At the Hot Tub

My wife Amber and I have a favorite place on the coast that we love to go to when we want to get out of town for the weekend, away from the hometown crowd. We look forward to these weekends because we tend to get a quite adventurous and daring sexually. For example, we usually start talking about sex and playing around in the car on the drive over, we leave the hotel curtains open and wonder if anyone might be watching; we have also found a very secluded beach that she loves getting naked on. This has provided many sexy and fun outdoor naked pictures and video shoots. Also, when we go out to eat we put together outfits for her that are very sexy, always without panties or a bra, and with either a button-up top that is mostly unbuttoned allowing an nice view of her breasts, or a sheer see through or fishnet top that does the same–this usually gets both of very horny knowing that the waiter is getting a nice view of her tits every time he comes to the table (we also get very attentive service). Plus, it allows her to flash me throughout the meal. By the time we leave the restaurant things are getting pretty hot, and we’re both pretty horny.

The thing we look forward to the most, however, is the hot tubs back at the hotel.  The hotel has built a large patio/deck about 100 yds from the hotel towards the beach.  The last two times we’ve been there we’ve been lucky enough to have one of the hot tubs to ourselves. Amber likes to wear a nice thong bikini and loves taking her top off, loves to play with the hot tub jets on her pussy, and will usually have a nice orgasm while doing so.  She also loves to have me sit on the side of the tub so she can suck my cock a little too. We always take the camera with us so we can usually get lots of great pictures.

The time before our last trip we had a tub to ourselves and there were three guys, probably in their 20s-30s in the other hot tub which is about 20 feet away from the tub we were in. We were both pretty horny by the time we got out of the tub, and didn’t want to walk back to our room in wet swimsuits.  So, Amber just stripped down totally naked right there next to the hot tub, slowly toweled herself off and put her sweat pants and shirt on in plain view of the three guys in the other hot tub.  I’m sure that the guys in the other tub got a nice eyeful if they happened to glance our way. BTW Amber is about 5’9” 130 lbs with perfect tits and beautiful long legs. I’m always trying to get her to flash in public but she’s usually very cautious and not one to show off her goods in public. This time however, she was very horny and had had a couple of glasses of wine with dinner so when she did that it really surprised me and made me instantly horny as hell.

The last time we were there we again had one of the tubs to ourselves, and again Amber was wearing a very sexy thong bikini bottom and a very skimpy top. We had already been to dinner so we were pretty horny. After a while a very attractive well built young guy in his 30s showed up introduced himself as Eric, and asked if he could join us. Of course we said yes. I was getting even more turned on at the thought of this young guy getting an eyeful of my beautiful wife, and was hoping she was in the mood to put on a little show for him as she had done for the three guys the last time we were there.  Amber and I were sitting across from each other and looked at each other when he stepped into the tub. Amber gave me a wry smile and raised her eyebrows a couple of times.  This really got me going and I was wondering what exactly she had in mind. After a couple of minutes of introductions and small talk Amber mentioned that she was getting a little hot and stood up to have a seat on the edge of the tub out of the water.  Her top was barely covering her nipples and I noticed that Eric could not keep his eyes off of her. As she sat on the edge of the tub she adjusted her top a couple of times actually exposing more of her nipples as she did. As she did this she looked right at Eric and smiled.  She also spread her legs slightly as she shifted positions, which gave him a nice look right up between her legs.  I was loving the show and was getting really turned on watching it. After a couple of minutes Amber slipped back into the water and slid over next to me. As she did she reached down to feel how excited I was, looked at me, winked, and smiled. We sat and talked for a while more while she had her hand down my swim trunks stroking my cock under water.  Eric couldn’t keep his eyes off of her, and she was loving the attention. Again, I was extremely surprised at what she was doing, but I was loving every second of it and was wondering just how far she was going to take it.

She then said that she was going to head back to the room and take a shower, but that I should stay a little longer and talk with Eric. With that she stood up with her back to Eric so that he got a perfect view of her beautiful tight ass in that thong. She slowly stepped out of the hot tub giving Eric a nice long look at her ass.  His eyes were about to pop out of his head, and my cock was about to pop out of my trunks.  He looked over at me and I just nodded my approval and smiled. Once she was out of the tub and standing on the decking she kept her back to us and toweled off a little, then to my amazement she reached back and undid her top and took it off and stepped out of her bottoms and dropped them on the deck; she was now standing with her back to us totally naked. She picked up her towel again and continued to dry off very slowly. Eric was mesmerized and couldn’t take his eyes off of her.  Nor could I. She then turned to the side put one leg up on a chair and bent over to dry her legs.  When she did we got a perfect profile of her tits as she bent over.  She then stood up and put the towel behind her back and dried her back again giving us a perfect profile of her naked body.

I couldn’t believe what she did next, but I loved it.  She slowly turned to face the hot tub with the towel stretched out behind her and her arms spread out wide holding the towel.   As she was facing us she just smiled at Eric, she then slowly wrapped the towel around her, picked up the room key and said she would see me in the room, and not to be too long. She then smiled at Eric said it was nice to meet him and walked away. I looked at Eric who was just smiling and shaking his head. He looked at me and said that Amber is amazing and that I had to be the luckiest guy in the world.  I have to agree. With that I told Eric that I had to get back to the room and see what else she had in store for me. I also told him what room we were in and that Amber likes to leave the curtains open when we stay in hotels if he was interested in continuing the show. I told him though that if he did stop by and take a peek, to leave me some kind of sign that he had been there. With that I left and headed back to the room.

Needless to say when I got back to the room both of us were about as turned on as we have ever been, and preceded to have one of the most amazing nights of sex we have ever had. Of course, Amber insisted on leaving the windows and curtains wide open and we spent a lot of time right in front of the windows. The whole time I was wondering if Eric was out there watching, and hoping he was. I even told Amber that I had given Eric our room number and that he might be watching. This turned her on even more, and she told me that she was hoping that I might do that.

The next morning I wondered out to the bushes outside of our window to see if there was any sign of Eric having been there and found a small piece of paper stuck on a limb with the words “thanks for the show” written on it. I took it back into the room and showed Amber. We both just smiled at each other and agreed that we would have to do this again real soon.

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