Sister Meets Sister

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I related elsewhere (Being Vulnerable) how I met Clare.  We became close over many months and our lovemaking stayed fresh, imaginative and always passionate.  I loved her.  Clare had a brother, Paul, who flat shared with her.  He was a loner, rarely happy, and the cause of some concern to Clare.  She could not understand why he had no friends and seemingly no social life at all.  She asked me to flush it out of him.  She believed him to be gay and stuck firmly in the closet.

We engineered a situation where Paul and I were in the flat on our own.   I made a coffee for us and tried to chit chat and get him to open up.  Nothing doing.  I tried a more direct approach.

“Why don’t you go out ever, or have friends? Clare is worried about you.  We both care.”

This approach lasted some time and eventually I came out with the rather blunt “We both think you’re gay, but that’s ok whatever it is we will understand and support you, but just tell me for God’s sake”.  He started crying and I knew I had pushed him too far.  I put my hand in the small of his back to comfort and then I knew.  He jumped out of his skin.

“Its ok, don’t worry, it’s all fine.”  I hurried to try and reassure him.

“It’s normal, and Clare will be cool about it.”

“No,”  he almost shouted, and spent the next fifteen minutes in denial and trying to almost force me to believe his protestations.  I  kept trying to calm him and bring him back to reason.  I knew, he knew I knew and everything was cool.

“Look,” I kept repeating, hoping the message would get through, “it’s just clothes and it doesn’t matter a hoot whether you wear a vest or a bra or whether you wear cotton Y fronts or silk and lacy knickers, at the end of the day its only your business. We are people and there is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy wearing lingerie and girls clothes just as much as I do.  But the good thing is that its no longer a secret and now you know its nothing to be ashamed of or to hide and now Clare and I can help you and support you.  Starting now.”

It was time to move things on.  I told him to get ready for a make over, to put on his best undies and a nightie or negligee and I would go and put on something equally comfortable and then we could sort him out and bring out the girl in him.  He, I promised, would be she. I went back to the room I shared with Clare and quickly changed;  stockings and suspenders  instead of  tights and my best  Agent Provocateur bra with matching knickers.  I hurriedly pulled on my negligee which left little to the imagination.  Going back to Paul’s room, I found him in a toweling dressing gown which disclosed nothing.  I told him that he was cheating, but what did he think of my undies?  “Gorgeous”.  I went to him and standing close I pulled at the rope tie around his dressing gown and freed him.  He was in a pretty salmon pink silky nightie.  I was intrigued by his boobs, and i judged him to be at least a whole cup size bigger than me.  I asked permission to grope, and offered him a grope in return.  Gingerly I caressed his boobs while he cupped mine.  Paul’s boobs were silicone and very realistic, complete with nipples.  “Well,”  I said, “You had better tell me your fem name and how this all started for you, while I put some make up on you and sort out your hair style”.

For the next hour or so, Felicity – Paul’s chosen name – told me all about herself.  A long story of stolen moments in Clare’s wardrobe and knicker drawer progressing to buying his own things.  A story which I suspected was one common to a lot of men all over the world. Mostly all I heard was blah blah blah as  I concentrated on the eye liner, foundation and lipstick, trying to explain  the finer points as I went along. The hair was impossible and we needed a wig.  I told him Clare had to know and I phoned her.  After she got up off the floor, she said she was so glad that it was all in the open and now she would have a sister.  I told her to come home and to bring a wig – blonde and long, quite straight – and heels.  Felicity and I spent the next period of talking sex and I explained how I met and hooked up with Clare and how she liked to dominate me.  Felicity listened, especially when I told her about the golden rain thing.

Clare returned looking her usual perfect self wearing a simple black dress, tight fitting and showing her ample curves.  She flounced in and didn’t even do a double take but behaved as if Felicity had always been part of her life. She kissed me hello and allowed her hand to brush my boobs through my negligee, almost but not quite cupping my bra.

” Well,” she said ” here are the presents and as I seem to be over dressed compared with you two, I will go and slip into something more suitable for the occasion.”

I finished Felicity’s make over and she did look good.  We admired her in the mirror and while we doing this, Clare returned wearing just a basque, stockings and heels.  No knickers even.  Quite naked between her legs. Her boobs looked fantastic.   She came right over to us and said “”I love that perfume.”

“Felicity is wearing it; it’s Jo Malone,”  I answered.

She bent into Felicity’s neck and and made a show of inhaling the sweet scent.

