Mr. Peabody's Wonderful Adventure

Mr. Peabody was, for want of a better word, a super Alpha nerd. You may ask what that is, well it is the highest level of nerdom that one can achieve; he had greased flat to his scalp, parted in the middle hair, he had a pencil thin moustache, he wore glasses, he had pasty pale skin, he had a pocket protector with every size and kind of pen and pencil known to man aswell as two short plastic rulers and a Boy Scout knife, he wore high waisted, high water pants that revealed his white socks, and made his torso look far too short, he always wore suspenders and a too short too thin tie ..his ties looked like they belonged to an 8 year old boy..he wore loafers complete with a penny in the slit, his shirt sleeves were always too short, there was always wetness under his arms and he snorted when he laughed and to top it off he knew every damn episode of the Mr. Science show by heart, he could recite each episode verbatim, therefore Mr. Peabody was not exactly the most sought after man by the ladies. But he did not mind that because there were certain things that kept him sexually happy. One being that he enjoyed fantasizing about fucking Mr. Science’s assistant Mrs. March, a stern looking woman that wore glasses that sat on the tip of her nose, she had a nice unlipsticked mouth, but it was her huge tits that captured his attention, those big tits that they tried to hide under her lab coat, but anyone could see they were huge, and she had long shapely legs, the kind of legs he wanted wrapped around his neck.

In September Mr. Peabody won a free four day week-end at a nice resort in the Caribbean. Since it was for a four day week-end he would not miss any work, his boss told him he was such a great worker that he could even take it whenever he wanted since he deserved it and he winked and said he really needed it. At first he did not want to go, but his mother convinced him, plus she wanted to air out his basement bedroom, damn that guy spent so much time in there that it smelled just like him and his socks.It was embarassing when her friends came over to play bridge and asked if she was serving cheese for lunch not knowing that it was her son’s stinky feet that caused that odor. And it pissed her off because she had to often excuse herself rush to the market and buy cheese and crackers so they would never know.

On Friday Mr. Peabody packed his bags, got in the taxi, waved good-bye to his Mom who had a hankie to her nose as she stood in the doorway waving, he thought she was crying, when actually it was his stank foot smell that was really getting to her so she was covering her nose and mouth and her eyes were tearing from the vapors. So smiling wistfully at her, off he went to the airport in the backseat of the cab.

“Where ya going on your trip buddy?” the cab driver asked.

“Shell Island..ever hear of it?”

The cabbie laughed and said, “You, you’re going there? Hahahahahahaha!!! Shiiiiit! You? HAHAHAHA!!!”

Mr. Peabody looked perplexed, “Why is that so funny?”

The cabbie pulled over for a second looked back at him, all over, then burst out laughing harder and said, “Oh hehehehehe no reason.”

Mr. Peabody knew some people in his city were nuts and he figured the cabbie was one of them. They arrived and he paid the cabbie who again burst out laughing and drove away.

“Moron!” Mr. Peabody thought. He smoothed his greased hair flatter on his head, wiped the grease on the side of his suitcase and went to check in and waited for his flight.

He looked around at the others waiting and it started dawning on him that there were quite a few unusual looking people, definitely not nerds. But he realized not everyone was hip like him so he settled back in the hard plastic seat and took out his little atlas book and started reciting all the different islands in the Caribbean.

“Flight 1439 is boarding please have your passes ready.” a woman said as she stood by the opened door.

Mr. Peabody got up and handed her his pass, she looked at him and started giggling, he was perplexed. “Are you sure this is where you want to go?” she asked through titters.

“Yessssss!” he said angrily and he grabbed his ticket and walked down the hallway into the door and then into the cabin of the plane.

“Seat 6B.” he repeatedly said as he looked at the seat numbers.

“Ahhhh here it is.” he said spying the number, he looked and saw a very pretty woman, maybe 50 or so but pretty, very pretty. She smiled and crossed her slender black stocking covered leg so that he could squeeze next to her.

“Hello!’ she said and smiled. Mr. Peabody did not have great social skills he was actually frightened of women, especially attractive ones so he merely glanced at her nodded hi and looked straight ahead. A man sat next to him on the other side, a very large muscular man wearing a black suit and a grey shirt. He had a bag that he shoved under the seat. “Hey how ya doing there, little guy?” he asked. Mr. Peabody was insulted, but being meek he just looked and did a half smile and pulled out his atlas book and read it.

