Thought It was Over!

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Just when you think you are safe, you are thrown a wrench in your life. This girl that I had been seeing on several different occasions had decided to head to a local college, and thinking the way I do thought she would probably go to college find someone, or make new friends and that would be that. I know sometimes when I would be fucking my wife I would be thinking about her tits and nice ass, and almost immediately would shoot my load into her wet pussy. Even when my wife has her lips wrapped around my cock sucking it off, I begin to daydream about this girl, making sex bearable. So as several months had past, and as that urge had died a little I felt like I was getting over her pretty quickly. So when I was asked to help watch the teenagers at church, who was going on a trip to the beach, I thought it would OK, and should be pretty safe. So as time came up, I headed towards the church got all the kids together, loaded up the vans, not really realizing who was there,so finally getting to the beach, putting the kids in there rooms. Having a room to myself, I decided to go down to the resturant to get something to eat, and when I walked through the door, my eyes noticed a very friendly face. As I waived to her she headed towards my way, until she had given me a big hung. So as we sat there eating a lite meal, we began to chat, and then she asked me what I thought about what her, and did I think she was sexy. Trying to be honest, answered in saying, yes I thought she was quiet attractive. She told me that she had been a virgin up until then.Nothing more was said, and telling her that I had a busy day tommorrow and I needed to rest, and as we headed towards our rooms, she said she would see me later.As I headed into my room I decided to take a shower, and after getting done headed to the bed, but before I could get to the bed I felt someone start to rub my neck and back and working down to my ass, when I felt a tongue start to lick my ass, then working that tongue all over my balls thinking that could not be happening and as I was turned around this hot18-year old was kneeling in front of me. And as she continued to lick my balls and now a hardon. She tells me to be quiet and lays me down on the bed, and just as she attacks my stiff cock she engulfs my entire shaft working her hands on my balls, then sticking her finger into my ass, hurting at first then feeling good the more she went in and out of my ass, getting me into a frenzy she gets on top of me and slides her wet pussy down the hard cock and begins to ride me like a wild animal. She continues to ride me hard feeling like I was going to explode at any minute, telling her I was going to cum, she humps me even harder feeling her juices begin to flow all over my cock. And finally getting to my breaking point I shoot a full load into her pussy, and I see my cum dripping out of her, we both collapsed on the bed and thankfully the door was locked because both of us fell asleep until the next morning, and that when things really got interesting.

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