Friends With Benefits

James and Diane had worked together for nine years.  There had always
been a little sexual tension between them, but she was married and he had a
girl friend, so it was more flirtatious fun than smoldering passion.  Both
of them knew the other wasn't getting any sex at home, and James had
playfully remarked that maybe they should help each other out some time;
but neither had ever taken it too seriously.  Little did she know that was
about to change ......

   One day, they were standing around talking during a break in the action,
and she told him how much her shoulders hurt.  James mentioned that he'd
had some training as a healer and offered to see what he could do.

   Expecting some kind of massage therapy, Diane agreed to let him try, and
turned her back to him as he held his palms close together in a way she had
seen him do several times before.

   "Just relax," he said, as she felt his strong hands begin massaging her
shoulders, working out the kinks, but there was more to it .....  As he
held his hands just touching her shoulder, she felt a warm tingling
sensation spreading out from where his hands were.  It was a very relaxing
feeling; but when he moved up to her neck, it was like a jolt of
electricity going through her body.  He was just barely rubbing her neck,
but his tingling fingers were touching all the right spots; making her gasp
with barely concealed pleasure as her body reacted to his gentle touch.

   Her knees buckled slightly and her hardening nipples strained against
her bra as the tingling warmth moved down her spine to reach her rapidly
moistening slit.  It felt so good, and she couldn't help wondering if he
knew how much he was turning her on.  The tingling intensified as he
continued working on her neck, and the passion she felt intensified with
it. It felt so good on the back of her neck, she started to wonder how it
would feel if he were doing the same to he swollen clit.  She tried to put
that thought out of her mind, but her mind wasn't the only thing reacting
....  Her shoulder felt better, but this wasn't about sore shoulders
anymore, her loins were on fire like they hadn't been in years and she was
about to have a mind-blowing orgasm right there in front of everybody.

   James stopped just before she had reached the point of no return and
leaned over her shoulder, his hot breath tickling her ear as he asked if
she felt any better.

   She managed to find enough breath to say, "Yes.  Thank you.".

   `If he only knew how good I feel right now,' she thought, her head
spinning with lustful thoughts.  Her whole body was trembling with desire,
and her pussy was incredibly wet and throbbing wildly.

   She stood there for a moment watching him walk away, then ran upstairs
to the restroom where she fingered herself to a shuddering orgasm.

   That evening she kept herself busy, doing chores around the house and
cooking dinner but she couldn't stop herself from thinking about what
happened earlier.  She could still feel her friend's fingers gently rubbing
just the right spots on the back of her neck, driving her into a sexual
frenzy like nothing she'd ever experienced before; and she was getting more
turned-on as the evening wore on.  She just couldn't get the thought of her
head that she probably would have jumped his bones right then and there, if
they had been in a place where she could have.

   After taking a shower, she stood nude in front of the mirror wondering
if James would really want to make love to her if she offered him the
chance.  After twenty years of marriage and three children, her curves were
a little softer and fuller than they used to be; but her breasts were still
firm and full, with long nipples that stood out proudly, begging to be
sucked and fondled.

   "Well, maybe I'm not Cheryl Tiegs," she thought to herself with a smile,
"but I think I still look pretty good for my age." As her eyes moved lower,
they fell upon the blonde patch between her thighs, and she wondered
lustfully if he'd ever had a "real" blonde.

   That night, she put on her sexiest black nightie and did her best to
interest her husband in quenching the fire in her loins; but as usual, he
was indifferent to her sexual needs and was soon snoring beside her.  She
rolled over in frustration and soon drifted off into a fitful sleep, where
she had a vivid dream about an unseen lover crawling up under the sheets of
her bed in the middle of the night.  He teased her with his hands and his
tongue until she begged for more; then he slipped off her panties and
impaled her on the stiff rod of his manhood, his deep thrusts pounding her
mercilessly until her cries of passion drowned out the sound of her
husband`s snoring a few feet away.

   When she woke up in the morning, her whole body was tingling with
passion.  Her panties were still in place, confirming that it had been just
a dream; but the fact that both her panties and the sheets were soaked with
her juices attested to just how intense the dream had been.

   Later that morning, she and James were standing by her work bench,
talking like they did every morning while they waited for the buzzer to

   James looks at her, "Aren't you forgetting something?"


