Me, My friend and her sister 4

Since it was late, and I was tired, I got home took a shower and went to bed. The following morning after waking up around 11:00, my mom told me my friend had called and asked me to go over to her house and help her set up for a party she was having that night.
I went to her house and after knocking on the door for five minutes with no answer I decided to go around the back. When I walked into the backyard I noticed my friend in the corner tanning with her sister. She put up a hand to wave me over. After getting closer, I realized that they were both tanning topless. She told that she had a great time last night with me and her sister and she was wondering if we could do it again.
After whipping out my cock, I rested it on her chest, and then began to move it between her boobs. She bent her head forward so that each time my cock went towards her she could get the tip of my cock in her mouth. This was amazing. Her sister started moving her hand towards her bikini bottoms when I told her to come sit on her sisters legs. As I continued moving my dick back and forth between my friend’s boobs, I got her sister to first finger her sister and then to slowly eat her out. My friend was loving every minute of it.
I came twice and then decided that we should head inside.
My friend’s sister didn’t want to and so after I got off my friend to help her up, my friend’s sister jumped up onto me. As she began moving up and down my chest, I pulled my cock to the entrance of her pussy and just let it sit there, as she put her legs around me and I carried her inside. My friend followed behind us.
In my friend’s room, I decided to torture my friend and her sister. I told them to lie down next to each other on the bed. They began kissing as they waited for what I was going to do next. I moved my cock first towards my friend and put it on her pussy. She moaned begging me to put it in her, but I just waited there watching them make out. With one hand, I began rubbing my friend’s boobs again, with the other one I massaged her sister’s pussy. Both of them were growing very impatient, but I was enjoying them moan in agony, wanting me inside them. Finally, I told my friend’s sister to get up so that I could lie down where she had been. I began kissing my friend as her sister sat on my stomach with her back to me. She slid down to my cock and as I felt her pussy come close, I inserted the tip of my cock into her. Then I began softly fucking her doggy style while still making out with my friend. While her sister rode me, my friend moved onto my chest and pushed her cunt over my mouth. I began eating her out, massaging her body as I went.
After a while, I told them it was time to change. I got up and told them to start grinding. I lied back down at the end of the bed and told my friend to suck me off. Then I told her sister to sit on my stomach so that I could play with her tits. As she was positioning herself on top of me she grabbed one of my hands and put it into her pussy and then sat on my stomach. Then she told me to do as I pleased. I began rubbing her nipples then licking between her breast before finally using my free hand and my mouth to roam all over her beautiful boobs. After cumming several times in my friend mouth, I told them it was time to fuck.
First I took my friend and began ramming her hard, making her bed shake. Then I turned her over and went up her ass. She screamed while I did this but soon relaxed. Then I inserted my dick back inside her and began screwing her doggy-style, slowly until I was just inside her and feeling up her body. Her sister watched, fingering herself, but then came up behind me and began probing my ass first with her tongue and then with her fingers.
Then I told my friend’s sister it was her turn. I lay down on the bed and told her she could do whatever she wanted to me. For a while she just lay on top of me with half my dick in her, putting her boobs in my face and making me lick and massage them. Then she told me she wanted me to give her anal while I fingered her dripping wet pussy. While doing so, my friend came up to her and began licking her sister’s pussy, with my finger still inside. I could feel her orgasms. Afterwards, I played with both of them, moving my hands all over their bodies, first one and then the other. After beating off to the two of them making out again, they came over to me and while one of them rode me the other one came up behind me and ground her pussy against my back.
I was growing tired and so after a couple more minutes I told them I was done and went to take a shower. Afterwards we all got dressed, prepared for the party and I left to go home, change and come back for the party.

The End

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