The day I screwed the technical support

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Though life is great, and autumn is at its most beautiful. Some people get grumpy of the rain, while people like me suck in the last rays of sunshine and the sight of golden leaves in the trees. The autumn magic would almost be complete, with life working as it should, my physique back in gorgeous condition, just ready to take on the world.

The shadow of doom first crept up on me, when I went shopping for internets for my new appartment. They came in various sizes and shapes, and ofcourse costs. Humble girl as I am, I decided I would live with a cheap mobile modem, costing a fraction of what a wall extention would. What made me take such a silly choise, was the promise of instant and easy connection, same day I got the modem. What was to be expected though, was that NOTHING is that easy.

2 weeks later and a ton of hour long phonecalls with a guy at technical support, things werent as peachy. At first, he sounded helpful and cute, even quite technically charming. After 2 weeks of it though any cute elfling would start sounding like a little troll, that one just wants to put in detention like I would with all bratty kids.

The idea of revenge really struck me, the day he informed me I would need to pay for the internet connection DESPITE it not working on my own computer. As we had established that the modem works, the connections fine, no visible problems could be seen or had been attempted to fix already. That was the day I decided he would get to serve as the scape goat for that infinitely incompetent helpdesk and mobile company. As in the worlds most technically advanced country, one would expect they would need to make things work EVEN with the opponent being a dumb blonde bimbo. (Just to not give anyone a wrong impression though, I have an excellent intelligence, only not so strong controll over my hot temper and tolerance for idiots who expects payment for unfunctional service!)

However, as internet is all too easy to use in situations like this, (borrowed internet though) I found out the guys name and location. Planned my way towards it in greatest detail: he was only an hours drive away, and luckily not situated in the more secure complex of the company in question.

I dressed up, in the most made up way, as blonde bimbo, with short skimpy dress and in a hot dumb secretary way I could think of, and drove up to the gate, announcing I wanted to surprise my boyfriend on our anniversary. A small bribe of some booze and flirting with the guard also helped. It helped enough, in fact, for him to help me through the building complex and in through the back door to the office building of the helpdesk.

I said goodbye to the guard advising him to go “inspect a crisis on other side of the premises not to get told off” and then resumed inching my way towards Mr. Not-So-Helpful- Helpdesks location.

I found him with headphones on, inspecting a computer screen with intense interest, behind a screened desk compartment, which suited me perfectly. He turned out to be even more handsome than his voice led on: with dark hair, nice glasses and well dressed. I could see the hint of surprise and uncertainty in his eyes, when I closed the door to the deskcompartement. At this moment, I was feeling very smug and pleased with myself, having used my talents to get my way into this stunning nerds box office without any of the office cameras having a chance of detecting me.

I walked in my high heeled bitch boots towards him, and I could tell he liked what he saw. Suddenly he got his courage back, and demanded to know who I was, and how I got in. I laughed at him while pushing him back into his chair, leaning closer. His breath shortened and his pupils dilated.

When did you last tell a Lady it is her own fault her modem doesnt start working? I asked in a low voice. He tried answering, but I then bit his ear, and clipped first one of his wrists to the wall element with the handcuffs I had so greatly remembered to pack from my collection. The second after I had removed his own tie, and used it to remove his ability to complete his answer.

Though he seemed like a smart guy, who would have wanted to scream out for assistance by now, the sight of my bra at my cleawage was enough to make him unable. He seemed unable to stop himself from touching me, and traced his still free hand up my well trimmed body.

“Are you liking this yet?” I asked, while pushing his free hand to the wall element to fasten that one aswell. He seemed unable to controll himself, and gave a short nod, to which I laughed again informing him he wont be for long, if he doesnt behave.

By now, I could sence his desire growing, getting hard underneath me. So I removed his shirt, with some gentle strokes and kisses.

When he started struggling, to get his hands closer to touching me, I took out a small leather whip I also had brought with me from home. His eyes rayed of dissbelief when I, the small blondie girl, hit him over his chest with it, instantly making his nipples on his well trained chest harden.

