One night in December

I have arranged to meet you at the hotel before we head off to the party. I arrive to find you in the lobby, sat comfortably in a deep claret red, high back leather chair, your suitcase propped up to one side, and a book open in your lap.

I surprise you somewhat as I lean down over you, lifting up your chin and kissing you deeply and passionately, my tongue lightly cupping and fondling yours as you almost moan a ‘hello’ under your breath.

We walk up to our room through the staircase at the rear. Wide, dark oak beams form the stairs themselves – slightly bowed in the centre from centuries of continued use – and ornate carvings adorn each balustrade on the way up. As we get to the door, I pull out the heavy iron key we’ve been handed. As vintage as the rooms, the lock clicks deliciously loudly as I turn it clockwise, bolts dropping out of place as if we’ve just opened up an antique safe.

As the door swings open, we take in the sumptuous surroundings of the room. The four poster bed is fashioned from 17th Century carved oak – a gold-tassel edged red velvet valance surrounds the top, with the colour scheme continuing in the heavy blanket draped across the bottom of the sheets. The linen itself is crisp and brilliant white, hiding the plumpest, softest pillows I’ve ever seen. A simple bedside table is set with a carved lamp and a few 19th Century novels.

The bathroom features a substantial floor, made up of large black and white tiles in a chequered pattern. The dark blue roll-top bath sits on heavy-set feet at each corner; the highly polished brass taps and bath tidy reflecting that of the towel rail nearby.

Moving back to the bedroom, you have dumped your things on the sofa as I put my arms around your waist from behind. I use a gentle hand to pull your hair behind your neck as I lean down and press my lips against your delicate skin. Hearing you gasp and moan, the same hand has now slipped further around and down to slowly massage and tease your clit. To steady yourself, you have bent yourself over the bed, placing your palms firmly onto the mattress, fingers outstretched.

My hands both return to your waist, where they gentle wriggle your black lace dress up over your gorgeous arse. Slipping underneath, my fingertips curl around the elastic of your knickers, tugging them slightly and then pulling them all the way down the length of your legs to your ankles.

Starting around your smooth calves, I plant kisses onto your body, my fingers only just brushing your skin to tease you on the way up. I put my open lips onto your body, closing them slowly while simultaneously gently sucking, before peeling them off and onto their next destination. I take my time, which only builds up your pleasurable anxiety further, your breathing becoming deeper with each touch as I eventually come to your inside thighs. With attention here, the breathing becomes deeper still, small grunts of impatience and tension interspersing the exhaling.

When I finally reach your labia, you’re practically quivering. Remaining bent over the bed, you can’t see me – you can only feel my raspy tongue lapping between your legs, slipping around your smooth, wet centre. Occasionally you feel the tip of my tongue intruding, almost trying to prise its way inside you.

Suddenly, you feel a single finger plunge into your now rather hot cunt. “Uuuhhhhhhrrrrrmm,” you moan, as my digit begins to curl slowly inside you, rubbing my fingertip along the very top and front. Before long a second and a third finger joins in the fun, starting to stretch you slightly and provide an incredibly stimulating sensation inside. As my right hand continues to pleasure you, I realise I need to find a job for my left.

“SMACK!” – you hadn’t even sensed it coming, and both the shock and the sting delight you. “SPANK!” a second hit lands on your beautiful firm arse. You gasp with each contact, all the while still moaning and sharply inhaling with each plunge of my fingers into your delicious cunt.

I continue to finger you vigorously; my three digits pound between your thighs and bottom, a taut slippery sticky sound being produced more loudly with each insertion. I have also not stopped bringing my palm against you: “SPANK! SMACK! THHWACK!” , several in quick succession really gets your juices going, and before long you are teetering close to climax.

“OH… yes… mmm…. Oh don’t stop…. Oh I’m gonna COME….” – your exhaling becomes shallow and rapid, your hips buck and tense around my fingers, you start to skip or hold your breath, keeping enough air back to release at the precise moment… “Mmm… YES… OH now… NOW… YES…. OOOHHHHHMMMNNGG!….. AAAHHHH!! UUUUHHHHH OOHHHHHH…… Mmmmmmm……” – all reserved air comes pouring out of your mouth in those exclamations. My fingers are soaked and I can even feel the inside of your legs starting to get slightly wet too.

I give you 30 seconds to recover before ordering you to turn around and perch on the bed. Instinctively reaching out to my waist, your fingers unhook my trousers and tug them down to my ankles. Yanking my boxers down around my erect shaft, you lean in and wrap your warm tongue around my smooth cock. You are evidently feeling rather forthright, as there’s not even a hint of teasing exploration. Almost straight away you engulf me with your mouth, your lips running the length as your tongue flicks and licks at the tip. As your head bobs up and down in my lap, I run my fingers around your head, burying them in your sexy blonde hair and tousling it between them.

After nearly 10 minutes, I decide to take matters into my own hands. “Roll onto your back and very slightly hang your head off the end of the bed, Kayleigh,” I command. You duly oblige, wriggling your hips up until your neck is just supported by the edge of the mattress, but otherwise you are upside down, with my shaft standing erect over you. “Now, open wide for me Kayleigh. I am going to slide my cock between your lips and very gently fuck your mouth until I explode inside and you swallow every last drop”.

Tantalisingly, your lips part, and I slowly glide the head of my shaft between your lips. I relish the sensation of your warm throat around my cock, your tongue hungrily encircling the throbbing tip as you begin to imagine it deep inside you. Moving my hands down over your breasts and fondling them firmly, I gradually ease my hips away from your head, pulling out before slowly sliding my way back in. I continue the motion, imperceptibly building up speed until I have struck a rhythm that is sending early shivers up my spine.

Maintaining your position as a compliant and passive fuck buddy, you offer an occasional and well-timed moan of pleasure, but otherwise gratefully receive my smooth muscle. My hands have now moved up towards you neck and beyond; my thumbs are placed just behind your pierced ears while my fingers are outstretched under and around your hair, cupping your head as a I carefully slide in and out of your throat.

You can feel that my shaft is absolutely rock solid now. Virtually bursting at the veins that pulse through it, giving you a keen indication that I am very close to climaxing. “Oh….. YES…. Oh FUCK Kayleigh…. YES… Mm, take my cock in your mouth…. SUCK me dry… HMMM…. SUCH a good girl…. SHOW ME how much you LOVE to suck this….”

You tongue momentarily becomes even more fervent in its approach, but it’s almost unnecessary as I come so violently and rapidly in your mouth. “UUUNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGHHHH!!! …… HMMM!!…. OH…….. YES…… OH YES…… Mmmmm…. OH…….. SOOO good Kayleigh….. Mmmm….”

I encourage you to roll over so that you can properly taste and swallow my creamy load in front of me. You teasingly show me that you’ve devoured the lot, before leaning down to softly kiss and lick my still-throbbing cock. I collapse onto the bed next to you, readying myself for the next encounter…

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