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Story Title:Cheat(Gay)
Author:bhanthasri moorthy

This is my story,i have been cheated by guy bhashir.
Iam 18 yr old guy,i hobbies is lokking for girls in net for sex.
Iam one of the desifantasy fan,actually i dont read gay stories but now iam very eager to read it.My story is..
one day,i searched for a girl i the net by chatting.i meet this guy how in cheating as girl called usha.We got into conversation slowly its leads to sex,then i asked her “usha,can we have sex?”,he didnt relied quickly as if a girl,slowly said “yes”,Then we fix the date ,time and place.Its appartment,as it is very long from my place i was curious to have sex.When i reached his place,i knocked the door,the door is opened and he came in front of me,i aksed for usha,he said she is her sister and asked me to wait in separate room and she will be here in a half an hour.He told me that her sister told about me as her sisters brother.After few minutes he said he is going to leave the place then he leaved.My curiosity increases,i searched for her photo in the wall,i saw one and i dreamed.Suddenly the door opens,he was standing in front of me,when two more guys followed him.i didnt understand what is going on here.They came near to me and two of then sat beside me and one behind.Two beside me ,put their hand in my lap and they slowly moved their hand.One behind is moving his hand over my face,finally get hold of my lips,i Dont know what to do and i am getting erect.slowly i loss my control,they make me in standing position and start removing my dress.One guy kissed me on my lips,another get my dick in his hand and slowly massaging it,other one is holding his dick.They made me nude and them too.The guy holding my dick starts to mastrubate,i fell down in pleasure that guy having his dick ready point his in my assshole,i dont know what to do and control.
He put his dick in my hole mouth,its very tight.When he starts entering it i were in severe pain,i tryed to moan loudly another guy gave me a french kiss.Its very paining and pleasure too,i started to cry.Fucking guy said “keep quiet,i havebt entered half”,he jerked forcely many times and he starts fucking me after he entered completely.
Another one put my dick in his mouth and starts blow iam in a pleasure world.i really enjoyed this fuckin.They all fucked me one by one,i got my ass hole tored and i can blood in the floor.They forced me to give them a Blow job.they also allowed me to fuck them but i cant do it,bcos iam in severe pain.I became an addict to this sex,as sexual desire increases to fuck a iam not only fucked by them but many of their friends.
If any one can rehabilate me form this sex,please mail me.Iam waiting for replys.Not only Girls but also Guys too.

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