The plane took off, the flight attendant was giving her instructional talk about seats being water safety devices and the oxygen masks falling from the ceiling in case of emergency, etc, Mr. Peabody tuned her out, he knew everything to do in case of a crash, he memorized it from the first flight he ever took. The flight attendant talked a long time, making people chuckle, but he ignored all that and memorized the islands.

The flight was a long one, dinner was served and after all the empty plates and cups were removed and the trays put back up against the seats, he pushed his seat back and relaxed. He relaxed so much that he fell asleep. But he quickly woke up to find the woman next to him straddled over his knees, her big breasts right in his face. “Oh I’m sorry I needed to use the ladies’ room I was hoping I could get back over you without awakening you.” Mr. Peabody looked right at her fat bosoms, her blazer jacket was opened and her blouse was sheer, a pale creamy white shade and her areolae and nipples were right there, he could see the rounded arcs of her breasts and the redness of the nipples through the blouse, those breasts were quite bulbous. His dick stiffened and he looked at her face and smiled and said it was ok. She sat back in her seat. His dick was hard, so he put his atlas book over it to hide it. The woman sat there looking out the window, and started rubbing her hip, then her thigh, he turned slightly to watch, she ran her hand down to her calf, then back up, but pulling her skirt higher up as she did. He saw her reveal her garter, a black garter that held up the lace trimmed tops of her sheer black stockings. He trembled, this was the first time he ever saw such a sight. She then moved on her hip jutting her right hip out more toward him and lifted her skirt higher, he saw her upper thigh, then her ass cheek. He was shocked and hard, she moved more and showed him 3/4 of her ass, it was perfect, smooth, tight, bare and horny looking. He felt a nudge and looked, it was the muscular guy. “Go for it, she wants you to touch her..what the fuck are you waiting for?” he said as he too eyed her now exposed nude ass and smiled looking at it. “Go on.” he said again and pushed him toward her.

Mr. Peabody looked at her and she arched her right brow and smirked and nodded, “Touch me.” she purred.

Mr. Peabody looked at her face so pretty, mature, yet beautiful. It had a sensual womanly look and it looked familiar, “Are you Mrs. March?” You are! Aren’t you?”

She smiled and nodded. He reached into her thighs from behind and shakily touched her wet warm pussy as it was hidden between her thighs. He thought he was going to cum right then. He was shy but determined to get a feel of his mastubatory dream woman. His cock started leaking in his pants, he looked over and saw the guy next to him was gone, so he leaned back away and pushed h
er hips way over so he could get a good look, his hands shook as he saw her pussy reve
aled to him right there on the plane. He used his fingers, sliding around in her warm smooth juices, it was so soft and rainchy.

“Mmmmmm feels sooooo good.” Mrs. March said as he glided around on her coochie.She moved her hips in a small firm circle. His dick was bigger and harder than it had ever been in his life. Even harder than when the carload of teen-age girls stuck their bare asses out of the schoolbus window showing him ten perfect sexy feminine nude asses in the mid day sun ten years back.

He pushed his finger in her puss hole and felt in there, he had never felt pussy before, he knew it had to feel good, but he had no idea it would be this good. He fingered her as she moaned, slowly his long slender third finger slif in and out of her opening and then he got scared and stopped when he heard that all passengers needed to return to their seats, put their trays up, and put on their seatbelts and have their seats in their upright positions to prepare for the landing. The male passenger came back and sat down near him and Mr. Peabody was sitting there like nothing happened by that time. He did not make eye contact with anyone.

They all disembarked and Mr. Peabody was scared to walk too hard because he thought any movement was going to make his squirt, in his mind he was yelling at his dick to soften. Finally he saw some fat guy in Hawaiian style shorts bending over, his ass crack greeting him complete with some hairs growing out of that crevice and three pimples, seeing that his dick just deflated instantly, he was relieved.

