My Older Man

I’d had such a tough week at work. The kind where you just want to scream at the next person who asks for a little favour. Believe me, there is no such thing. Anyway, I desperately needed to wind down and relax and found myself walking into the first bar I saw.

It was a small bar with only a few men in it. A couple playing pool, the bartender and an older man sitting at the bar. They all looked up at me as I walked in. I suppose I was a bit of an unusual sight in a place like this. I was still in my work clothes.

My short black skirt and sheer white blouse showed the perfect curves of my body, my hips swaying as I walked towards the bar. My large DD breasts were encased (only just!) in a lace demi bra once size too small (they just don’t make the sexy ones big enough for my breasts). I’m sure if you looked hard enough you could see the outline of my areolas and nipples through my blouse. My pussy was barely sheathed in a tiny white g-string, to match my bra, and the lace rubbed delicately against my lips as I moved. To complete my outfit I had on lace topped thigh high stockings and black stilettos. My long curly red hair hung over my shoulders and halfway down my back.

I sat next to the older man at the bar, you. I am 25 and you must be at least double my age. I have to admit I have always been attracted to older men. I like their manliness and experience and the thought of the pussies they have fucked before mine.

For some reason I was finding you particularly attractive. You are tall, about 6’2 and had a good fit body with distinguishing grey streaks through his hair. And you had a goatee which made me think about the feel of it pressing against my pussy and rubbing it up and down. I love that feeling. As I say down I imagined what your cock was like and hoped that it was long and thick.

“Hey,” I said as I sat down next to you, “my name’s Emily.” I crossed my legs and my skirt rose higher on my thighs.

“Hi Emily. Nice to meet you.” You introduce yourself and I notice your eyes wander up and down my body.

“Can I get a drink please?” I ask the bartender, “Whatever he’s having.” The bartender brings me a whiskey and I down it in one gulp.

“Long week, huh?” You ask me.

“You have no idea.”

“I think I may do. I’m her for a boring conference and there is nothing to do here and my wife isn’t talking to me…….” You trail off as though you have said something wrong. I move my chair a little closer and my skirt rides even higher. You can now see the tops of my stockings and probably the start of my ass cheeks.

“Well I’m talking to you. And I know a lot of fun things to do round here.” I look in your eyes and lean forward. The pressure of my large breasts against my blouse makes the top button pop open and my cleavage is openly on display. You can make out the top of my pink areolas and I notice you’re shifting uncomfortably in your seat.

We make some small talk for a while. Well, mostly me talking and you staring and my perfect tits. But I don’t mind. The most glorious thought has occurred to me.

I lean forward more and brush my lips past your cheek and whisper in your ear, “I’d be more than happy to show you some fun things.” I sit back and wink.

“Uh, um, oh, um,” you stutter, not quote sure whether I am joking, setting you up or being serious.

“Where are you staying?” I ask.

“Um, just, uh around the corner. Why?”

I lean forward again, “I’m asking because I want to take you back there, up to your room, and have passionate sex all night long. I could fulfil all of your fantasies.” I lean back licking my pouting lips. “How about I give you a minute to think about it? I’m just going to freshen up.” I get up and walk towards the ladies room, my ass swaying tantalisingly as I do.

When I get to the ladies I pull my skirt up around my waist. My pussy is throbbing with want. I pull down my scant panties and expose my swollen lips. My panties and thrown in my handbag and my fingers play delicately along my puffy lips until my wetness seeps through and my fingers become sticky. I then unbutton my blouse and take my bra off. My breasts have been yearning to be free and my nipples protrude, hard and tender. My bra ends up in my bag with my panties. I rub some of my pussy juice around my nipples and savour my sweet aroma. I hurriedly pull my skirt down and button my blouse so that most of my breasts are showing and walk back out to the bar.

I sit in front of you again, my legs apart this time. You look in my eyes first. You can see the lust. Yes, I want you bad. Your eyes wander down my chest, noticing my bralessness, my nipples protruding and trying to push out of my top. Then wander down my stomach, my hips, my thighs, up my thighs and your eyes widen as you notice I am not wearing any panties. You stare at my smooth hairless pussy.

I lean forward and kiss you on the lips. You take a moment to react but are then kissing me back, hungrily. Your tongue pushes its way into my mouth and I nibble it gently. Your hands wander up and down my young, supple body. My hand rubs against your crotch and I am excited by what I find there. Your cock is long and hard and straining to be free from its restraints.

