Marcus and his Balls


It was a typical hot summers day. I was walking back from university. I walked past the same park that I walk past everyday… and as usual there were a bunch of sexy, sweaty looking skaters. I always got a boner when walking near them.

Anyway, I’m 20…tall, dark short hair and brown eyes. This one skater looked particularly sexy…he had spiky blonde hair, clean shaven, with shaven legs. He had a white singlet on and khakis pants. He had a thick gold chain around his neck, and he had a nice figure. He saw me staring at him, and skated over.

“what the fuck you looking at?”. I shrugged my shoulders. He then whispered in my ear “you want me to fuck you don’t you – I’ve seen you looking at me before”. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I was straight, with a girlfriend. But this guy had me so hot. I opened my mouth and said “no”. He knew I was lying….he could see my cock pressing against my jeans. He told me to follow him, and not say a word.

I walked a few meters behind him….we turned up at an old run down apartment. I followed him up three flights of stairs. “this is my room”…we walked in…it smelt of beer and piss. My cock was oozing already. We went into his room….he pushed me down on his double bed. The apartment was small, and his room was a mess. He lit up a joint, and proceeded to smoke it…I was getting high just on the fumes! He then sat on my thighs and pressed my nose into his sweaty chest, then pushed my face into his armpit.

“suck it up you fag” he ordered. I did. And loved it.

“so wadda ya like? It up the ass? Sweat? Or cum?”….I said “cum”. I’ve always loved cum….when I masturbate, I always lick it up.

He said “good”. He then left the room and came back with a black Great Dane. “this is my dog – his name is Balls”.

I gulped. “get down on the floor”. I did as this sexy blonde teenager ordered (i guess he was around 18). I knelt on a used condom, and a pair of smelly boxers. “suck his cock”. I nervously knelt under the great dane and sucked the little red cock that stuck out….butsoon it was huge. Infact about 9 inches….and red hot. We got up on the bed, and the skater removed my clothes. He removed his. His cock was gorgeous, and so was his body. The dog was humping my mouth now…and bits of pre cum were squirting everywhere.

“let him squirt all over your chest…yeah….ohh yeah….rub that cum all over you….fuck, yeah”. The skater said his name was Marcus. Marcus’s cockv was purple and fat….and oh so hot. He rammed it down my throat. The dogsvcock was growing fatter too….so I quickly masturbated it close to my face. I was dripping with dog cum…from my face down my tanned chest.

“yeah you little faggot, lick that cum, rub it all over your chest”. I did! Then the dog came…his fat red penis blew a huge wad of cum over my face, then my chest…it just kept cumming….wad after wad of sticky watery dog cum.

“oh yeah!!! That’s the shit…drink his cum….suck Ball’s cum…oh yeah baby, fucken EAT IT”. I did as I was told. Marcus’s heavy balls were smacking my wet chin, and then his cock erupted all down my throat. His sperm mixed with the dogs as it dribbled down my face and stomach. Marcus’s stomach and sexy golden chest was also covered in doggie cum. The dog jumped off the bed, and Marcus lay on me…sucking my mouth. Our tongues twisting….he rubbed our cum soaked bodies together. Then he wanked me off…and I came in his hand. He smeared it over his face and french kissed me again. All I could smell was sweat and cum…and I was loving it!

Marcus was again hard…he turned his stereo on, and loud heavy skater music played. “get between my thighs fag”….I did. I licked his smooth shaven thighs. He had tattoos up his legs. “now suck my balls and cock”.

Within seconds he was cumming again. “oh fuck, oh yeah, oh fuck” his sweaty smooth legs pinned me down hard as he filled my mouth with his delicious cum. We spent the rest of the afternoon fucking in his bed. He was so hot. Then I went back to my house, and wanked myself stupid. When my girlfriend got back, we had the best sex ever as I imagined my afternoon with Marcus and his Balls.

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