“You know, baby,” Victor said thoughtfully as he toyed with his girlfriend’s tits, “we gotta figure out a way to make some money. I know a guy who’s looking for a babe to do videos…”

“How about you getting a job, Victor?” Sarah suggested sharply and pulled away, taking her titties from his grasp.

“Aw, babe, work is for suckers.”

“But I work.”

“Your job in that fucking yardage store don’t count for crap,” Victor said. “We can’t get along on what you make there. Anyway, you could do better without really working. Like I said, there’s this guy…”

Sarah jumped up, boobies bouncing. She stood with hands on hips, wearing just pink panties, and glared down at the husky guy sitting on the sofa in his boxers. “Right after I moved in with you, you quit your job. Then you sold your car. You never did fix up mine that you banged into. Now you want me to be a porn model or something…” Despite herself, a thrill went through her as she uttered the words, and her eyes softened in a strange way. Victor picked up on that.

“Hell, baby, you’ll enjoy it. I know you will. And you’ll make big bucks so we’ll have lots of time to do what we want.” He quickly reached and grabbed her, pulling her down onto his lap. “Like this,” he added, basketing her big breasts and beginning to lick her nipples.

“Ooh, Victor…” Sarah purred as she watched and felt his moist tongue circle and lash at her sensitive flesh-stems. She also felt his cock rise against her bottom.

Her nipples throbbed and were very stiff and long now. They became projections of her need which Victor began to satisfy. His maddening mouth moved from titty to titty, tugging on her rosy nipples and sucking them in. At the same time he sent a hand down to the juncture of her soft smooth thighs and began to rub the front and crotch-strip of her panties. Her thighs yawned to give him greater access. She loved it when he titillated her pussy that way.

The man raised his mouth to hers and kissed her deeply as he drew her silky briefs aside and traced her hair-edged slit with a fingertip. The finger entered her and explored her warm, slippery cave of passion. Sinking deeper, he stuck his finger all the way up her hot hole. His cock throbbed against her ass while he wiggled and stroked his finger inside her, then added another digit to the job.

Sarah tore her mouth from his and said, “Oooh God! Shit! Ooh Victor, I need you to fuck me!”

But he wanted something else first and rolled her onto her back on the couch, pulling his 10-inch boner from his boxers as he loomed above her. Hovering over her face, he offered her his salami and she quickly wrapped her lips around it. She sucked hard, enjoying the taste of his meat as well as its mouth-stuffing presence. He stroked down and up, in and out, fucking her pretty face.

“Aahngh…aahngh…aahngh…” Sarah moaned as she sucked his huge sausage which stretched her lips and filled her mouth with his warm, throbbing lust.

He backed off, moved down, and took her panties away. Grasping her thighs from underneath, he boosted them and spread them wide, immediately taking a dive, face first. Victor never neglected her needs, and that was why she could never be really mad at him.

“Ooh yes, Victor…yesss…yesss…yesss…” she hissed softly as he licked her pussy up and down, in and out, stoking her fire and making her warm and tingly.

He fucked her vagina with his tongue, and she loved that. In and out, in and out his oral love-maker stroked, exciting every nerve-end in the slippery snug mouth of her pussy. He swiped his wet tongue up her slit and found the small partially-hooded projection that was her most sensitive part. Taking her clit into his warm wet mouth, he sucked on it while stroking one, two, then three fingers in her cunt. When Sarah was hot as Phoenix in August, moaning and and starting to thrash about, Victor mounted her and thrust his hard cock all the way up her coochie.

“Ooh SHIT yes!” she yelled as he vigorously fucked her. Wrapping her legs high around the husky man, she exclaimed, “I love that big hard dick of yours! God damn! Ooh FUCK it!”

Victor rocked her world as he stroked his male piston inside her, deeply in and almost out, in and out, damned near tickling her tonsils when he thrust it all the way. She screwed her hot cunt around him, rising and falling with his thrusts. She moaned in delight, “Ooh man, I love it! GIVE it to me, baby! Fuck me all day lonnng!”

The couch creaked beneath their heaving bodies. Victor growled. Sarah panted. He banged her and boned her with everything he had, stuffing her pussy and rubbing every nerve-end including her g-spot. Leaning on one arm and not missing a beat, he pawed at her titties which were tossing and shaking. He pinched her nipples and used them to swing her tits about..