“Take me back to your hotel. Let me have my naughty way with you,” I whisper into your ear.

You moan and begin to stand up. I can feel your erection against my thigh as you do.

“No, I can’t,” you protest.

“Oh come one. You can’t turn down a horny young girl like me, can you?” I feign sadness knowing that I can break you. “I have such a young, wet, tight pussy that can be all yours.”

You look a little embarrassed and whisper in my ear, “what if I can’t satisfy you?”

“Oh you will,” I respond, “even if we need a little help.” I stand up and pull you by the hand towards the door.

We exit the bar and your arm is around me, squeezing me tight to you. We walk the couple of blocks to your hotel and go up to your room. You close the door behind you and lean against it as I look around the room. It’s on the tenth floor and you have a nice view that overlooks the harbour.

I stand in front of you, kissing your neck and up towards your mouth. I can see disbelief in your eyes that I want someone like you, but it is all real. I kiss your mouth, softly at first, then pressing my tongue against your lips and into your mouth. Our tongues dance together for what seems like an eternity. You bite gently on my lower lip and run your hands from my thighs, to my ass, up to my heaving breasts. Your palms do circles around my protruding nipples through my sheer blouse. I moan into your mouth in pure ecstasy.

I move my hand down from around your neck to the waistband of your pants and lower til I can feel the outline of your hard cock. It sure feels impressive. I rub your cock through your pants until I can feel a slight wet patch forming from pre cum. Mmmm yum.

I could feel my pussy juices starting to seep down my thighs and my scent wafted around us. You had unbuttoned my blouse and my breasts were finally free. Somehow your shirt had been unbuttoned too and my nipples were pressing hard against your chest.

My hand at your crotch was working on your button and then your zip, desperate to free your hardness from its clothing. Then your pants and underwear were at your ankles and your glory was liberated.

“Oh yum. Your cock looks so good,” I murmured. I broke away from your mouth and squatted in front of you, my eyes level with your manhood. It was perfect. Nice and thick with a perfect length. It was twitching slightly with the feel of my breath running over it. A delicious drop of pre cum was forming and I stuck out my tongue to catch it.

“Mmmm, you taste good, too.” I looked up
into your eyes as I wrapped my hand around the base, holding your shaft away from your balls. I gently licked your balls and sucked t
hem into my mouth. They are full of cum and as I lick I can feel them tighten slightly against your body. My hand pumps slowly up and down your shaft and I smear your pre cum around the swollen head of your cock.

I wetly lick up and down your shaft and my hand slide more easily, grasping you firmer. I hungrily take the head of your cock into my mouth and savour your taste on my tongue. I then begin to work my mouth up and down your cock taking in a bit at a time. Your hands move to the back of my head, pushing your cock deeper into my hot wet mouth.

I could feel your engorged cock head pressing at the back of my throat and it was all I could do to stop my gag reflexes. Your hands loosen and I begin to suck you, my hands playing with you balls, lightly scratching them. I love to deep throat and feel my lips stretched around your girth. You begin to fuck my mouth and my hand and chin are covered in a mixture of my saliva and your pre cum.

When I feel your ball tighten some more I back off you. You moan in disapproval but I am not ready for you to cum just yet.

I move back so that I am sitting on the edge of the bed and hitch my skirt up. My shaved puffy pussy lips are covered in my wetness and I run my finger over my slit and in between to my engorged clit. My fingers are sticky and I lift them to my mouth to taste my sweetness. You come over and remove my blouse and I stand up so that you can remove my skirt. I am standing before you, young, supple, high firm breasts, lustful look in my eyes, naked except for my stockings and high heels.

You turn me around so that my back is towards you and slowly kiss your way down from my neck to my ass. My body tingles all over from your light touch. When you get to my ass you bend me over the bed so that my ass and pussy are on display for you. You kiss down my ass crack and to my soaked pussy. I press against your mouth. Wanting more. Needing more.

You turn me around again and push me onto the bed. I am laying on the bed with my legs hanging over the edge. You kneel down before me and place my long smooth legs over your shoulders. You can hardly believe how dripping wet you’ve made me. You use your thumbs to separate my lips and slide your tongue up my slit. I shudder and moan in pleasure. You place two fingers at the entrance to my wet hole and slowly begin to work them in. I am squirming in your arms and pressing into your fingers. Ooooh it feels so good. With your other hand your thumb gently lifts the hood of my clit, exposing it to the cool air and to the touch of your tongue.

