Meeting on a bus

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It was the last bus of the night, and I had to get home, and now I wished that I had of used the little girl’s room. But I was afraid I would miss the bus. I just hope it will be a quick ride home.

I boarded the bus, and took one of the last few seats, one which faced others across from me, I saw this guy, and now wished I had of boarded with a different situation. but things were the way it was. I didn’t have much problem, I could tell that he was watching me, and I couldn’t help move more than I wanted, I really needed to piss.

The handsome young man introduced himself as Alan; he was my age, around 22. We made small talk; I thought it was a good way to get my mind off the bladder problem, which was becoming more of a concern with each passing mile.

Alan noticed, he leaned forward, and asked, “Everything ok?” I whispered that I had too much to drink, and wished I had of relieved myself.

Soon, I was feeling desperate, and Alan Knew it, and suddenly I felt a spurt of piss jet out of my pee hole, and wet my panties, but felt it wouldn’t show, if I could just hold on.

My stop was just ahead, and I knew I would make it, and since it was dark, I felt like this situation would settle itself without a public display of embarrassment to me. The bus slowed, and as I stood to exit, I felt another shot of piss wet again my panties, thank heaven I didn’t choose to wear a thong.

But to more horror, Alan also got off. What was I going to do now, I love to piss myself, and frankly that was my plan, but now; I wasn’t even sure what I was going to do.

We were in the middle of a residential area of the city, but late and dark enough that I could have had a accident and no one would of known, Alan pointed in the direction of where he was headed and said if it was the same as mine, could he join me, I didn’t want to be rude.

As we walked, I started to bend over in pain from the full bladder, and I knew Alan knew it.

Things changed suddenly, and I was shocked, Alan said, “Listen, I know you need relief, and since we don’t know each other, it’s a delicate situation. but I have a answer to help you” He stood in front of me, and without saying anything else, He pissed himself ! I just dropped my jaw, “what are you doing?” I said, he just smiled and said, ” I know you can’t make it, its dark and quiet, and we probably won’t be seen, and you will feel so much better.”

And with that, I let my bladder release too, Oh did it feel so good, and now I was horny, I wanted so much to rub, myself, but didn’t feel it would be good with Alan here. But, I looked down and saw that he too was turned on, I said,” you get turned on by all of this?”

He looked into my eyes and pulled me close, and said, “Hell, yes.” he kissed me good and hard, we picked up our pace, and made it home, piss soaked jeans and all, we didn’t shower when we got to my place, just hot, wet and very sexy; sex.

You never know whom you meet on a bus, late at night.

– more to come –

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