Sarah pounded her pussy against him, taking his pecker as deep as a pecker had ever gone, then suddenly her eyes got wide and she held her breath. She came powerfully, hot thrills rocketing through her. Victor pulled out, moved up, and let her take the product of his passion into and onto her mouth. She swallowed, licked his cock clean, then found some spilled semen with her finger and licked that, swallowing again.

She smiled up at the strong man who had fucked her so perfectly. “Let’s go and see your friend,” she said. “I really might enjoy making those videos after all.” A new Sarah was being born.

Riding to the house of the video producer, with Victor driving the two-year-old Saturn that used to be hers, Sarah thought less about the money that the porn guy would pay her than she thought about the porn itself. She was excited. Since she had met Victor, she had changed a lot. He had brought her out of her shell and made her appreciate her own sexuality..

The porn man, named Pete, was tall and skinny with long black hair and a several days’ growth of stubble. He lived in a nice place that featured a studio decked out with lights and a big bed. Victor had told Sarah that he had a web site where he showed the videos that he shot.

When she walked into his house, Pete stripped her with his eyes and said to Victor, “Hey man, you brought me a nice one. She’s got a fresh look. I like fresh ones.”

“I told you,” Victor replied with a grin and proceeded to introduce them..

Sarah tingled as the porn producer looked her over. She had never given the slightest thought to being in porn or in any other kind of show business, but now the prospect titillated her. This was all because of Victor. He appreciated her so much that he made her feel like Pam Anderson or somebody.

“Take your clothes off, girl,” Pete said simply. “I gotta see the bod.”

So this was the moment of truth! Sarah’s excitement surged, but still she tossed a glance at Victor as if she needed permission.

“Go ahead,” he told her. “Pete’s gotta see what he’s buyin’.”

Sarah’s cheeks gained color and she tensed up. But what did she have to be ashamed of? She knew her body was good. Victor was always telling her so when he screwed her. Looking directly at Pete, she pulled her top up and off. Tossing it aside, she gave her hair a shake.

“Nice titties,” Pete said even though she still had her bra on. He could tell by the exposed cleavage that they were full and nicely formed, and her titty flesh was cream-toned.

“This too?” she asked, fingering a bra strap.

“Everything, baby.” Though matter-of-fact in his manner, Pete’s eyes were bright with anticipation.

Sarah’s excitement increased as she removed her bra. Her breasts settled some, but they continued to shove right out and were well rounded, her nipples stiff. She let her skirt down, and a warm glow spread through her as the strange man gazed at her in just
her panties. She wore plain white ones cut in bikini style. She hesitated, her heart thumping.

“The pants too,” Pete said, then wit
h a touch of irritation, “Girl, you gotta take your pants off to do porn.”

Sarah let her panties down and stepped from them. At Victor’s direction, she had shaved completely. Oh wow, she thought as she stood naked in front of the strange man, this was crazy. She couldn’t believe she was doing it. Victor dropped into a chair, an odd mile on his face.

Pete asked Sarah to turn all the way around and she did, her cheeky buttocks swiveling. “Pretty nice,” he said. “Okay, so we’ll do a scene. I’ll call my guy. He’s in the next room. And put your clothes back on, baby. We always start fully dressed.”

Sarah gulped. “Well, wait a minute. I thought this was only an audition. I didn’t expect to…to…PERFORM today.”

“Shit, whatta you think? This ain’t Warner Brothers. We just fuckin’ do it.”

“B-but…how about the money and all?”

“I discussed that with your manager…er, boyfriend here. We got a deal, ain’t we, Vic?”

Victor gave him an OK sign and winked. Sarah felt like a prostitute with Victor as her pimp. But that just excited her all the more. Pete earlier had given her some papers to sign, and Victor had handed over the medical certificate she had obtained at his direction so she was good to go, she guessed. The only thing was, she didn’t know who she would be performing with. What if she didn’t like him? What if he was some kind of creep?

Pete yelled, “Donny, get the fuck in here,” and a side door, which had been open a crack, swung all the way. A tall black man ambled into the room, wearing just Levis which rode low on his lean hips. Sarah’s excitement quickened again. Pete introduced them and said, “Okay, we’ll start it right at this point. Just improvise your lines, girl. Donny will lead you. It don’t much matter what the fuck you say because the guys who will watch this ain’t interested in talk. But when you get into action, remember to babble a lot. Moan and talk dirty. Okay?”

