my desperate urge for sex

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well i was horny, what can i say? i had rubbed my pussy until it was raw and read everything kinky i could-i knew jimmy wanted sex with me-hhe never did believe i was a lesbian.
well i just had to have someone munch on me-i was so desperate for it-and he said he loved to eat car wasn’t running so i got him to take me to the store-where i bought condoms.little did he know he was going to get to use them.
i told him to come back in 30 mins and i would be ready.i stripped hurriedly and went into a steaming hot shower.carefully and lovingly i washed my shaved pussy-already swollen with anticpation of being fucked.i also washed my ass carefully-as i love to be tongued….i spent a long time rinsing , with the shower on massage of course..
he came to the door and i told him to come in…and get naked…he not big-about 5 inches but nice and hard.he quickly removed his clothes and climbed between my legs.i urged him to start munching-my juices are sweet and were already flowing clit jumped and sighed with his vigourous licking.i turned over so he could tongue my ass too…forget my nips they were hard enough…eagerly i told him to enter my dripping cunt…he missed the hole and hit my ass instead-he was having trouble getting it in-so i had him get between my hot thighs, put my legs on his shoulders and thrust into me.occassionally he slipped out or entered my ass.his beard had scratched me when he was slurping but i didn’t care..oh god it felt good.
after he came-i had him munch me some more then i let him rest-boy that cigarette tasted good…i took my 6inch purple(my favorite color )dick and lubed it up-and with his consent tried to get it in-but he couldn’t take i let him finger fuck my ass hole instead-next time he can fuck me there…he dressed and left…but not before i had him suck my nips alittle..i finally came slowly-lets face it girls and boys if you like to be eaten nobody does it better than a horny dyke…oh well any port hole laughingly i thought in a storm…maybe i can get the neighbor with the big titis to come over next…i never quit hoping!!!

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