The Sneak Attack

I was worried about you. Two women from your past were making life extremely difficult, and you politely declined my offer to get together. “I think I’ll just sit here and drink my scotch,” you said.

I thought there was a possibility you were depressed. One of the hallmarks of depression is a lack of interest in things you would normally enjoy, and you turning me down seemed to bear this out.

I decided to force the issue, hoping to affect some sexual healing. Until then we had been friends, but without “benefits”, despite my best efforts. This even though you once said, “You’ve got me wanting to come over there and fuck you something fierce.”

I dressed completely in blue, your favorite color, hoping it might have a positive subliminal effect. I already had a blue pedicure, and I dug a blue Victoria’s Secret outfit out of my lingerie drawer to go with it (don’t mind the moths). Unfortunately I don’t own a blue trench coat or shoes, but there was no time to worry about that.

Lingerie under the trench coat isn’t really my style – I’m more of a strip tease girl – but tonight called for something more “immediate”.

The ride to your place seemed to take forever, and when I got there I nervously rang the bell. You opened the door and were surprised to see me. I asked if I could come in, and you stepped aside looking puzzled.

“I just want to make you feel good,” I said as I removed my trench coat and let it fall to the floor. “Will you let me?” When you saw my lacy outfit, your eyes flashed with excitement. Without a word, you wrapped me in your arms as our lips met for the first time. I’d felt cold since I left home, but that was about to change.

You were wearing a blue t-shirt stretched tightly over your broad chest, and a pair of red plaid sleep pants. I fixed that by removing your clothes until you stood naked before me. Built, indeed!

We kissed again and found our way to the bedroom, where you pushed me gently backwards onto the bed. You removed my bra and took my right tit into your mouth, causing the nipple to harden immediately. You licked it while caressing the soft skin on my belly.

Meanwhile I felt your cock growing against my thigh. I grasped it at its base, using my pinky to tickle your balls. I knew you were in dire need of a cocksucking, but there would be plenty of time for that later.

By now you had my left tit in your mouth, and it was getting hard to concentrate. I had to shift the focus back to you, where it belonged.

I gently pulled away and kissed you, and you thrust against my pelvis. I got the hint, but wouldn’t be moving at the pace you wanted. Slow was the word of the night, although you didn’t know it yet.

I began by caressing your amazing body, occasionally substituting my tongue for my hands. I was out of practice, but your encouragement inspired me. Your dick was fully into it, getting harder in anticipation. I ignored it as I roamed, and you seemed torn between being frustrated by my pace and loving what I was doing to you. When we were face to face again, you kissed me somewhat forcefully. This made me even wetter, which you discovered as your right index finger slipped inside me. “My God – what’s making you so wet?” you asked.

“Three guesses, and the first two don’t count,” I replied. You inserted another finger, and then a third, causing me to grind against your hand. Again this was becoming about me, despite my best efforts, but my extreme horniness made it difficult to avoid. You removed your hand and licked your fingers, which allowed me to return the focus to you. I kissed you, then breathed in your ear. You shuddered and turned your head to kiss me again. “What is it with you, anyway?” I asked with mock annoyance. “Do you have a problem receiving??”

“Well, you might have better luck if you sucked my cock,” you replied with a smile.

“That could be arranged,” I said.

I paused to lick your nipples, and you told me to keep going. Just to make you nuts, I continued licking. Obviously I knew you meant keep going south, but I loved torturing you, even though you’d certainly be doing that to me later. You sighed in exasperation but said nothing, somehow knowing protest would be a waste of time.

My hands found your cock as my tongue lingered where it was, and that got your attention. “That’s it, baby. I need you on my dick.” [It’s unanimous.] I squeezed you gently as I licked my way slowly down your body, eventually replacing the hand on your rod with my tongue. But I didn’t just take you immediately into my mouth. That’s for amateurs. I took my time licking your balls and cock, and was surprised that you seemed to appreciate the slow pace. I made sure to cover every bit of exposed skin, confirming as I did the absence of droopy balls. I liked running my tongue across the base of your penis where it meets the balls. It appeared you liked that too as you closed your eyes and moaned softly.

When you told me previously that you don’t usually come from a blow job, it was clear to me that it wasn’t being done right. I had never administered a cocksucking that didn’t end that way. [Isn’t that why they call it a blow job??] And this time would be no different, at least as far as I was concerned. If you doubted, I’d make a believer out of you.

I tried to be imaginative as I applied my tongue to your cock, varying the force, location and duration with which I licked you. I was careful not to let you into my mouth just yet, but I did press my lips against the sides of your dick and suck gently, especially on the underside. I suspect no one ever did that to you before, because you seemed to take a second to decide if you liked it, then, “Jesus – that’s so good.”

My pussy was beginning to get impatient (to say nothing of my clit), so I decided to take you in my mouth. I did this by slowly, VERY slowly, allowing your steel to enter me, a process that took way longer than you apparently thought it should. At least this is the way I interpreted what you weren’t saying. As you slid in, I used my left hand to stroke your balls, and squeeze them a little. I suspect it was around this time you realized this would not be your typical blow job.