Moving up she went to kiss Felicity on the lips and while they smudged their lipsticks together, I reached down and started to penetrate Clare with my index finger, drawing it in and out.

“Felicity,” I proclaimed “this is your sister’s perfume” and I put my finger under his nose.

Clare said, “I have to feel those tits of yours” and with that she started groping Felicity.  I pushed my finger into Felicity’s  mouth “and this is what she tastes like.”

Felicity’s knickers were bulging and I pulled the gusset to one side and started to wank her.  This is it, I thought, and I rubbed the erection along Clare’s slit and gently began to push it inside her.

“No, this is wrong,” Paul said

“Felicity wants to and I want to,” replied Clare.  “Its ok, we are all one family now and we will all have sex with each other whenever we want to and Felicity is a permanent fixture in our family.”

Clare impaled herself on Felicity’s’  swollen clit.  I couldn’t believe I was watching sissy brother and big sister – my lover- have intercourse in front of me;  not that it lasted long.  Felicity was a virgin,  and a couple of deep strokes inside Clare’s vagina  put her in a panic.

“I’m going to cum, shall I get out?”

“Oh God I can’t stop!”

“Cum now, and flood me!” Clare ordered.  She did, and I saw her body stiffen as she ejaculated.  Clare kissed her sister deeply, and gently she pulled her softening clit out.  Now Clare got around to her own pleasure.

She smiled at me and told me lose my negligee and bra and to get out our plastic play sheet and lie down on it.  I followed her command, quickly and efficiently, conscious that Felicity was staring at my naked boobs and erect nipples.  I knew what  was going to happen, but this was a little different.  She opened her legs and squatted over my head allowing a first wad of Flis’ white love juice to dribble into my mouth.  I swallowed it hungrily, and  more followed.

“Rub the slut inside her knickers”  Clare addressed Felicity and Flis made to comply and soon I had the wonderful feeling of being masturbated while Clare lowered her cunt onto my head and started to rub herself over my face while I continued to lick when I could. Flis’ rubbing of me was rougher and stronger than Clare’s gentle touch and lacked her finesse, but somehow this added to the feeling of being abused and I loved it.  Clare reached her climax before Flis could bring me off, and once again I had the pleasure of seeing her muscles tense and let go as she moaned loudly (more loudly than usual to impress her new partner?).  I knew what was to happen next.

“Stop playing with her, Flis, she doesn’t deserve it; the bitch needs a lesson and to know  who she belongs to”  Clare announced and her sissy bro pulled his fingers out and his knickers were beginning to bulge again with his hardening erection pushing against the lace of his knickers.

“What we do now is pee over her.”

“I can’t,” and bro looked down at his lace encased hardness

“God, you’re so tense, let’s ease that off for you, just come here a moment and let me help” and she beckoned Flis and standing astride my head to give me a good view she took her hand and pushed it against her naked mound and started her off rubbing her while she turned attention on Flis’s problem,  masturbating her through her pants then at the point she began to tense for ejaculation, pulled Flis’ knickers down and with two more stokes the white stuff ejaculated into the air and landed on my face and boobs.

“Oh well done, now that feels better doesn’t it.”

Flis had her finger deep inside her sister and her other hand on one of Clare’s boobs, now extracted out of the basque cup showing her nipple proud and erect.

“Lets give this bitch slut something to remember,” she said,  gently extracting herself from her brother’s very invasive and  intimate grope.

Clare squatted over my head and said “She’s all messed up now and needs a shower;  Flis you shower her that end” and Flis moved down my body and pulling my legs open,  went down on her knees and aimed her increasingly soft self at  my crotch, and then the pause I was so used to while both Clare and Flis concentrated on their bladder function.  Flis started first, her first hot spurt jetting against my white silky knickers instantly turning them completely see thru and that started Clare whose familiar pee landed in my open and thirsty mouth.  The taste, the smell and the texture of Clare’s pee thrilled me and what I couldn’t drink spilled over my head and hair with little rivers of the yellow pee forging their way to my boobs and down my arms to form puddles and small lakes around my body.  The first splash from Flis and then a pause before she resumed and I reached down and peeled my pee sodden pants to one side and now the steady stream from Flis entered my open cunt and splashing in and around my lips felt warm and wonderful.  The air was perfumed with sex and pee and cum.  I was drowning in pee and cum; the white stuff still on my boobs although Clare’s stream of pee had washed a lot of it from my face.  Now the last few drips and Flis was applying hers to my boobs, when Clare took hold of her directed the drips into my mouth.  I swallowed and immediately noticed the difference in taste to Clare’s,  much more pungent and salty.

