A day with my friend

Im new at this, so bear with me.

I had had a crush on my friend since we were in middle school. Now just so you know what she looks like. We were both 20 and she had the sexiest body I had ever seen. She had gorgeous C titts, and an ass that begged to be squeezed. Plus she had the best curves.
Well it was one day after school on Valentine’s Day. We had both decided that we were gonna walk to her house. She expected to get the biggest, nicest present from her boyfriend of about 5 months. While we were walkin we noticed that her boyfriend had sped up his pace. I looked at my friend and she looked pissed. So we kept walking and he turned down the road to his house, leaving her without saying bye.
So me and my friend continued to walk to her house. When we got there she started undressing and took off her shirt and panties. Damn this girl is sexy, I thought to myself. She looked in the mirror and asked me if I thought she looked fat. I told her no, I said point to the fat. She pointed to her side. I walked up behind her and grabbed her by the waist. She looked at me in the mirror. I looked at her.
She turned around quickly with our faces only inches apart. I moved in closer to her and I felt our lips touch. I was surprised at the fact that she didnt move away. She grabbed my face for a deeper kiss. I felt her tongue dart into my mouth. I grabbed her ass and pulled her forward.
She broke the kiss by walking away. I thought that we were done, so I sat down on the bed. She walked over and shut and locked the door. She came back over to me and sat on my lap. We started kissing again she started to move on top of me. I started to take off her bra and work my way down to her nipples. I started to suck and kiss her nipples, licking it so much that she started to moan.
I suddenly looked up and out the window. I noticed that my mom had come to take me to see my sister. I looked at her, kissed her one more time and smiled. I knew that we werent finished.

This is my first story so please leave comments tellin me how I did.

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  1. rads

    its good….. but u should be more elaborate and horny while xpressing….. that makes reading more fun………. all the best for your next encounter……

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