Sarah’s brain was reeling. My God, she was about to make a video that would be posted on the internet. Could she do it? Her helpless look prompted Pete to say, “Just act natural. Donny is a pro. He’ll lead you through it. Do whatever he tells you…and for Christ sake, enjoy yourself! Vic says you dig all kinds of sex.”

“Are we…” Sarah began and faltered. “I mean…ALL kinds?”

“That’s right, baby. Every input. In fact…” He turned to Donny. “Is Frank in the other room?”

Donny nodded and Pete yelled, “Hey Frank, get your ass out here!” A sandy-haired white guy in jeans and t-shirt appeared. Both fellows were barefoot and in their mid-twenties. “We’re gonna make this a fuckin’ extravaganza,” Pete declared and picked up a video camera.

By that time Sarah had restored her clothes, and she glanced from one man to the other, feeling vulnerable but still excited. She didn’t want to back out. Every input, Pete had said. And there were two guys to do it, with Pete and Victor watching. This was going to be crazy wild! She could use a drink, she thought, but nobody offered her one.

“Donny…Frank…this is a brand new chick so lead her through it carefully,” Pete directed. “If she acts too nervous, cover for her and keep the conversation going. You know what to do. Just get to the action. Enjoy yourselves!”

Pete took a stance and raised the video camera to his face. Wow, Sarah thought, it’s starting! And start it did, the men closing in on her from both sides. Pete was already recording. The guys began to speak, asking her questions. First her name, and she said Sarah. Then she thought, oh shit she shouldn’t have done that; she should have used a phony name. But it was too late now.

Almost immediately the men put their hands on her, feeling her tits. Frank tugged at her top, and she helped him remove it. Standing in her bra now, Donny pulled her into his arms and kissed her. It was the first time she had ever kissed a black man. His hands were under her skirt, feeling her ass through her panties. Oh God, she was getting worked up! She mumbled things and cast a wild glance at her boyfriend who sat in a chair at the side, watching all that was going on. He still had that strange little smile on his face and one hand in his lap.

Sasrah’s bra came off and her skirt dropped. Wearing only her underpants, she stood nervously between the two strange men. She tried to talk, but they kept kissing her, stifling conversation. They were feeling her all over. As she brushed against them, she could feel their cocks hard in their jeans. She was getting moist. Oh wow, this was wild!

Donny knelt in front of her and pulled her panties down. He boosted one of her legs onto his shoulder which spread her open for him, and he leaned her back against a wall. He licked her pussy up and down, up and down. Sarah’s brain reeled as she looked at the camera that was recording everything. Pete kept bobbing this way and that, sometimes coming in close, sometimes backing off. There was a hump in the front of his trousers, Sarah noted. How unprofessional for him to get a hard-on, she thought, but she didn’t mind. Now she glanced at Victor, seated at the side, who had opened his pants and taken out his whopper. He was slowly stroking himself as he watched the action avidly.

One of the actors tossed a pillow onto the floor, and the two joined in urging Sarah onto her knees. They stood side by side in front of her and unzipped their flies. Out came two rigid cocks, the black one skinny and very long, the other shorter and thicker. Sarah was not dismayed. She loved sucking cock, and two at a time would be even better. She all but forgot about the camera and even forgot about her boyfriend who was jacking off while he watched her get it on with two strange men. Then the black cock pressed against her mouth and she let it in. This was a first. Her eyes rolled and she looked up at Donny as she began sucking his long dark dick. She discovered that a black dick tasted pretty much like a white one. Surprise!

Donny dropped his jeans and, since he wore no underwear, his balls hung naked in front of Sarah who took the opportunity to coddle and fondle them. She continued to pump her warm, slick mouth forward and back…forward and back…on his very firm and tasty cock.

“Lick his nuts, girl,” Pete directed, and it took this to remind Sarah that she was putting on a show rather than merely having fun…not that she minded licking nuts at all. She nuzzled Donny’s balls, inhaling a faint aroma of sweat, and then as she held them on her open palm she licked the wobbly, bobbly things all over while his dick stuck straight up, waggling to and fro.