   "You haven't put your safety glasses on."

   Giving him something of an evil grin, "Do you look me over every

   With a sly smile, James says, "Oh ...  I'll never tell."

   Smiling back, "Is that good or bad?"

   "Hmmm ....  Let's just say you've been the star of a few hot day

   "Oh really ...?!?" She asked, feigning shock.

   "Yeah ...  Really," he answered with a wide grin that made her heart
skip a beat.

   With this revelation, a whole herd of butterflies hatches in her stomach
as she realized that he wanted it as bad as she did.  Suddenly, it wasn't
just a harmless fantasy that was never going to happen.  On the other hand,
it was a pleasant thought.  They had always been comfortable together and
he had become a good friend over the years, so this might be just the
release they both needed.

   "Well, I need to go get something," she says as she slips past him,
pretending not to notice as she "accidentally" brushes her breasts against
his arm on the way by.

   The rest of the day, she can barely focus on doing her job as her head
swirls with lustful thoughts about how much she wants to help him fulfill
one of those hot day dreams.

   "But how would I do it?" she thinks to herself.  "I have about three
hours before Gerald comes home; and getting him to stop by the house after
work, because I want to talk to him about something in private, isn't a
problem ...  we've done it before.  The problem is how to go about it from
there.  Granted, it's much more about raw sex than it is about romance, but
this isn't some guy I've just met in a bar, where there might be some kind
of expectation.  We've been throwing little remarks around for years, so
short of stripping for him, would he even take it seriously if I offered it
to him?"

   The day passes quickly and soon Diane finds herself waiting nervously
for James to stop by.  She has never done anything like this, and feels a
little guilty about the prospect of cheating on her husband; but at the
same time, she`s very turned on after a day of flirting and teasing.  She
has spent all day daydreaming about how much she wanted him to make love to
her, to fulfill both of their dreams, and how it just might happen if she
doesn`t change her mind first.  Just then, she jumps a little as her little
fantasy world is shattered by a knock on the door.

   James sits on the couch, and after the usual small talk, he asks what it
was she wanted to talk to him about.

   "What was it you did to me last yesterday?"

   "It's called Reiki.  It's a healing technique I learned a couple years
ago.  Did it help?"

   "Oh, it made my shoulder feel better, but it did more than that ..."
Taking a deep breath, she adds, "I don't know what you did, but it turned
me on like I haven't been in years."

   "So you and Gerald had a wild night last night?"

   "Oh, I had a pretty wild night, alright ...  but only the guy in my
dreams.  I can't remember the last time Gerald has touched me."

   "Well, let me know if you need something a little more memorable."

   "Hmmm ...  That sounds inviting ...  Do you think you could handle it if
I offered you the chance?"

   "Hmmm ....  No problem.  But then, you realize you would be spoiled for
life ....  No mere mortal would ever satisfy you again."

   "Yeah, right!!  Maybe we should find out.  Hmm??"

   "Bring it on, baby.  If I thought you were serious, I'd rip your clothes
off right here and now."

   Moving to stand in front of him, she hesitates for a moment while she
makes up her mind whether she really wants to do this, then pulls her
t-shirt over her head, revealing her lacy black bra as she lets her shirt
drop to the floor.

   She stands in front of him with her hands on her hips, "Do I look
serious now?" she demands in a mock serious tone.

   "Oh, I don't know ..." matching her mock serious tone.  "Keep going and
I'll let you know."

   Rolling her eyes playfully, "I think you just want to see my boobs."

   "Oh, I've never denied that."

   Her inhibitions melting away, she climbs onto the couch where she kneels
in his lap.  Slipping her hands behind his head, she leans forward, burying
his face in her soft cleavage.  Seizing the invitation, he begins licking
up and down her soft crease, probing down inside her bra with his tongue
just touching her hard nipple; causing her to moan with pleasure.  After a
few minutes of this, she pulls his head back up to face hers.

   Kissing him gently, she says softly, "I know what you want, now what`s
in it for me?"

   "Oh, I'm sure I can think of something you would like." Grabbing her
buns, he pulls her closer, where she can feel the growing bulge in his
jeans.  As their lips meet for a long passionate kiss, he starts gently
caressing her back with both hands, savoring the feel of her soft skin
before reaching up to undo her bra.  Once the strap comes loose, she leans
back a little so he can slip it off her arms and toss it aside.