When you were finally all the way in my mouth, I thought about how much I wanted you in me elsewhere, as I had countless times before. This inspired me to suck you in, as if you were stroking my hot pussy, not just move you in and out. You responded by thrusting into my mouth, fucking it like you would a cunt. That’s what I’m talking about.

As this was going on, I was getting wetter and wetter. Nothing turns me on like pleasuring someone I care about, and it appeared obvious I was doing it pretty well. But what to do about the wetness until it was my turn? I couldn’t keep my hand off my clit, even though the focus should have been completely on you. I pushed my panties to the side and started fingering myself, hoping you wouldn’t notice and attribute it to weakness which, of course, it was.

As you continued thrusting in and out of my mouth, and as my finger played with my clit, we both got closer to orgasm…but you didn’t know my secret. At the exact moment you pulled away to blow, I was no longer able to hold off, and we came together. So amazing to have your cum shooting into my mouth during my explosive climax.

I licked your juice off my lips and waited for you to recover, wondering how you’d react. After a long silence, I said, “Sorry about that. You’re just so hot, I couldn’t help myself. So it’s kinda your fault.”

“That was the sexiest fucking thing I ever saw,” you said, ignoring my accusation. “I loved hearing you come.” You grabbed me and kissed me, our naked bodies not yet spent from the evening’s events.

Of course, by this time, my pussy was practically crying out for you to fill it up. Wet was a serious understatement, and I was hoping you’d take advantage of that first with your mouth, and then with your dick. You removed my panties and started kissing your way down my body, very slowly, returning the favor I did by torturing you earlier. I couldn’t rightfully object, so I decided to savor every moment of what you were doing to me.

Your hands rested on my hips as you returned to my tits, outlining my nipples with your tongue. You lingered a while there, then asked me to turn over. You reached into the nightstand drawer for a bottle of strawberry massage oil and drizzled it onto my back. You commenced an excellent backrub, which included my ass, and there was a warming sensation I realized was from the oil. Almost as good as a hot stone massage at the spa, but the “technician” here was far superior.

When you were done with the backrub, you asked me to turn over again and applied the oil to my front. I closed my eyes in anticipation of your hands all over my body. Gradually you massaged my arms, tits, belly and legs, and it felt so good.

Your next move was to make your way southward, eventually parking between my legs and preparing to lick me to orgasm. I spread them wide for you, and you said, “Do you think I’m gonna lick your clit and your pussy now?”

“Um, it had occurred to me, yes,” I said, not sure what to think.

“Well, I will, but you’ll have to wait a while,” you said, happy to turn the tables on me with exquisite torture.

“Bring it on,” I said, suspecting the wait for me to come again could be almost as hard for you as it would be for me.

You smiled and ran your tongue up my inner thigh. “Oh God. That feels so good,” I said. You teased me by getting up as high as the outermost part of my outer pussy lips, then retracing your path down my thigh. It was torture, to be sure, but I loved it. You seemed puzzled by the lack of complaint, but maybe that was my imagination.

Eventually you got tired of teasing me, and I felt good about outlasting you. Your tongue moved from outlining my outer lips, to those inside, to the entrance to my pussy and finally to my clit, which by then was close to its limit again. You thrust your tongue inside me, which caused my back to arch and my clit to tingle. You sensed me getting close and focused on my clit, tonguing it hard and fast, until I told you I was going to come. “Oh fuck you’re amazing,” I gasped, just before I blew. Luckily, because we were alone, I was able to be loud.

As it turned out, the loud thing paid dividends I couldn’t have imagined. You kissed me briefly before lying down beside me. As you did, I noticed your steely rod perfectly vertical, inviting me to sit down on it (an offer I most certainly couldn’t refuse). Before I did, I checked the drawer for a condom and took the liberty of rolling it on for you, looking into your eyes as I did so. When I was done I mounted you, and squeezed your cock with my pussy walls a few times. “Jesus – what are you trying to do to me?” you asked. [Dense] Based on your expression and the tone of your voice, I assumed you were enjoying it, so I said nothing.

I started moving up and down on you, as slowly as I could under the circumstances, to prolong the treatment as much as possible. [Clinically proven fact: the longer the sexual healing takes to administer, the more effective it is.] I simply could not believe how good you felt inside me. While I pulled up slowly, I sat back down fast, and this drove you a bit crazy. So much so that after a few strokes you pulled me off you, switched our places and began banging me hard and at top speed. I guess I’d finally tortured you to your limit, and you weren’t going take it one more second. Fine with me.

Through my haze of extreme pleasure I noticed I had a perfect view of your ass in the mirror, glutes clenching and releasing fast and furiously as you drove your dick in and out of me. Nothing could have been a bigger turn-on.

“That’s it, baby. Fuck me harder. Harder!” I demanded, and it wasn’t long before your second load was shooting out of you amid screams of ecstacy from both of us.

As we laid together in a naked embrace, both of us finally spent, I asked, “Well? Do you feel better?”

You kissed me and said, “All cured.”

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