Confussed situation

My husband Jason is a great guy, hard working always there for me and the kids, no matter what is asked of him he never complains, we have a steady marriage and our sex life is fantastic, we are they type of couple who will experiment different things on each other. I have cheated on him once 6 years ago, he has been very loyal to me and when he found out about my affair he worked hard to make sure I didn’t do it again. Jason owns 5 taxi’s in our home town, a hard working guy who works a lot of long hours and is also good to his drivers, my story begins: The kids were at my mothers for the weekend, Jason got up around 9.00am, showered and we headed to town, I went to the salon to have my hair done as I was heading out with my friend Annie, when we met up he gave me an envelope over lunch, I opened it and to my suprise it was a 10 day holiday for two to the Baleric Islands off the Spanish Mainland, when I got home I dragged him upstair to the bedroom and fucked him for the rest of the afternoon, and when he left to go to work for a few hours he had a grin on him like a Cheshire cat !!!.

Knowing that he was picking Annie and I up later that night I wore his favorite outfit that I knew would get him excited, My black leather midi-skirt and matching knee length boots, a designer top with thin shoulder straps that had a built in half cup bra that showed my cleevage and a g-string, black and lacy. Off I went to Annie and Dan’s, Annie is a red head, slim and very attractive, Dan well he’s jsut like a relation of Quazzie Modo (if that’s how you spell his name) as usual Annie and I grabbed a few beers and Vodka and headed up to the bedroom for our weekly girls talk, after a few drinks she showed me her new top that she was wearing, a black lacy numbers very similar to the one that I was wearing, infact she informed me she ordered it from the same shop in Boston that I got mine from, try it on she said, so I took off my top and put her new one on, very nice I said, let me see said Annie and put her hand done the front of the top to adjust my breast, no female had ever done that to me before, as she was removing her hand she gently brushed it against my erect nipple, and suddenly I felt a little tingle run through my body, wow that’s better she said and as I looked in the mirror I thought to myself Jason would love to rip this off me, suddenly Annie put her hands on my breasts and gently massaged my nipples, I stood still although I felt excited, she turned me around and lifted the top up over my head exposing my swollen nipples and by now heaving breasts, she leaned over and gently kissed one and then the other, and as she reached down to my exposed legs I had an orgasim and she knew it, her hand found it way up my skirt as she continued to like and kiss my breasts and without any hesitation slipped her fingers inside my knickers and gently felt her way to my clitoris, I was confussed, I wanted to stop her but I was under her spell and it felt good, she moved me to the bed and gently lay me down, lifted my skirt up and pulled my knickers off, I wanted to stuggle but couldn’t, she then ran her tounge up my inside leg and then onto my clitoris, she licked and sucked me fast and furious and at the same time teased my nipples with her fingers, ther and then I had a huge explosive orgasim, slowly she then crawled up onto the bed and she removed her own knickers then preseeded to lean over the top of me and in a gentle voice she said it’s your turn, I was crapping myself I had never done anything like this before, her clitoris was sticking through her vaginal lips, I stuck my tounge out and gently touched it just at the point she lowered herself on me, I licked and sucked on her pussy for a minute before she started rocking back and forth and then she climaxed as she played with her nipples, I lay motionless for a few seconds, got up and told her I would wait downstair for her, she smiled and kissed me full on the lips and said, it’s ok you did all right, don’t worry. I picked up my knickers, stuffed them in my handbag and made my way to the toilet to freshen up and put some fresh lippy on, I took my glass of vodka and as I got to the sitting room where Dan was watching sports as usual I swallowed what was left in the glass walked in and sat down on the satee. Another drink he asked as he took my glass from me, I sat quitly but slightly confussed, I had just fucked my husband and now I think I have had sex with my best friend, Dan returned with my fresh drink, Annie’s too good looking for him, Dan gave me my drink and turned to sit back down on his favorite chair, what’s up with you tonight I asked, you are usually asking me for oral sex by know, he replied, there’s no point anymore, you just laugh at me and turn me down, all of a sudden I blurts out come on then, let’s see it, quick as a flash his shorts were at his ankles and this huge thick rod like thing was right at my lips, he tapped the back of my head and before I could object it was in my mouth, and I gave him a blowjob, I suppose thinking about it I was trying to prove that I was not gay and that Annie’s little fling earlier was just the drink. After what seemed ages I took him from my mouth and slowly masterbating him I looked up and barked If you want me to swallow you better hurry up before Annie catche’s us and continued to suck him off furiously, after another few moments he shot his load, I had to gulp and swallow as quickly as I could and It seemed he was coming for Canada, when he finished I lay back and wiped my lips Dan stood in font of me his cock still as hard as a flag pole, he looked down and at that point I realised he was looking at my knickerless wet pussy and before I knew what was happening he had his nine incher right up inside me and started to fuck me fast and furious and as soon as his huge balls started slapping off my bottom I started to have multipal orgasims, at that point we heard Annie come out of her room and start to make her way downstair, I couldn’t let go, Fuck me I said to him as he tried to get off me but I knew I had to let him go, I quickly got up and ran into the downstair toilet where I brought myself off to a shuddering and noisey climax.
Annie and I hit the town, still slightly confussed we never mentioned what happend whilst out, on a coupe of occassions she touched me in a couple of sensitive area’s, I would make my excusses and head off to the ladies to masterbate myself, I couldn’t wait to get Jason home and when I finally did we had sex in everyroom in the house,the garage, the garden and wherever else we found an exciting place to make out, finally at 6.30 am Jason nodded off with a huge hard on that I gently massaged for a while, I came to the conclusion that I had sex with Annies husband Dan to prove to myself that I was not bi-sexual and what happened was a one off thing, two days later we were off on our holiday, before I flew out though I received a couple of text messaged from Annie & Dan asking for repeat performances, but whilst on holiday all I could do is look at women but that made for great sex at night, now we are back home in Ontario I have only spoken to Annie on the phone, Dan received a text from me telling him it’s not on and not to bother me again and he was to enjoy what we had that night because that’s all he’s getting, I can’t get the sex with Annie out of my head and I can’t stop looking at womens breasts, I am so confussed I don’t know what to do but one thing is for sure, my husband is enjoying all the extra sex at the moment

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