Judy as a Nn and me as a Priest

Judy as a Nun and me as a Priest
BY Rick

As I have said before Judy is capable of great hate . One of the things that she hated the most is religion and she has a real dislike of nuns and priests . I think it goes back to her catholic schooling . One Thursday we were at work and she came over to my office . She hard her usual cigarette in her mouth which she lit as soon as she closed the door to my office . What are you dong Saturday ? She asked . Well hopefully fucking you ! I said.
She smiled and said . Other than that ? I have no big plans why is something up ? I replied . I’ve been invited to a costume party in Albany and I want you to come along . We can stay at the Red Roof motel on Wolf road that’s where the party will be in one of their banquet room . Who is giving the party ? I asked . My brother thinks it’s a fun thing to do . She said . It’s fine with me but I don’t have a costume do you ? I asked. We can go to a store in town and get a costume tonight . I’ll tell my brother that we will be there . she said and started to leave . Hold on a second I said what do you want to go as ? I’ll be a nun and you can be a priest she said and left before I could say a thing . I thought that was a bit strange but what the hell .
We went to the store and found the outfits that she wanted . Lets go to dinner and then we can try these things on she said as I paid for the costumes . The lady behind the counter said we close in fifteen minutes but you can try them on in the bathroom so you can be sure they fit before you leave . Great ! I said Judy went in first and came out in a few minutes in the nuns outfit . It fit just fine . Your turn she said . I already had a pair of black slacks on so all I had needed was the shirt with the roman collar on it and the cross on the chain and the priests hat .I put them on and Judy laughed and said you look like a real priest ! Lets go to dinner dressed like this she said that would be a hoot ! Fine with me I said I’m starved . We got our street clothes and left .
We went to a busy restaurant and to our surprise were given priority treatment ! Since it was a non smoking restaurant Judy couldn’t light up but she was enjoying the satires we were getting because she was drinking a scotch and so was I . The waitress was surprised when I paid with my American Express card . Did you see the looks we got in there ? They think we really are a priest and a nun ! She was having a great time . She lit a cigarette and said lets go to the bar in the Radisson ! It’s Thursday I said we have to go to work tomorrow ! Just one drink she said . Ok I said giving in . The looks we got were amazing a smoking nun out drinking with a priest ! We had a drink and both of us were enjoying the looks we were getting . We left and were walking to the truck . Judy said I’m in a funny mood . I think a bunch of that is the three drinks you had at dinner and the fourth that you just finished . She just giggled . Then she pulled me into an alley and said I owe you a blow job for the fun I’ve had tonight . She opened my fly and pulled my cock out and was giving me a great blow job when a couple of kids in their early twenty walked by . Hey father enjoy her ! One of them said and laughed and they all ran away .
Your giving nuns a good name with the nations youth I said . Judy laughed and bit my cock lightly . I came and as usual swallowed every drop and put my cock back in my slacks . Someone has to she said . We went to the tuck and I took her to her house and after escorting her to her door I went home and to sleep.
Saturday morning at 8 A.M. I went to Judy’s house so we could go to Albany early because she wanted to do some shopping .I had my sports car that I had just washed it rode better than the tuck but didn’t have much room. The party was scheduled to start at 5 P.M. When I got to her house she was in her nuns outfit . What do you have that on for I asked? I want you to put on your priest’s outfit so we when we check into the motel we will break everyone’s balls I can hardly wait to see the expressions on their faces . She was excited ! I’m not wearing that silly priests outfit all day long I said and I’m not going shopping with a nun ! Even I have some standards ! Ok she said we can change back when we go to the room . Fine I said and got the priests outfit and put in on in her living room . Her daughter came down stairs just as I was finishing . She laughed and shook her head and walked away . It takes about an hour and a half to get to Albany from Utica and I never drove more carefully in my life. The last thing I needed was to get a ticket dressed as a priest. Judy was enjoying herself she had a vibrating egg in her pussy and was having orgasms as we drove on the thruway . She liked the looks we got when people saw a priest and a nun in an expensive sports car . Stop an the next rest area she said I have to pee. I stopped and also went to the bathroom . Judy got some coffee for us . We got back in my car Judy put the egg in her purse . We got back on the road and she offered to give me a blow job . She was in the mood to enjoy herself . Not now I said I’m driving . She just laughed and unzipped my slacks and was sucking on my cock in a few seconds . Several trucks passed us and blew their air horns .Judy just gave them a thumbs up . I’m sure the CB radio was alive with comments .