As your fingers pump in and out of my wet canal your tongue and lips work my distended clit. You gently bite it and waves of pleasure ripple through my body. Your goatee rubs against my sensitive flesh, causing more sensations. Your fingers find my g-spot and in second I am writhing in ecstasy in front of you. Wave after wave of orgasm flow through my body and my juices run over your tongue, lips and chin.

You lay beside me on the bed and we both catch our breath for a minute or two. My hand finds its place on your cock and is disappointed to find it a little soft. You look into my eyes, slightly uncomfortable.

“Don’t worry. I’m sure you have something that could help.” You roll over and open a draw and take out a blue pill.

“Are you sure baby? Cause once I take this I can go all night long.”
“Oh yeah, I am so sure.” I answer.

You take the pill and lay on your back. I kneel on the bed next to you. I slowly stroke your cock as it hardens and your fingers enter my pussy again. When you are fully erect I straddle your thighs. I am ready for your hot hard rod to penetrate my young tight pussy.

I squat over your cock and clasp it with my right hand. I rub the head back and forth over my wet slit coating it in my liquid. When I think you are desperately ready for it I slowly impale myself on your cock. Oh my God it feels so good inside me. I moan inaudibly and my eyes roll back in my head. You hands are on my hips pulling me down onto you, forcing your cock deeper and deeper until your balls are squashed against my ass cheeks.

“Ooooh baby you are so tight,” you mutter. I place my hands on your chest to steady me as I begin to fuck your cock. My pussy is stretching to accommodate you and I have never felt fuller. You watch my body rise up and down on your cock and your shaft glistens with pussy juice. Your thumb finds my clit and I am once again in ecstasy. My body convulses and I cum once, twice, three times, I lose count.

My arms can no longer hold me up and I slump forward resting on the bed head. My breasts as swaying in front of your face and you lift your head to suckle and bite them. You place your hands on my hips and hold me steady and you thrust up into me.

I am moaning and trembling uncontrollably with orgasm after orgasm as you continue to drive deep into me. You can feel my walls spasm and it begin to drive you over the edge. You pull my hips down onto you as you push up and you are deeper then before.

“Oh fuck me,” I moan, “fuck me hard and deep like that.” My head is swimming with pleasure and I never want this feeling to end.

You finally plunge once more into me and as my pussy clutches your shaft you begin to pump your cum deep inside me. You thrust as you cum and you seem to cum forever. You are moaning in sheer bliss and I crumple on your chest, your cock still deep within me, twitching.

We fall asleep like this for a while. I’m not sure how long. When we awake, you are hard. Well, you did warn me. I crawl up the bed on all fours and look over my shoulder at you. You can barely resist my shapely ass as I wiggle it before you.

“Come on baby. Fuck my tight pussy again. You know you want to.” I wiggle again and you can see our combined cum dripping out my pussy and onto my thighs and the sheets. You kneel behind me and kiss my ass cheeks. Your cock is pressing at the entrance to my sodden hole. You grab my hips and thrust into me in one push. Your balls slap against my clit and my body jolts.

I push back hard against you as you thrust into me. We can hear the wetness as your cock slurps in and out and your ball slap wetly against me.

“Oh I love you fucking my little pussy. Fuck me harder!” I cry.

“Ooooh yeah I am gonna fuck your tight little cunt harder.” You thrust harder and faster and bring one hand around to pinch my nipple. I cry out in rapture and my body begins another orgasm. My head collapses against the pillow and my ass lifts higher in the air. This allows you better and deeper access to my pussy and you take advantage thrusting even deeper than we even through possible.

One of my hands moves to my pussy and begins to rub against my puffed-up clit. The though of me rubbing myself excited you and you pump harder. You slap my ass check with one hand and I squeal in delight. I lift my pussy soaked hand to your balls and they are high and firm. I tug them gently.

“I want you to cum on my tits,” I find myself saying. You smile and pull out of me and juices gush down my thighs. I roll over onto my back and you kneel beside my head turning me towards you. I hungrily suck your cock head into my mouth as I pump the wet shaft. After a few seconds you groan and I feel a load of cum shoot into my mouth. You pull out and load after load of cum shoots on my chin, neck and breasts.

I gently lick your cock clean of your cum and my cum savouring the sweet salty taste. My hands rub your cum around my nipples. You lay down beside me and we fall asleep once again.

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