Truth or dare…

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I am a 19 year old uni student and live a fairly cruisy life, I had been
going out with my girlfriend Tracy for over three years and things were
pretty serious. We both still lived at home so we pretty well divided
our time evenly between each other’s houses, for this reason I had
gotten to know Tracy’s friends quite well.

Tracy’s best friend Terri looked and sounded a lot like my girlfriend,
blonde hair, blue eyes with a stunning face, medium sized but very firm
breasts with a fantastic set of legs and an ass to die for.

I had always been physically attracted to Terri and often found her at
the centre of my fantasises. Not knowing how she might react to any
advances I might make I had never made a move on her until one night
when Tracy was at work and Terri and I where just hangin’ out at home
by ourselves.

We couldn’t really find anything to do so I suggested we have a few
drinks and play a game of cards. I dealt the cards for a game of poker
while Terri poured some Bourbons, she brought the drinks over to the
floor where we were going to play and I noticed she had gotten ready
for bed and was wearing her usual short and flimsy nightie without a
bra. As she strolled over to me I could clearly see her hard nipples
poking through the thin material and I took great pleasure in peering
down her nightie as she bent over to put the drinks on the floor.

When I glanced up I saw she was looking at me with a smile that told me
she knew just what I was looking at, “nice” I thought to myself.

“So how does poker sound to you?” I asked her

“Fine with me, not that we have anything to play for”

“Good Point” I said

I got up to go get some matchsticks and proceeded to deal them out
evenly when I noticed half her bourbon was already gone.

“You’re lagging behind Chris, better get a move on if your gonna keep
up!” She said with a sly grin.

With that I took a long swig of my drink and we settled down for our
game of cards.

After a few long and drawn out games and some not so long and drawn out
drinks Terri declared that the game was getting boring and we should
try something else.

“How about a game of Truth or Dare?” She coyly suggested

I was a little shocked at the idea because I remember playing the game
in high school as a way of getting into girls’ pants. We were, however,
quite a few sheets to the wind so I readily agreed.

“Alright then” I said “You want to start?”

“Sure, fire away”

“Okay, Truth or Dare Terri?”


I was trying to think of something good to say but came up pretty empty
and just said

“Have you ever had sex with anyone except your boyfriend?”

“No…. not yet anyway…” she trailed off her sentence staring me
straight in the eyes.

So now it is my turn to answer something

“Truth” I said after she asked me what I’d prefer

“Well I know you’ve never cheated on Tracy, but tell me, do you ever
think you would?”

“Good question” I thought to myself, I answered while trying desperately
not to reveal the cock rising in my boxer shorts.

“Well, I really think the whole “being faithful” thing is really
over-rated. If some hot chick wanted to fuck me I can’t see myself
saying no.”

“Ooh, you’re a bit naughty aren’t you Chris? I think you better ask me
another “Truth” question.” she replied in very sultry voice that didn’t
do anything to keep my rising cock down.

“O.K” I said “What sort of foreplay is it that turns you on the most?”

“Ah, That’s an easy one” she said. Keeping the same sexy tone in her
voice she slightly leant forward revealing a nice amount of cleavage
for me to consider. “I just love talking about sex, my pussy gets wet
just imagining fucking the man I’m talking to.”

She leant even closer to me so now our faces were only inches apart, she
dropped her eyes and looked at my raging hard on stretching the fabric
of my boxers making a tent out of my underwear.

“I think you better ask for a dare this time” She whispered in my ear

“Dare” I mumbled not being able to control my breathing.

I couldn’t believe that this sex goddess I had jerked off over so many
times was basically telling me she wants to fuck me.

“I want you to reach down and take out that big cock of yours and pull
yourself off for me”

Terri sat back in her original position and patiently watched as I
slowly pulled my boxers down and revealed my 8inch cock, which seemed
to be on the verge of bursting it was so hard. I trailed my fingers
from the base right up to the tip of my cockhead and with one finger I
smothered a stream of precum all over my head and trailed it back down
my shaft. I gripped the base of my cock with one hand and fondled my
balls with the other. Slowly I started moving my hand up and down my
shaft, squeezing as my fingers wrapped around the head sending a jolt
of pleasure up my spine every time I passed that point right at the top
under my cockhead. I couldn’t fathom what was happening, I was sitting
here jerking off in front of the one girl I have wanted to fuck for

As I looked back at Terri I could see her hand had already splipped
under her nightie and between her legs, her dress had ridden right up
on to her hips and I could see she had slid her panties to the side and
was massaging her clit.

I had always imagined she would have a sexy cunt and I wasn’t
disappointed, her fingers had spread beautiful pink lips to reveal a
tight opening with a nice size clit and just enough hair to keep it

When I saw this I just couldn’t resist, there is nothing I get more
turned on by then eating pussy. I leaned forward and took my hand off
my cock and put it on top of hers on her wet cunt, I slid one finger in
her tight opening and curled it back to rub the wall of her pussy. As
she gasped I whispered in her ear:

“I dare you to sit on the edge of the couch”

“Why?” She panted as my finger slowly went in and out of her cunt

“Because I want to eat your pussy like it’s never been eaten before.”

She needed no more convincing, as she sat on the edge of the couch I
trailed my tongue up the inside of her thighs while spreading her legs
wide to give myself full access to this beautiful cunt I had always

My finger returned to her tight hole and started slowly circling inside
her. I just sat and stared at this sight for a moment and said to her:

“Fuck you’ve got the nicest pussy I’ve ever seen.”