“Hey, girl!” the white man named Frank said as he stood next to Donny. “I need some action from that hot mouth of yours.”

“Sure,” Sarah said, cocking an eye his way before switching from Donny and wrapping her fingers around Frank’s shaft. She commenced licking his love tool all over…down and up…round about…her tongue tasting and tickling his rosy knob thoroughly before she took the bulging thing into her mouth and began to suck.

Sarah had enjoyed sucking cock from her very first year in high school, though shyness had held her back somewhat before she met Victor. But thanks to him, and now thanks to this new job she had just begun, she would have lots of opportunities to give head.

She gave head with gusto to Frank, her lips clasping hard and gliding low on his dong as his knob skidded to the back of her tongue and into her throat. It took a girl who really enjoyed cocks to avoid gagging when that happened, and Sarah never gagged. She turned from one guy to the other, sucking white then sucking black. She manufactured lots of saliva, and it drooled down her chin while she pumped her mouth on the men’s peckers. Frank’s pants were on the floor by that time next to Donny’s, and she could enjoy his white
hairy nuts, then turn slightly and lick Donny’s black sack some more. It was all good.

watching, Victor stroked his salami-sized wanker that stuck up from the fly of his pants. Pete noticed and swung the video camera his way, but was waved off before Victor’s face got into the picture. “What’s the matter, man?” Pete asked, not caring that it would go on the sound track of the very informal video. “With a schlong like that, you ought to be part of the action.”

“Not me, buddy – I don’t want my face out there.” Victor had his reasons.

The men, Frank and Donny, guided naked Sarah up onto the bed and proceeded to visit all parts of her body with their fingers and mouths. They plucked and sucked her nipples. They stroked her thighs and poked between them. They rolled her over and licked her ass. After sniffing and tasting all around, Frank even stuck his tongue between her buttocks and tickled her hot little asshole. She moaned, her lush buttocks vibrating against his cheeks.

When he raised his face from her bottom, Frank began to spank her. He slapped her right rounded buttock and then the left, making both asscheeks dance. She wailed, but the stinging actually stimulated her, making her hot as hell. She needed badly to be fucked.

After tossing her onto her back again, Donny mounted her chest and Frank knelt between her spread thighs which she steepled, drawing her feet toward her while keeping them flat against the bed. Frank swabbed the bulging knob of his poontanger all over her crotch, up and down across her two openings and along her plushy lips. Then he waggled his dick against the tip of her clit.

“Oh God yes…” Sarah mumbled. “Shit! Oooh…fuck!” She rocked and rolled beneath the tickling, teasing touches of the man’s aroused organ.

Suddenly Frank positioned himself at the flared and moist entrance to her pussy and shoved the entire length of his wrist-thick rod into Sarah, making her moan. With the camera in close to catch every stroke, Frank pumped his prick in the cunt of the very excited young woman.

Meanwhile Donny teased her lips with the tip of his ding-dong, rubbing it along them, dipping in between, then pulling back. Though Sarah wanted to surround and capture his tasty whang, Donny didn’t yet give it to her. Instead he tickled her nose with it and slapped it against her cheek. Frank, on his knees, was vigorously fucking her pussy while Donny just looked down and laughed as he teased the cock-loving girl with his dark dingus. Finally he held it steady in front of her mouth and let her lick the knob all over, after which he shoved it in.

Hovering above her head, he fucked downward, stroking his dick in the slippery circle of her lips while she mmm ‘d and awww’d and glugged, saliva oozing out and running down one cheek. Her eyes were wide as she gazed up at Don’s happy black face, and all of this was captured by Pete’s camera. It soon would be posted on the web for the whole world to see. Sarah had come a long way since meeting Victor!

The men changed places, Donny coming around to pleasure Sarah’s pussy while Frank let her lick her love-honey off his passion pole before putting it into her mouth. She took a good suck and he petted her cheek. “You just love cock, don’t you, girl?” he crooned.

“Uuum…uuum,” she said and nodded while he pumped his prick in and out of her mouth.

