The Realtor Part One

During my time in real estate I loved the ability to set my own schedule, but also longed for a predictable 40 hour week, especially during all-day showing trips on Saturdays or Sunday afternoon open houses. If a seller was expecting me to be there from 12-4 then that was my whole day and especially if only a handful of people showed up then that time dragged on as I’d sit around bored, never really able to relax since I’m in someone else’s house and have to be on point at a moment’s notice.

It was a late fall afternoon and although the weather had been nice, the chill of winter was beginning to cut through wind gusts and frosty mornings. This particular house was in a rather secluded residential neighborhood and the owners had already moved out so it was completely vacant. You don’t think much about the space that objects and furniture take up until you hear your own echo in every room of a home and see nothing but doors and walls surrounding empty living spaces with the occasional counter, built-in shelf or closet. As is typically the case, a few couples showed up to look, none truly intending on buying, and as 4:00 crept close I began to pack up my laptop and get ready to leave, making the rounds, shutting off lights in the now darkened rooms as the sun had already set on this cool November Sunday.

As I stood at the kitchen island waiting out the clock I saw what looked like headlights, and sure enough a car had turned into the driveway. I sighed as I thought about how my day had just been extended, likely for no good purpose other than to let some non-serious customers take a walk through a place they’d never give a second thought. I then saw another set of headlights come into view and as both cars were turned off and a single person emerged from both I quickly realized the situation. A mother and daughter from the similarity of their looks and sizeable frames, likely the mother was helping the daughter look for her first home, a fact I would learn after I met them at the door and they entered in through the mudroom and into the kitchen.

The mother apologized for getting there so close to 4:00. Her daughter had been stuck at work until 3:00 and she really wanted to see this place as it was in her price range and she felt it was a safe street. I assured her that it wasn’t a problem and that they could take all the time they needed to look around since for open houses I tended to let people guide themselves as it’s a more casual setting than when you’re showing your clients a place. I smiled as they turned to start heading up the stairs and could have sworn the mom gave me a bit of a smirk back as she followed her daughter. My eyes couldn’t help but watch as their wide hips swayed back and forth during their walk up to the second floor, and as they made their way to the hallway I was sure I saw the mom once again look back down in my direction and smile. Maybe I was just reading into it since they were both pretty attractive.

The mother had brown hair that fell past her shoulders and fair skin that gave her the natural look of a healthy woman in her 40s. She was wearing basic blue jeans with a wool winter coat which, although it was big and bulky, was not hiding the fact that she clearly had some large breasts and that her midsection likely matched them in size. Her daughter must have worked a second job at a restaurant because she was in tight black pants and a red button up shirt under an open wind breaker type jacket. She too had quite a lot to look at as the buttons were begging to burst on her shirt and the pants accentuated her wide hips and bubble behind. Lost in my mind, I jumped to attention as I heard them coming back down the stairs.

We made some small talk and the daughter mentioned other homes she had been looking at and wanted me to see the paperwork she had previously received and said it was out in her car. As she went outside the mother said she wanted to take a quick look at one of the rooms again and headed back down the hallway. After about a minute or so I heard her call for me, her voice echoing through the empty home as she announced that she had a question about something. I made me way down the hall and turned into the room to find her standing there, coat wide open with her t-shirt and bra pulled up to her neck and her massive breasts hanging out, full but soft and jiggly, the bottoms of which were resting comfortably on her big bulging belly which was bursting out all over her jeans. I instantly became hard and since I was wearing dockers she could easily tell and she grinned and chuckled a little bit.

I quickly snapped to and exclaimed, “Your daughter will be back any second!”

She laughed and said, “Oh please, her car is a mess; it’ll take her at least a few minutes to even find that damn paperwork. Now come over her so I can feel what you’re showing me there.”

I felt my face get red as embarrassment momentarily distracted me from this beautifully sexy woman standing topless in front of me. I slowly walked over and as I got close she pulled me in by my crotch and let out a soft moan as she wrapped her hand around my cock. Still caught off guard, I took a step back but reached out and grabbed her belly roll, squeezing with satisfaction as I too let out a sound.

