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(My) collection of spanking short stories and observations of the spanking/BDSM lifestyle has been both a pleasurable experience – and one of great sadness.

I am a disciplinarian, first and foremost. I spank women for a living, and do quite well for myself. I have flown all over the country to administer spankings and to counsel on spanking and its preconceived notions with those who are not as comfortable in their own skins as I am about the subject.

As a true “Old Guard” master, a staunch traditionalist when it comes to my practice, I decided very early on in my training that I wanted to specialize in just one aspect of the lifestyle/scene. That specialization was, of course, spanking.

I have chronicled in two very powerful and fetish-laced screenplays, the hows and whys of my knowing by age eight that spanking would be such a strong and vibrant force in my life.

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