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Hello all!!! It’s been a while. Already 2016 and I haven’t posted anything. That’s not to say I haven’t had some fun, just been busy as heck and not in the mood to write. Do keep emailing me. I enjoy hearing about your experiences after reading my adventures. Some of you folks know, I will chat with you. That is if you have something to say. Little blurbs and one liners aren’t a way to cozy up to me.  So don’t be scared to chat me up. Who knows what may happen. That being said, might as well tell ya about an encounter I had with one of my fans. I promise to keep this one short.

I will NOT give out his email nor ID. He knows who he is and if he wants to brag, I’ll amend this story. So if you are reading this Josh, I told you I would.



OK, so………where to begin? I guess the beginning works.


One day, many months ago, I get an email from this guy. He tells me how he loved my stories and on and on with the kudos. Yes, I was yawning with the come-ons.  But the more we talked, the further away from erotica our conversations got. Nice enough guy and I actually looked forward to his notes to me. He and I continue chatting via email for weeks. We exchanged pics and phone numbers. Our phone conversations could melt AT&T  cell towers. Think I have had more cyber and phone sex with him than anybody in my life. He suggested we meet up. Turns out he lives 3 hours away from me. We decided to meet half way.

I made arrangements to skip work and make my way south. I told my husband I was to meet a business client in Waco. It’s always a good idea to let people know where you may be, just in case your car breaks down. The anticipation grew with each passing mile. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect when we met. Would we kiss? Would we sit awkwardly across from one another in an uncomfortable silence? Too many thoughts ran through my mind. I arrived at the meeting place just after 11 am. Sat in my car and got dolled up waiting and waiting and waiting. He finally arrived. Taking a deep breath, I exhaled and got out of the car.

We hugged each other in the parking lot, and decided we both needed coffee. So inside IHOP we went. Now, before I go any further, he knows I like PDAs and public fun. Now you do too. So after taking our seat in the booth, while making small talk, he grabs my leg and pulls my foot up to him. He then takes my boot off and gives me a foot massage. Right there in the middle of the restaurant. I was in heaven. Just that massage alone made up my mind. He was, if nothing else, getting his cock sucked. We finished our meal, paid our tab and went back to the parking lot. We both got in his car and started making out like high school kids. Deep passionate kisses, hands groping, body parts know the drill.

Across the street I saw a Hilton hotel. It was a no brainer. Though I do love public sex, and inside a car is just as good as in a bed, it was the 3 sheriff’s cars that pulled in that made me decide to be more cautious. He protested at first; the cost of a room just for a couple of hours, that he couldn’t use his credit card without his wife finding out, ect. I told him not to worry, it was on me. So, I got us a basic Hilton room.

It wasn’t long after we entered our on the road love nest, that we were both naked. I started oral on him until he couldn’t take it anymore. He just took what he wanted right then and there. My kinda man. Pushing my face into the mattress, he pounded me hard. I felt like a victim, though this pussy was all his for the afternoon. I was willing to do any and every thing he wanted. We went through all the positions, and I think we invented a few. I will say I have never been fucked upside down before that day. He’d climax then I’d climax. We’d rest and do it again. I honestly don’t remember what caused us to stop. Either exhaustion or lack of time. What I do remember was my legs were weak and sore. My pussy, ass and jaw ached. My boobs had bite marks and my body had bruising. I was covered in cum AND LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT.

My trip home went from euphoric to dread after I noticed a hickey on my inner thigh. I prayed all the way home my husband wouldn’t notice. True to form, he didn’t. All I got was some grumbling about how his day sucked. I did get a giggle to myself when he kissed me right on the spot Josh left his DNA. Again, my husband didn’t notice. Josh and I still meet up when timing allows. Although, he is more careful with marking me up after I confided how nervous I was.


So folks, there you have it. Told ya it would be short. Keep emailing me, you just never know. We could meet up.


As always send your comments and concerns, thoughts and desires to








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