The Missionary

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The naked warden of the sex-slave camp steadily rammed his rigid cock into the mouth of the kneeling woman, whom he was controlling with both handfuls of her blonde locks, as he sat in his soft chair. The other black men in the room degraded her. “Suck that big black dick!” Brenda could feel the tip touch the back of her throat, as she tried to relax. Her mouth was being raped as the strong man handled her like a ragdoll. She had to be ready to swallow fast. Once he pumped his seed into her mouth, she swallowed every drop.

When he had settled, the round-faced man scowled down at the bound woman who was now kneeling submissively in front of him. Then without warning he kicked her between her legs, causing a painful wail from her lips and leaving her in a fetal position on the floor. Then he addressed his underlings. “I’m through with this cunt for now, but you guys do what you want with her. Just don’t kill her, she’s here for our entertainment,” he said with a guffaw.

This was how the captured spy spent her days since she was sentenced to this sex-camp, to be used like a common whore. That was how the judge said it on the day of her sentencing. Before that, Brenda was employed by a secret government agency to find out about any uranium deposits that this middle African country was selling to any rogue country. She was given a false front by the agency, allowing her to be sent to the independent nation as a missionary.

But one day while she was delivering a sermon to a group of devotees, two police officers took her to the station, where she was interrogated by the police chief. Accused of being a spy, she denied it vociferously. The sincere looking uniformed man persisted to the point where Brenda bolted toward the door of the police station, only to be blocked by two burly officers. She tried to kick one in the groin, but he quickly sidestepped the blow. They wrenched her arms behind her back, forced her face down over the chief’s desk and cuffed her wrists. The chief then grabbed a handful of her hair as he looked menacingly into her face. “Tell us now, you spy-bitch!” “Fuck you!” was her reply “No bitch, it’s going to be you who will be getting the fucking!” “I’m not a fucking spy!” “Suck talk from a missionary! We have ways to make you confess, so save yourself a lot of grief…Don’t be a stupid cunt!” She resisted. She was unceremoniously hauled off to a deep dark dungeon where she was stripped naked and chained up. The police chief himself conducted the further interrogation. Trying to break her resistance, the chief and his deputies, ran their hands over her entire body, pinching the nipples and pussy lips, finger-fucking her holes and smacking her face. The 5foot eight inch one-hundred twenty-five pound woman held out. She was then whipped front and back with a long black flogger. A riding crop was used on her breasts and pussy. None of it could make her talk. Then they laid her on a long table, spread-eagling her. A special dildo that was attached to a fucking machine was pointed directly toward the entrance to her vulnerable juncture. With a push of a button the hard ten-inch cock rammed itself deep inside her wide-open cunt. That’s when the chief turned on the electricity, which ignited the tip of the dildo. The scream that followed could’ve awakened the dead. It wasn’t necessary to repeat the brutal treatment. Brenda was all too willing to confess. From there she was led in chains before a sitting judge, who coldly sentenced her to the sex-camp. She could be there for a very long time, he admonished.

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