Off he went to his hotel room, his small carry-on suitcase in hand. He found his room and it looked nice. He wanted to jerk off about the plane encounter but he really had to go to the bathroom. He got in, pulled his pants down sat and was reading his atlas when the door opened, it was Mrs. March. “Ohhh noo!” he yelled. She just smiled and said, “Ohhh honey all of us poop, get over it, it’s no big deal!” For some reason his embarassment went away and he sat there, unable to poop of course but he was not embarassed. She started undressing. First she removed her blazer and hung it on the hook, he was about to get up quick and wipe, but she turned around so he sat back down, then she unbuttoned the cuffs and all the buttons in the front and removed her see thru blouse. He stared at the most womanly gorgeous breasts he had ever seen, they were goddess-like in their natural bigness and sexiness. They looked like they could feed him for years and did he ever want to be nourished by them. She turned around and unzipped her skirt, she slid it down over her mature rounded hips, he saw the width of her ass inside her slip the silk outlined it, it was perfection in his eyes. He stared but wanted to wipe before she saw, she slid her slip off and was clad only in her gaters and panties, see thru black sheer panties, she bent with her ass and back to him to put her slip up on the hook, he stood up to do a hopefully quick and thorough wipe and she caught him, he was half-standing over the bowl and pooped out a poop. It plopped in the toilet as he quickly sat back down, she giggled and said, “I guess I scared the shit out of you!” he surprised himself when he laughed too.

“I am very embarassed,” he said, “I need to wipe and I don’t want to gross you out.” She walked over to him her bare breasts again in his face, her legs opened across his thighs and she went behind him, he felt a ruch of water spraying all over his ass right on his butt hole.

“What is that?’ he asked.

“A bidet, sweetie. Much nicer than toilet paper don’t you think?”

He smiled as he felt that water wash him, he felt so refreshed. “Wow that’s fantastic, I knew of bidets but never used one.”

She smiled and walked away and removed her heels, then she unhooked her garters as she did the silky black hose slid down her pretty legs pooling around her slim ankles. She stepped out of them and then she unhooked her garter, she was naked in front of Mr. Peabody. His dick was thick and hard again and very achy it needed hand, mouth or pussy contact. Sensing his need Mrs. March came over flushed the toilet behind him and squatted she held his cock turning it from side to side back and forth up and down just looking, her nipples which were not hard before were now as stiff as his cock, it looked like her breasts had taken on a sexy pink hue. So she held his cock and licked it, he pushed his pants down to his ankles and spread his thighs and she worked his cock over sucking and licking and even bitinbg it, she would give him the silkiest wet licks over and over and then nibble his cock head so nicely that he moaned in pleasure.

“Do you wanna fuck in the shower?” she asked.

He nodded, so she stood and walked into the shower there were shower heads all over the three walls she turned them all on and the steam started forming, Mr. Peabody stripped nude his dick was on fire, his heart pumping. He got in and felt her soapy hands rubbing and lathering him up, She held his cock with her right hand and his balls with her left and tugged and rubbed. He felt for her pussy and forcibly fucked her hole with two fingers her pussy wasso tight around those two fingers that he couldn’t wait to fuck it with his cock. They touched, fingered, rubbed and pulled while kissing. Mrs. March pulled back, Mr. Peabody’s fingers felt like a cork being removed from a tight bottle neck. She put her hands on the tiles, spread her thighs, looked back with her wet hair splayed on her face and neck and she said, “Screw that pussy! Screw it good! Screw it like you own it!” and he did he rammed her hole making her scream as his dick widened that opening with his girth and length. He came in her and pulled out leaving just his head in, he massaged her ass over and over as he looked down and saw his dick sticking out from under her ass, it looked so horny. Over and over he rubbed her ass and hips she cooed and moaned and swayed her hips never pulling his cock in deeper no just making it feel a new angle in her hole. He couldn’t take it any longer so he slowly pused back in, he reached around to her front hip bonesand pulled her super tight back against him, he moved her to the spray and he twisted the head to make a very hard powerful pulsating stream and he angled it onto her pussy and let it treat her to one intense orgasm, she shrieked and was stepping up and down on her toes even stepping on his the feeling was that intense. They stayedstill after awhile he just holding her from behind.
They released and got out and dried each other off, he led her to his bed where they lied down and hugged each others nude bodies.

“Wow I can’t believe I am having this kind of fun in a place like this.” he exclaimed.

“Sweetie, don’t you know what this place is?” she asked.

“Yes a tropical resort.” he said.

“Ohhh honey, it’s a sexual fantasy club, anything goes here.”

Mr. Peabody thought for a second and said, “Whatever it is it’s paradise.” and with that he layed his head on her anple breast and suckled her warm hard nipple in his mouth as she purred and rubbed his head.

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