Special Delivery Fantasy Part Two

While my face is still between your thighs, I thank you for allowing me to pleasure you so intensely, and it is very clear that I am also so incredibly turned on this point from both of our bodies moving with the sensual motion of your pleasure and the quaking of your orgasm waves.  All I want to do now is make love to you, but I am a gentleman, and I know that you might not be ready to give of yourself so completely to me, so I pull back away from you some more and say to you that I must leave.

You look deeply into my eyes and say, “No.  Don’t go.”

I am so surprised to hear the words, but also so relieved at the same time.  I then ask you ever hopefully, “Are you sure?”

And you respond in the most sensual and playful voice imaginable, “I want you inside of me.  Now.”

I am so hard from just the very thought of entering you for the first time that I don’t even get undressed all the way.  My shirt is still on, but I take my pants down, and then reach over to you on the bed, where you haven’t moved even an inch since nearly collapsing after the intense orgasms that you just had.   I place my hands around your hips and gently slide you to the side of the bed where your legs now curve over the edge of the bed, and I take your hands into mine and slowly pull you up to a position in which you are sitting on the edge of the bed with your feet touching the floor.  I take my hands and run them up gently, but deliberately from your hips, up your sides and place them on your cheeks, as if gently holding your head in my hands, and guide your head towards mine as I lean in and passionately place my lips upon yours.

I’ve been dying to kiss you since I first laid eyes upon you at the beginning of our erotic journey, and now I let loose a full forceful, yet loving kiss that lasts a few seconds, but just enough to make the chemistry between us seem like our very blood is on fire.  Neither of us has kissed another like that for what seems like ages, and it has now awoken something deep and dark, yet playful and so unbelievably erotic between us.  I can’t get enough of you and your scent, the scent of your lust and passionate sex.  It’s almost an aura of power that comes from you after you just came so hard that you are almost too weak in the knees to stand up and walk without feeling dizzy.  You are absolutely intoxicating.

All of these thoughts are swirling in my mind as I plant two smaller kisses on your lips and tilt your head back so I can kiss your neck, as I guide you back down onto your back.  You are worked up again from the anticipation, and all you can think about is me entering you.  My every kiss and touch are like static electricity, so thick in the air that you can almost feel the physical sensation of it all.  I then place my hands around your thighs and gently spread your legs apart, moving my hips toward the edge of the bed where you eagerly await me.

 I place my hand on my fully erect cock and gently guide it to you where you are quivering, having never been so turned on before.  You are so wet that I enter you easily, as if our bodies were perfectly fitted to each other, only enhancing that first moment of pleasure when I penetrate you, putting us both into a trance of sexual energy that neither of us want to end.  I start slowly at first, moving in and out of you with deliberate rhythm, both of us lost in the moments that pass, thinking of nothing other than the absolute act of giving ourselves to each other and letting all inhibitions drop.  Neither of us has a care in the world other than the extreme focus of our lovemaking.
I can feel that you are starting to ride that familiar wave of pleasure where if the rhythm continues at his pace you might achieve orgasm again.  That is when I intensify my strokes, as if teasing you to go to yet a higher level of arousal.  I increase the speed a little as well.  You are so unbelievably turned on at this point that when I move my hands from your hips up to your breasts, you feel like you might just explode right there and then.  Never breaking the stride of our sex, I playfully touch both of your nipples at the same time, as you moan with pleasure.  Has any man ever made you this aroused before?  Even if he had, was it ever this intense?  These are just fleeting thoughts as I slide my hands down from your breasts and hard nipples, past your thighs to just below your knees and guide your legs up above my waist, never stopping my mechanical motion of pleasuring you, continuously sliding in and out of you.
The waves of heat and pleasure cause you to apply pressure on my waist with your legs as you longingly wrap them around me like an anaconda from a Brazilian rain forest, drawing me into you even further, as if the very thought of me pulling out of you at this very moment would be unbearable.  Our bodies are rocking back and forth in rhythm and motion, and I’m driving deeper and deeper into you.  Our motions are bringing us nearly to the edge of pleasure, as if it were a cliff that we were both to jump off of.  You are breathing more heavily now and moaning with intensity, longing for both of us to release.
You are starting to crest that wave again, and your body starts to shake as you feel yourself letting go.  You start to dig your fingernails into my back, and then move your hands to my hips and pull me toward you even closer still in a tightened frenzy, since you can feel that I am also about to come.  I am so focused on you and your orgasm that I know that I am also about to explode.  As your orgasm hits, you moan and quake like you were just washed over with a tidal wave.  You are hit with wave after intense wave of nirvana.  Right before the feeling fades from your body and our closeness, I pound in and out of you, and almost instinctively you know that I am ready to come too.  Right now.  I give one final exhausting push into your pelvis, driving as deep as I can physically go, until I finally let go and explode, pulsating into you.
Wave after wave of my own pleasure drowning out everything else in the world other than that of your own and my own ultimate satisfaction.  I don’t pull out yet, though.  I am still inside of you, and I lay down on top of you, being ever so careful as to not slip out too soon and end the moment of our intense and steamy sex.  I place my arms around you and hold you close to my body, with your body clinging to me as if you never ever want me to let you go.  Eventually I slide back out of you, and we both lie back exhausted, completely spent but both so electrically charged that even the merest touch of my fingertips on you sends shock waves deep down into your nervous system.
All I can think of is how great we just were together, and now all I can think of is making love to you again.  Over and over.  I sit up from the bed and finally take off my remaining clothes and shirt.  I take your hand and guide you up off of the bed to standing, where I take a good long look at you, taking in the full effect of your beauty, drinking in the heat between us as we are both covered in the sweat of our intense lovemaking.  I lean in and passionately kiss you again, starting to stir up the feelings again.  Now your mind is wandering, thinking about all of the ways you would love to fuck me.  The different positions we could try, the different ways that you would want me to touch you and please you.  The different ways that I would want you to touch me and please me.
Still holding your hand, I guide us both to the bathroom shower where we turn the water on and wait a few seconds for the bathroom to get steamy from the hot water, and every few seconds or so our eyes meet and we both smile a very playful, yet knowing smile that we are far from done yet.  Whatever becomes of the rest of our day together, we’ll go forward knowing that we had this amazing time together, and even though it will remain etched into our memories like fire, there’s more to come.  Much more…  And so we step hand in hand into the shower, and the next chapter begins…  :)
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