She just groaned in acknowledgement as I slipped another finger in her.

I moved my head close to her pussy trailing patterns with my tongue on
her inner thigh getting closer and closer to her wet cunt. I slowly
licked the crease where her leg joins her pussy and nuzzled my face
into her bush, lightly I brushed my lips over her slit as she started
bucking up from the seat against my face, I took this as a signal she
was tired of being teased. I pressed down on her slit kissing her
pussy, I slowly inserted my tongue inside and spread her lips apart
licking up and down her pussy flesh. I moved my head slightly down and
replacing my fingers inserted my tongue into her tight hole, I sat
there for minutes tongue fucking her just loving the taste of her pussy
juices running into my mouth.

“Fuck you know how to eat pussy” she panted as her hands behind my head
ground me even closer into her cunt. “Keep fucking me with your tongue,
yeah that’s it”

I kept tongue fucking her faster and faster as her hips kept in time
with my head, I could feel her tensing up and knew she was about to

“Oh yeah, I’m gonna fucking cum” she exlcaimed as I moved my mouth from
her hole to her clit, I put my mouth over her hot clit and gently

“Oh yeah suck it harder! I’m gonna cum, Harder!!” she screamed, so I
sucked on her clit as hard as I could as she thrust her pelvis into my

I felt her shudder as her orgasm passed over her and I released my hold
on her clit. As she came down from her orgasm she told me that she’d
never had head like that before and she was just as horny as she was
when I started eating her out.

She sat up on the couch and told me to stand up.

“Now take off those shorts” she said as she leaned forward to line her
face up with my crotch

I took off my shorts and my cock sprang out harder than ever, she wasted
no time and slid her mouth all the way down my cock and nuzzled her
nose in my pubic hair. I felt an incredible wave of pleasure pass over
me as I felt my cock push past the entrance to Terri’s throat and slide
into her windpipe I had never been deep throated before and the feeling
was pure ecstacy. I stood there and looked down at this gorgeous beauty
sucking my cock like her life depended on it. Her head bobbed up and
down my shaft occasionally coming all the way off as she licked my
sensitive head with her expert tongue. She grabbed around the base of
my cock and pulled me off in rhythm with her head movement. I could
feel the cum rising in my cock as she trailed a finger under my balls
and caressed my asshole. This sent me through the roof and she pulled
back as she let my cum spill out over her tongue and face. I shooted
out more cum than I had ever before as she looked up into my eyes and
licked all around my cum soaked cockhead. She dived back down on my
shaft sucking up the cum as she returned back to my head.

She continued pulling me off as she commented on how much cum I managed
to let go.

“Do you think this big cock of yours can be ready again soon?” she
innocently questioned me “I really want to feel you fuck me deep in my

Terri stood up and slid the straps of her nightie over her shoulders
letting it fall to the ground in a heap, she stepped out of it and
towards me grabbing my already semi hard cock in her hand. She moved
her face close to mine and planted a long, hard kiss on my mouth. I
could taste my own cum on her tongue as she played with my own, this
turned me on immensley causing my cock to come to full attention once

“Well that didn’t take long, I’m impressed” she grinned at me

“I aim to please” I laughed back

Terri promptly turned away from me and bent over the couch exposing her
perfect ass directly in front of my rigid cock. I quickly took the hint
and moved forward lining the head of my cock up with her tight opening,
I let the tip of my cock slide past her hole and rubbed it up and down
her slit paying particular attention to her clit. Terri was moaning
loudly and pushing back on me begging me to enter her, I slid my hard
cock slowly into her opening absorbing the fantastic feeling of that
hot cunt wrap around my dick. I slowly moved in and out, making sure I
fully exited her before I pushed all the way into her wet pussy once
again. I started to pick up the pace as I felt Terri pushing back
against my cock in rhythm with my pumping, I reached around her thigh
and slid my finger between her flaps to caress her hard clit. This
prompted a load groan to escape Terri’s lips and she told me to fuck
her faster. I started pumping her as hard as I could, my balls were
slamming against her ass cheeks and I could once again feel the cum
rising in my cock. I took this opportunity for a change of position to
relieve the tension in my cock, I turned her over and layed her on the
ground, I got in between her legs and she put them on my shoulders
crossing them behind my back. This caused her cunt to seem even tighter
than it was and I started pumping away again.

“Fuck yes” She gasped at me “Fuck me Chris, Fuck me hard, make me cum
with you”

This really got me going and I started pounding away as she kept
screaming at me to Fuck her, I felt her hand reach down and wrap around
the base of my cock. This felt utterly fantastic and it brought me
right to the edge of blowing my load when she pulled me off in time
with my cock moving in and out of her, every now and then I would feel
one of her fingers accompany my cock in her hot pussy. I felt her body
tense and she told me she was about to cum, “perfect timing” I thought
as my own cum started spewing into her filling her up and over flowing
down my still hard cock. I kept fucking her as she screamed and
orgasmed for a full minute. After she came down from her second orgasm
we rolled onto the floor in an exhausted heap.

“My god” Terri panted to me “You’re the greatest fuck I’ve ever had,
I’ve never cum like that before”

I just lay there smiling still not fully comprehending what had just
happened. Needless to say there were many more times for me to come to
terms with this newfound sexy girl.

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