Soon the men rolled her over again but this time Frank was on his back beneath her while Donny remained at her rear. As she bobbed her head on Frank’s pillar of lust, Donny pinched her butt-cheeks apart and let fly a glob of saliva that struck her brown eye right on. With his middle finger he gently worked the saliva in, opening her forbidden passage. He drooled more saliva and stuck a second finger into her butt, wiggling it around. By now her asshole was relaxed and lubed and ready to accept Donny’s dick, he hoped. As Pete leaned forward, holding his camera very close, the black man inserted his cock into Sarah’s butt-hole and sank it about halfway.

“Ooooow!” she bellowed, rising off of Frank’s cock because it did hurt some.. He grasped her head and directed her down again. She resumed sucking his whang while the other man made himself at home in her rear.

Stroking in and out, in and out, sinking deeper with each thrust, Donny plundered the thrilled young woman’s asshole. Her sphincter was tight around his piston and just lubed enough to let him glide easily. She enjoyed the sensation despite the ass-expanding discomfort that lessened as she relaxed more. Truth was, she loved getting her ass fucked. Lifting her mouth from Frank’s cock, she moaned with pleasure, “Yeah! Fuck it! Ooh God! Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!”

Donny fucked her ass harder, going all the way and slamming her bouncy buttocks. “Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!” Sarah panted as her big bottom bobbed against him, and she thrilled to every thrust.

Frank scootched down beneath her and put his prick into her pussy while Donny held steady in her ass. Sarah gasped because she had never been totally stuffed like that before. As both men began to move in and out at the same time she said, “Ooh, I can’t TAKE it!” But she did.

Don pumped his pecker in her cornhole while Frank plundered her pussy from beneath. In-out, in-out, two dicks took her together, feeling each other pumping through the membranes that separated them, and for Sarah the thrill was brand new and excruciating. Good God, she was going to grab the biggest orgasm she had ever known!

“I’m cumming…I’m cumming!” she shouted, and Pete got that on the tape. Then, “Ooooooh! Yessss! Goddamnit! Shit! Oooh FUCK…!” She came ecstatically.

Both men pulled their dicks out, scrambled to kneel at either side of her face and let fly. Their man-cream splattered onto her nose and mouth and cheeks and even into one eye. When they took turns feeding their cocks to her mouth, Sarah could tell which had been where, and that was another first.

On the way home, Victor driving her Saturn, he asked Sarah how she had liked it.

“Couldn’t you see?” she replied with a little smile. “You were watching close enough.”

“Babe, I think you really dig doing porn. You like the camera on you, huh?”

“I guess.” Sarah paused, then said with emphasis, “Ooh shit yes! Why should I pretend? I was shy because I was afraid to let go. But I’ve always really wanted to be a slut and show off.”

Victor laughed. “Then we’re on our way, baby! You’re gonna be a star and we’ll be rolling in loot. Hey, do something for me. I didn’t cum in Pete’s place, and I’ve got aching nuts. Give me some mouth action, will yuh?”

“You mean right here? In the car while we’re driving?” Sarah thrilled at the thought.

“You got it. Maybe we’ll come up beside an 18-wheeler and you can give the driver an eyeful. You’d like that, I bet.”

Sarah didn’t say a thing but just reached over and unzipped Victor’s fly. She fished his lax lovemaker out of his pants and it immediately stiffened to suckable condition. She bent over his lap, gave the knob of his pecker a few circular swipes with her wet tongue, then setttled down to deliver a blow job right there in the street as they drove along.

“Oooh, baby…!” her boyfriend breathed in pleasure as her warm snug lips pumped on his dong.

No big truck was on the street they were traveling but a transit bus rumbled along ahead of them, and Victor moved up next to it at a red light. Several passengers on the left side could look down into the Saturn, and they had a plain view of Sarah’s head bobbing in her boyfriend’s lap.

“They’re watchin’ us, babe,” Victor said with a ragged edge to his voice. “Ooh shit, I think I’m gonna cum right now!”

Sarah was just as excited, and she sucked extra hard on her boyfriend’s boner, wanting to bring him off quickly. He jerked and spurted. Hot thrills went through her as his cum splattered into her throat. She even had a little
climax, then sat up with a creamy trickle running down her chin. Glancing up at the bus windows, she smiled at the young m
ale passengers who were cheering.

Sarah Shygirl had become Sarah Slut, she and Victor were together, and at that moment she could not have been happier…

(Comments from readers are appreciated, especially ladies. If you want me to keep writing, please let me know.)

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