Best friends

My name is Ken I’m fifteen and I live in Alabama. I’m going to tell you how my friend lost her virginity. It was saturday… Swim practice had started and everyone was swimming laps when we were through my friend Amanda who was fourteen came and sat down beside me. She was drying her hair and I looked over at her. Man she had a great body 32 b’s and a tight ass. She must have saw me looking because she asked if I liked what I saw. I said hell yeah. She told me to meet her in the lockeroom after practice.

So after practice I go to the locker rooms and shes sitting on a bench waiting for me.
I try to say hi but she says to be quiet because coach is in her office. She comes over and puts her hands on me carressing my muscles. She works her way down kissing ever so softly here and there. Then she grips my speedo and yanks it down to my ankles and grabs my half hard cock and licks the pre-cum off making me moan. I feel my erection getting bigger as it expands to its full 10 inches. She took it in her mouth and started throating it and it felt so good I came in no time.

Then I grabbed her and set her on one of the benches and grabbed her perfect tits.
They fit perfect in my palms I rolled her nippls between my thumb and pointer making her moan in delight. I started to rub her inner thigh and it was soaking wet. I knew she wanted me to fuck her but I wanted to see her come a couple of times first. I started rubbing the lips of her cunt and pushing my finger in ever so slightly I worked one in all the way in and out She spread her legs to give me better access I put two fingers in and played with her clit she moaned at how good it felt I kept putting more fingers in 3…4 and finally I had my whole fist inside her. That was to much for her she came and I quickly bent down to lap the juices off her sweet pussy. I started slowly in and out of her lips playing with her clit she started to buck and shoved my tongue deep into her cunt and she came again.

Then she stood up and grabbed my cock and guided it to her pussy,I started thrusting with each thrust getting harder until it seemed like it was taking the breathe out of her. Uh Huh Uh Huh she moaned as I thrust she came again. I still hadn’t dropped my load so I turned her around and looked at her ass and decided thats where I’d fuck her. She knew what I was thinking and tried to stop me, but it was to late I had shoved all 10 inches of me inside her and started fucking her she was whimpering from a mixture of pain and pleasure the tightness of her ass was to much I blew my stack deep inside her and then coaches office door openned…

to be continued…

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