   Diane pulls off his t-shirt, rubbing her hands over his hairy chest;
then leans back with her hands on his knees behind her, giving him easy
access to her bare breasts.  She trembles with pleasure as his hands cup
and massage them before lifting both of them to his mouth.  He begins
circling one hard nipple with his tongue while he pulls and twists the
other between his fingers; then he switches sides, making her moan with
passion.  Then he opens his mouth wide to suck as much of her soft flesh as
he can into his mouth while flicking his tongue over her nipples, making
them even harder.

   When the sensation becomes too much for her to bear, she slides off his
lap and takes his hand, leading him off to the bedroom.  Once there, they
embrace passionately and share a long, breath-stealing kiss while his hands
roam freely over her back and her butt.

   When the kiss ends, she looks up at him and whispers, "You know what I

   He gives her an evil grin, "Show me how bad you want it."

   Sitting on the edge of the bed, she un-does his pants and drops them
around his ankles.  Taking his cock in her hands, she watches his reaction
as she gently traces her fingertips up and down the bottom of his hard
shaft before leaning forward to replace her fingers with her tongue.  She
licks up and down the shaft a few times, then begins swirling her tongue
around the swollen head before slipping her lips over it.  She pauses with
the head firmly locked in her lips, swirling her tongue around the head
while teasingly stroking his cock with her fingers; then begins massaging
his balls as she slides her mouth up and down his throbbing manhood in long
slow strokes, devouring him like she hasn't seen a man in years.

   When she feels his cock begin to swell in his mouth, Diane knows he's
getting close, so she increases the tempo a little and starts sucking
harder, coaxing him to cum in her waiting mouth.

   He groans loudly and thrusts his hips forward as he gives her what she
wants, driving his cock deep into her sucking mouth as it explodes,
shooting stream after stream of hot, thick cum down her throat.

   Looking up at him as his cock softens in her hand, "Are you convinced

   "Oh god yes," He says breathlessly.  "I haven't had a good blowjob in

   "I thought you might like that.  I just hope you saved a little
something for me."

   "Oh yes.  And now, it's my turn to pleasure you for a while."

   James kicks off his pants, and pulls her to her feet, kneeling before
her.  He starts kissing and nibbling along the top of her waistband, then
slowly pulls down her jeans.  She sits on the bed, making it easier for him
to slip her pants off; and then he grabs her ankles and spins her around,
leaving her flat on her back.  As he lies down on the bed beside her, he
kisses her gently saying, "I have big plans for you.  Now just close your
eyes and enjoy it."

   She lies back trembling with excitement as she feels his hands roam over
her almost naked body, his tingling fingertips just brushing over her skin
as they teasingly circle her nipples before moving down her sides to her
knees, then up the inside of her thighs, just brushing her panty-covered
mound as they move back up to her heaving breasts.

   After teasing her like this for several long minutes, she feels him
moving to lick and suck her hard nipples, then start slowly kissing his way
down between her legs.

   She can feel his fingers gently stroking her legs, then his tongue
licking her skin.  She sighs lightly as he runs his tongue up the inside of
her thigh, stopping now and then to bite her skin lightly, teasing her as
he moves slowly up toward her wet snatch.

   As he moves his hands up to her waist, he gently traces the outline of
her panties with his fingers and begins to pull them down.  Diane feels her
panties being pulled down and lifts her butt off the bed to help.  She
can't help letting out a little moan as she feels his lips kissing the
inside of her thigh, then his hot wet tongue starts working it's way toward
her pussy.

   He spreads her thighs apart and moves his head up over her cunt, taking
in the musky smell of her arousal as he pushes his tongue between her moist
lips.  She throws her head back and moans loudly as he starts to swirl his
tongue up and down her slit.  All the lustful feelings that had been
growing inside her since the day before are being unleashed as the waves of
pleasure pulse through her as he finds her swollen clit and begins eagerly
teasing it with his tongue, sending her into spasms of ecstasy.  Filled
with raw lust, she wriggles her hips uncontrollably, lifting up off the
bed, grinding her cunt into his face.

   He moves his hands off her hips and gently slides them up her rib cage
to find her round firm breasts.  She moans loudly as he takes hold of a
nipple and squeezes it, rubbing it between his fingers as he continues
teasing her clit with his tongue.

