as a wake up with him still inside me.I grab his head to me and kiss his nose,hugging him to me as his cock slowly slackens off and falls from my cunt,His doggie cum dribbling out of my pussy and finnally allowing me to rest.”Oh Cuthbert”I say “you are truely a Womans best friend”

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  1. SubDude69

    Nice story, I love all the ones you have written…keep em cuming:)

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