We pulled in to the motel and checked in . It was about 10:30 in the morning and we did indeed get some strange looks . We went to the room and put down our bags . Judy opened the curtains about 12 inches . Now she said I want you to eat my cunt and fuck me . She pulled her skirt up and was exposing herself to the window . She laughed I started to take my slacks off knowing that it would be a waste of time to argue with her .
Leave the shirt on for now she said . I had known that , that was what she wanted . I bent over and sucked on her cunt and after she came I put a condom on and fucked her right if front on the window . I could not see the window but I could hear people walking by . Judy was laughing and cumming at the same time . I have never seen her have so much fun when she was sober. After I finished fucking her we changed into regular clothes and went shopping .
The party was fun and I had a couple of people come up to me and say that we had left our room curtains open and that we should close them . Judy was drinking much more than she should have. Her brother thanked me for bringing her and asked if we were staying at the motel that night . I told him that we were or I wouldn’t be drinking . He thanked me again and said that he knew that his sister was not always easy to understand.
I told him that I knew but that she was basically a good person . The party broke up at around 3 A. M. and we headed for our room . Judy was completely drunk . I was leading her to the room when she stopped and shouted . Aren’t I the sexiest fucking nun in the world ? Yes you are I said . Well the fuck my ass she shouted . I don’t have a condom with me I said . I’ll fuck your ass in the room I said as quietly as I could . You don’t need a fucking condom now fuck me in my ass now ! She shouted . I pulled my cock out and said suck this until it’s hard and I’ll fuck your fucking ass ! She sucked my cock good and hard . I pulled her skirt up and spit on her asshole to lube it a bit and pushed my cock in her ass and was fucking her as hard as I could . She shouted the priest is fucking the nun in the ass she shouted . I came inside her ass and pulled my cock out . I knew that I had to much to drink and didn’t care at this point . What a good fucking priest she said he loves to fuck nuns in the ass she shouted and then she passed out . I carried her to the room and put her on the bed . I closed the curtains and took a shower and went to bed and was asleep in a few seconds . I woke up with the sun in my face . Judy had opened the curtains again . She was just drying her self after she got out of the shower . She never showed any sign of a hang ov
er . My head was sore , my t
ongue was dry , and I felt like shit . Did I embarrass you last night ? she asked . She was standing there naked and the nuns habit was hanging in a chair that she had places near the open curtain. The last thing I remember was you fucking my ass and it felt great ! She said . I looked at her and said NO! why would a nun shouting fuck my ass while out side a motel room door embarrass a guy dressed as a priest ? She laughed your just hung over she said . What you need is some cunt and she jumped on the bed spread her pussy and sat on my face . I licked her pussy and sucked on her clit until she came five times . Her pussy was dripping wet . My cock was hard . She sat on my cock . Hey I said I don’t have a rubber on ! Don’t worry I had my tubes tied years ago and I’m way past breeding age I went through the change years ago ! I was way to horny to stop anyway . I was humping and I forgot all about my hangover . I’m going to cum I said . Good she said as she came again . I came inside her pussy and it dripped down all over my balls . she kept on bouncing up and down even though my cock was limp . She frowned and hopped off me . She sucked on my cock until it was hard again and she jumped back on my cock and she was with almost every stroke . When I came again she finally got off me . she was satisfied at last . I need another shower she said and so do you . We showered together and got dressed . We checked out of the motel and went to breakfast in the dining room . We were in our street clothes so nobody knew that we were the nun and the priest . We heard people talking about our performance last night . One old guy was saying that he was going to call the cops ! We finished our breakfast and left . Judy was happy and slept most of the way home .

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