She moaned again and gazed as she spoke, “Oh you like that, huh? Well I’ll have to let you get a hold of the rest of it. I knew there was a reason I had her meet me here instead of having her pick me up.”

She pulled back and adjusted herself, bringing her shirt and bra back down over her big round boobs and buttoned her coat back up. “Don’t worry, once she leaves I’ll be sure to hang around in the driveway for a minute making like I’m doing something in my car and then I’ll just come back in once she’s gone. I hope you didn’t have any plans after this.”

I almost too enthusiastically proclaimed that I had absolutely nothing to do and that I would be happy to stick around.

After exchanging some pleasantries with her daughter and reviewing her paperwork to advise that all of those homes were still on the market and that one actually had dropped in price, they made their way out and I gave some line about taking a walk around to make sure all the lights were off. It was the longest five minutes of my life. Watching them talk to each other in the driveway, eventually taking to their own vehicles and gathering themselves as they prepared to leave. A part of me was still in shock from what had just happened. Anxiously, I watched the mother as she turned on the internal light in her car. Wow, she really was doing what she said. Sure enough her daughter backed out of the driveway and left while the mother hung around for a minute. Then she turned the car off and proceeded to exit, making her way back to the front door. Again I met her at the door, although with a completely different feeling than I had a short time ago.

As she walked in and past me she confidently quipped, “So you like bellies, huh? What else do you like?” and turned around to give me an inviting look as I stood there with my jaw wide open. “Looks like you’re good at eating, too,” she jokingly observed. “Good, because that’ll definitely have to happen!”

Not knowing how to respond I started apologizing for the lack of furniture or pretty much anything as the house was empty to which she responded, “Oh, I’m not worried about that. The carpet seems soft in that one bedroom upstairs and we can always use the kitchen island. Let’s head upstairs.”

This time her ascension of the stairs was intentionally emphasized by the popping of her hips back and forth, with a quick pause to push her large backside out toward me. I followed her into a room down the hall and she turned around and looked at me.

“Now before you get to play with this belly, I wanna see what you’ve got for me,” she said as she stepped towards me and unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants and pulled my throbbing cock out of my boxers.

Gripping the shaft she knelt down and let her mouth surround it, taking in the whole thing and sliding her wet lips back and off. “Yup, that will do, now put that away and help me get these clothes off.”

I obliged, even as it was difficult to get it back in and zipped up. I didn’t bother with the belt and even still she was already unbuttoning her coat to expose her hard nipples protruding through her gray t-shirt. I reached out and grabbed each breast, pulling them together and up in the process as her bra could not completely contain all that she had in there. After feeling the weight of each heavy mound of soft squishy tissue, I let go and reached down to lift her shirt up over her head.

When her big arms finally fell back down as her shirt flew across the room, there were mounds of fat oozing out all over the top of her jeans. I reached out and grabbed both sides and slid my hands through the rolls until they met at the front, then I dropped one hand and gave a huge grab and tug on her belly.

“You really like that thing, don’t you?” she slyly asked as she reached down and grabbed it herself. “Yeah, it’s gotten pretty big over the years, very jiggly,” as she shook it up and down. As she did that her floppy boobs moved wildly too, with the left one popping up out of her bra, the saggy flesh slapping her side. I felt myself get even harder and winced a little as my pants were suddenly feeling a lot tighter. She clearly noticed and told me to get on the ground on my back and unzip my pants. I obliged and she proceeded to stand over me and unzip her own jeans and release the rest of her enormous belly. When I saw that big flap flop out from inside her jeans my dick throbbed and I couldn’t help but grab at it.

“We’ll get to that honey, but right now I want you to enjoy the show.”

She turned around and pulled her jeans all the way down, her plump ass glowing in my face before she turned back around and lifted her belly up so I could see her exquisite vagina peeking out from underneath the pudge. It was then that I learned that she still had a lot of movement in her for her age as she squatted down and let her belly smack against my face. She smiled as she popped up and stared at me. “Now I’ve got you right where I want you,” she mischievously grinned as she turned back around and crouched down, pushing her ass out and landing her pussy right on my face.

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