Then I removed his shoes, and unfastened his belt. While grinning evilly, I pulled his trousers and pants off. Getting into clear view the proof of my successful gorgeous and well planned revenge.

Just looking at his awe for my hot body and his somehow gorgeous yet nerdy appearance, made me ache to touch and kiss him all over. But as I intended this punishment purely for my own pleasure, I took my time in tracing my nails up his legs and thighs, leaning closer to exhale some hot air on his by now rock hard cock. I let my lips softly touch him, then sliding my lips over the end of it. He started giving small desperate sounds, trying to move his hips towards me, so I quickly reached for the whip again giving him a good hard smack, that judging by the sound he made, gave a good sting on the inside of his thighs. I took a step back and just watched him try controll his desire again, then smacked him a few times more. I shot an angry glance at him, for interrupting my fun, and sharply told him:

“Sitt still and do EXACTLY as I want you to, or else we do this punishment in alot less pleasurable a way. You will SIT there and be Quiet, while I please myself with your body. Nod once for “Yes, mistress”, that you understand this!”

As he slowly gave one nod, I returned to my position between his knees, extending my long beautiful nails, to draw long marks over his stomach and thigh muscles. Though his eyes were dancing wildly, he sat quietly has I had ordered him.

I then took a hold of his cock again, admiring the strength and beauty of it, moving my lips to it again. This time i didnt put it in my mouth, I just traced my lips around and up and down the shaft, taking the aid of my hot tongue and a tiny touch of teeth. After a short while, i could hear on breathing that he was having problems keeping controll again, so I pulled away.

I leaned my gorgeous butt on his desk, unzipped the skimpy dress I was wearing, and slid it to the floor, then i unbuttoned the low cut, sexy secretary shirt. The black laced underwear and bitchboots, however I decided I wanted to keep on.

I put one foot up on the desk, giving him a great view of me tracing a finger to my underwear. Moving the material aside from my wet pussy, I then played with my clit, while watching his eyes keep focused on me like in a trance.

After a moment I decided I had to have his gorgeous thing inside me right then and there, so I straddled him sitting on the chair, and slowly aimed his cock into my wet pussy. I couldnt help excaping a moan when it was fully inside me, filling me up. Though he was still being sure to keep quiet as ordered, it gave me pleasure to see his eyes express the same excitement.

I started moving up and down, first slowly, then fucking him harder. Meanwhile I was touching all my sencitive spots while I rode him hard, until I suddenly felt him come inside me. His unloadin
g of his orgasm inside me shot me over the edge and made me orgasm aswell.

After a
moment of catching my breath, I was laughing of relieved frustrations. I stepped away from him, quickly putting on the dress and shirt again. Though the small pleasure he gave me was just the beginning of all that I needed, I decided it was enough.. for now..

I leaned over and whispered: “Get my modem fixed, then I just might come back to give you a rerun. But as punishment for your impertinence, I will be leaving you as you are, and your clothes you will never see again. If you ever tell anyone what really happened I will be back, then being alot less pleasant to you. Do you understand?”

When he gave a swift nod, I took the clothes, packed them into the bag I had brought with me. I was sure to clean away all traces I might have left on him or in the office, then made my way out, the same way I came in. At the gate I met the guard that had helped me earlier, we exhanged amused conspiratory glances and I said: “Things got abit adventurous, so You might need to step into his office and help him loose soon, but dont hurry with it, Im sure he will need an hour or 2 to cool off first.” Then I drove back home, feeling like a very pleased little vixen.

Through the exciting feelings I had the following day, I still was secretly wondering, what had happend, had he called security, or been able to tell anyone what really happened.

Towards the evening, my modem suddenly clicked on, into fully functional state. Then my phone rang. When I answered, that same sweet helpdesk voice I had been arguing with for so long said: “Good evening, I believe we have managed to fix your modem, But to ensure that you are fully pleased with our services, would it be alright if we send your technical support assistant to test it?” Naturally I agreed, telling him to be here within an hour, or else he gets spanked.

This message I have been writing this very hour, 55 minutes gone, and my doorbell just rang.

So, bye for now dear readers, I know one hot blondie who is gonna get fucked hard now, and gonna love every second of it.

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