   She reaches down and pushes his head hard into her pussy, as she humps
her body wildly off the bed at him.  Throwing her legs over his shoulders,
she digs her heels into his back, arching her body as another wave of
uncontrolled desire went through her like a bolt of electricity.

   "OH GOD!!!  It's never been like this," Diane heard herself begging.  "I
need your cock baby ...  I need it in me right now!"

   "Not until I've finished teasing you," he replied.

   He moves his hands down to spread her thighs a little more, and she
feels the tingling warmth begins to spread through her body as he places
his hands over her mound.  The sensation intensifies as he slips a couple
tingling fingers inside, stimulating her clit from the back side as he
resumes his frontal assault with his tongue.  Circling her clit with just
the right amount of pressure, he holds her just on the edge of an orgasm,
teasing her with his tongue as the tingling sensation continues to
intensify far beyond anything she has ever experienced in her life.  Her
whole body feels like it's on fire until a gentle bite on her clit causes
it to explode in a blinding flash of light.

   She cries out as an orgasmic tidal wave washes over her sending spasm
after spasm of ecstasy rippling through her whole body.  Grabbing the
headboard, she holds it with a death grip as the ripples of pleasure ride
through her whole body, lifting her lower body right off the bed.  rShe
can't control her herself as one orgasm after another shoots through her.

   Looking up from between her thighs, James says teasingly, "Let me know
if I do anything you like."

   Diane just lay there breathing hard, trying to catch her breath.  Her
whole body is dripping with sweat and she is trembling uncontrollably as he
starts kissing his way back up her body.

   As they meet face to face again, James pauses and looks deep into her
eyes.  "Is there something you want, Diane?"

   Spreading her legs further, she looks up at him, "You know what I want."
Reaching down between them, she grabs the thick pole of his manhood and
guides it to her moist slit, gasping with pleasure as it slides deep inside

   She wraps her legs around him as he begins taking long deep thrusts,
rocking her body off the bed.  They move together as an undulating wave of
sweaty flesh, gasping and moaning until Diane goes stiff; crying out in
pleasure as another orgasmic wave slams through her body.

   When her orgasm subsides, he rolls over on his back to wait for her to
recover.  When she can move again, she rolls over and moves her body
between his legs.  She squeezes his cock firmly in her hands and after
pumping it a couple times, she lowers her lips to the head and slips them
over it while she massages his balls with her free hand.  She then begins
to suck hard as she slides her mouth up and down his hard shaft.

   After lying back to enjoy the sensation for a few minutes, James runs
his fingers through her moist blonde hair saying, "That feels nice, but I'm
not finished with you yet."

   His cock slips from her lips with a loud pop as she looks up at him,
"You're not??"

   "Not yet.  Get on top and ride it."

   Diane climbs on top of him and straddles his hips.  She slowly lowers
herself onto his cock, her head back, her eyes closed, moaning with
pleasure as she begins grinding her hips down and around on his cock.

   As Diane slowly rides up and down on his cock, James reaches up to
massage her breasts in his hands before pulling the soft, fleshy orbs to
him making her moan louder as he sucks and bites on her hard nipples.  As
the passion builds, he slides his hands down to her hips, and starts
slamming her body down on his cock as he continues ramming upward into her
soaking cunt, pounding her like she's never had it before.

   As he picks up speed, Diane's moans of pleasure take on a fevered pitch;
while James enjoys the show with her long blond hair flying into the air
and her unfettered breasts bouncing wildly up and down in time with his

   As she feels her orgasm building, she knows she can't hold out any
longer; her legs are trembling and her pussy feels like it is about to
explode ...  "Oh god!" she screams as her pussy spasms uncontrollably
around his cock.

   James starts fucking her harder as she starts to climax, her cries of
passion echoing around the room.  As her muscles squeeze down on his cock,
it explodes like an erupting volcano; filling her with stream after stream
of hot sticky cum before they collapse together in a sweaty heap.

   When they can move again, he curls up next to her.  Holding each other,
they gently kiss.  Looking deep into his eyes, "If I'd known it was going
to be like this, I would have jumped your bones a long time ago."

   "Hmm ....  If I had known you wanted it that bad, I would have let you.
Does Gerald work Friday?"
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