I lay down in the bath and Clare and Flis gathered up the plastic mat I had been lying on and so that all the pee pooled at the bottom and they poured it over me.

Clare said that she and Flis would now bath together while I moved my things out of her room into Flis’ and visa versa.  I was only to enter when called and from now on I was to serve them both and do all the cooking, washing and cleaning and I was to wear exactly what I was told to wear.  For the moment I was to keep my ruined pants on and just put my negligee back on while I was moving out of her bedroom.  I obeyed.

After their bath, I had to dry them in turn, so I got to be turned on even more by first groping  Flis by paying attention to her clit and making sure that was quite dry, and then Clare with her curves, boobs and I had to make sure that she was perfectly dry inside.    Then I dressed  Felicity ready for an evening of lounging around.  So, a pretty bra,  no  knickers I was told,  but a matching  lacy suspender belt and black stockings and a black silky  nightie.  Clare would attend to Flis’ make up while I fetched a glass of wine for them.

When I returned with the wine;  a bottle and two glasses, I found Clare sat on Felicity’s knees, with her legs either side, still no knickers on, one boob out of her basque, and concentrating on putting Flis’ foundation and powder on her  and her eye liner and lipstick. For her part Flis was sitting upright, quite still, but I couldn’t help but notice the tenting of her nightie just in front of where Clare was perched.

“I think we need to be more comfortable.”

Clare shifted her position and moving Flis’ nightie over and away from her stiff and badly swollen clit, she carefully lowered herself onto the shaft allowing deep penetration.  Sitting on it fully, she commanded Flis not to move or to try to fuck her but just to leave it there so they could be co-joined.  The make up continued to be applied and Flis fondled Clare’s boob and nipple.

“Come here”  I was called for, and told to give Felicity the chance to touch me.  Now she had my boobs to play with.  No fucking went on, although I notice just once and very briefly the smallest  lifting and lowering of hips, no more than a hint of it. Brother and sister were of one flesh.   When Felicity did cum, she did so not with a big ejaculation and spurting but more a gentle seeping of her love mess.  Clare loved it just the same.

“Oh darling, that’s lovely, you’ve given me your precious love juice again.”

I was to fetch a clean pair of my pants and I chose a pretty pair of pink silk and lace and delicately embroidered.  Clare lifted herself off the spent erection and immediately climbed into the pants and now stared at me and told me

“Listen, you slutty whore, you’ve had this coming now open your legs, it’s the only thing you’re any good at.”

I stood almost to attention, in just my negligee, heels, stockings  and suspenders and the  now nearly dry but very pee stained panties. I had never known her in quite such a mood with me before and I was not going to disobey!!!  Anyway I was desperate to be shagged and to relive my sexual tension.  “Take your knickers off, you dirty cow.”  I slipped them down.  She immediately and quite violently rammed three fingers into my gaping and very wet  cunt.  I gasped.  “That’s nothing,”  I was promised.

All this time Felicity was watching and learning.  Finding out how to treat me.  Finding out how a slave should be dealt with.  Clare now removed her pants and passed them to me.  All this time, Felicity’s cum and her love juice had been leaking out of her hole and into the pants.  They were wet at the gusset with their love making.  The smell was of pure sex.  Heavy with Clare’s musky scent.  Flis’ cum.

“Put them on.”

I did so and they felt warm and very damp.  Clare ran her finger along my slit pushing the silky material into me and all their love mess mingled mixed with my own wet excitement.  She rubbed and pushed harder and harder.  Then,

“Felicity, sweetheart, pass me the wine bottle.”

The pants were tugged out of me, and the gusset pulled to one side as Clare inserted the neck of the bottle into me further and further and began a slow fucking of me.  I was in heaven.

Then,  “Felicity, darling, open the draw by the bed and you’ll find a dildo, bring it here.”

First Clare began to open my bottom hole with her fingers and keeping the wine bottle firmly in place inside my fanny, she slowly pushed the dildo into my bottom and instructed Felicity to start fucking me with it.

I didn’t think my cum would end

But  my time with Clare was up;  she would get regular attention from her sissy brother and they would be lovers and I didn’t want to be second fiddle.  Paul, I guessed, would be Felicity full time and maybe Clare would help him with hormones to grow boobs but no way would Clare allow her cock to be taken off;  Clare liked cock as much as she liked cunt.

I moved out, but now confident in my sexuality I was in search of a man who would help me express my perversions.


















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