fucked by the manager, my boyfriend and the P.A

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working with sex toys for 18 months, everyone in the firm trusted me. after some ecstatic persuading, my boyfriend persuaded me i should take some for us to use, so aslong as no one found out i thought it would be okay. the plan was for me to steal them and my boyfriend to bring up my lunch and take them as he left.

my boyfriend promised me it wouldnt be hard so i guessed it would be okay.

i looked at my watch, it was 11:30. my heart started to beat faster and faster as i realised that it was time to steal the sex toys, at the same time i was kind of sexually eroused by the fact that tonght so much pleasure will come. my clit started to swell and warm up as a tingle went through my spine. i took a deap breath and got off my chair and went looking for the security password for the entrance to the supply cupboard. i went up to one of my friends working there who was the managers P.A and asked politly for the password making up an excuse of needing to check all the supplys. she raised her eyebrow at me with dis belief but gave me the password anyway.

i got into the supply cupboard and WOW it was big. i had never been in the cupboard before and it was so much bigger than i had imagined. so many colours! mountains of condoms! vibrators! cockeaters and more than imaginable! i clenched my fist as a wave of pleasure rippled through my tender, slim body. after 5 minutes of being completly stunned i looked around for what i wanted i had got a huge bagful as a shuffle at the door occured i panicked and the 42 year old manager walked in. he told me i had to come to his office immediatly. i hid my head in shame as i walked into his office. him, his P.A and my boyfriend were standing there.

“i believe you were stealing from me, i thought i could trust you you piece of fuck!” my manager said to me in a firm tone of voice. i looked at him with dis belief of his language not saying anything i just looked down

“i thought i could trust you you little bitch i will have you jailed or atleast fired” he spoke again.

“no! please i am sorry i shouldnt have but i am trust worthy and i wont do it again. i will do anything” i said looking up at my boyfriend wondering what he had said!

“baby lock the door” my manager said to his P.A. (the P.A was only 19)

“now you little wet pussy bitch im going to teach you a lesson you will never forget and you WILL do what i say otherwise you’ll be in jail.” my manager said to me has a bulge started to appear on his trousers.

“hun? what is going on?” i asked my boyfriend.

“shut up you little slag you will find out” he replied.

he had set me up. all this because of him, he always said he wanted this sort of thing to happen but i didnt know he would do it like this. i got stripped and the 2 men and the P.A came closer and closer. secretly i was fucking loving it. i was completly naked and got threw onto a desk and tied up so i couldnt move one bit. my boyfriend stripped the P.A and her gorgeous rack was revealed, atleast a C cup then her young pink pussy was revealed and ooo did that make me moan. such a young beautiful body. my boyfriend started teasing her pussy with his tongue right infront of my face at the same time gently tickling and rubbing her slit, during this the manager was playing with himself in the corner. my boyfriend after making trish cum once he shoved his hard big cock right into her with one big shove, in and out, in and out it went hard and fucking Vigorously and both of them moaning. i couldnt take it anymore, i needed someone to touch ME or atleast let me touch myself. i cried out asking to be touched but all they said was not yet and wait your turn. i was so moist and dizzy i just needed a good fucking. after my boyfriend had finished all 3 walked up to me, “its your turn you little slag” they all said. i was pulled to the edge of the desk still tied up as my manager started to play with my ass, i screamed and grit my teeth as it first went in because boy was it painful but then i started to like it. my boyfriend started to nibble, tug and suck on my wet pussy and trish just jumped on top, sucking my tits and tickling all over suddenly my boyfriend stopped what he was doing and came up to my head…

trish went down and with one big shove started pumping a vibrator in and out, meanwhile my boyfriend shoved his cock in my mouth saying go on shove it in…harder…harder, we carried on for a few moments…

His voice was louder and more urgent.. Yessss slut… just like that …yess… harder harder…. Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh. He shot his hot load in my mouth and screamed with ecstasy. I couldn’t hold any longer, letting out the enormous climax rushing through my body.

then my boyfriend and trish went to the side just making out and playing with each other whilst my manager stopped playing with my ass and shoved his 8in hard cock in my dripping pussy, fucking harder and harder, driving it in and out yet again reaching another climate. i screamed and let go, i was so tired, during this my manager shot a load into me. sweat and moisture dripping off his face.

my work was done.

“now you little slut. listen up. you fuck me whenever i want and your secrets safe with me. now take your toys and go” my manager said

i got up and walked away happy and tingling on what had just happened.

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fucked by the manager, my boyfriend and the P.A, 8.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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    not bad. keep up the good work

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