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Dear Readers

You must have enjoyed Part I of above story. Believe it or not this is a true story. I know its hard to believe but it’s a true story.

Like I described lusty events in Part I, I wish to continue to entertain my dear readers who has knack for Sex and also great appetite. Let me tell you I am not a good writer but my experiences with Rani the hot housemaid made me writer. How far good I am its for you dear readers to judge.

Last time I had short stint of sex with housemaid rani but now comes the story of sex with her for 15 days. It happened like this in our distant relatives from in-law side we were invited to attend marriage in Ahmedabad. We all were invited in fact, but partly due to my work commitments and partly due to hidden desire to enjoy with rani for 15 days led me to refuse the invitation but I told my wife to attend marriage. Though she was reluctant at the beginning but after clever persuation she was ready to go. I also suggested her to take rani with her for looking after kids but she somehow refused saying that I will have problem in eating hotel food and will spoil my health. My heart knew no bounds of joy but had to hide cleverly so as she doesnot get suspicious of me. Reluctantly, (apparently) I agreed for rani to stay back to look after my food needs. Well my innocent wife never knew her husband’s other needs including biological one.

Rani when knew was also happy as she had crush on me. She once passing by me whispered that we have to enjoy to the full in coming 15days. I just nodded and told her to hide her joy as my wife may suspect her.

Here came the day when wife and kids were to depart for Ahmedabad. I looked quite unhappy so my wife consoled me that darling I shall be back in 15 days and rani is there to look after you so donot be sad. Within me there was oceans of joy but had to show my disappointment to her. So I went to see them off at station with rani also with us. After their train left me and rani headed for home. I asked her what she will cook now as we are already late as it was 10:30 in night. She said whatever you want but instead I told her that today I will take her to a good restaurant for dinner. And I took her to a restaurant with family rooms for dinner. We selected a corner room at the end so we remain undisturbed as I wanted to charge her for the night. So we ordered dinner for her non-veg as she was Malayali girl and occasionally ate non- veg. And after eating non-veg she will have good stamina to get fucked throught the night as next day was Sunday and holiday so I wanted to make full use of night the whole night till next morning.

After dinner was served, I instructed waiter not to disturb us till I rang bell for him to which he agreed and I just slipped a hundred rupee note for him to take care of bypassers.
He grinned at me in pleasure and understood the situation. Rani was sitting opposite me wearing satin saree light pink and matching blouse with black bra inside. She let her palloo fall of little to allow me to peep in her cleavage so smart she was. She knew how to seduce me. Slowly under the table I rubbed my toe on her legs from bottom and slowly lifting her saree till her thighs. She looked at me and said not now at home. I told her to sit next to me. She obeyed me and came next to me. I just caressed her thighs by slowly taking her saree up and in dim light her thighs were looking stunningly beautiful so I caressed gently and she kept her hand on my pants to caress my dick.

This turned me on immediately and I caressed her boobs over the blouse and pinched her nipples gently. Now she was turned on, so I held her head after opening my zippers and took her mouth on my dick while caressing, pressing her boobs and pinching her nipples occasionally. She obliged with a fantastic blow job and I cam in her mouth she drank all juices happily. Now I opened the hooks of her blouse as I needed to suck her boobs badly. She was hesitant but I assured he r that nobody will come as I had bribed the waiter. So she agreed and now I was sucking her boobs and nipples. This was a great rehersal before final night show. She whispered that I am sucking her fine. This turned me on and after giving a final bite on her boobs and nipples I allowed her to adjust her clothes and also closed my zippers we kissed passionately and thereafter enjoyed our dinner. Occassionally kissing in between.

Around 11:30 we finished dinner and were almost last to leave the hotel. We took a taxi in which I had little foreplay with her with all her co-operation. Finally we reached home and I went to bathroom to relax. Purposely I kept bathroom door open a bit. After few minutes I saw her peeping inside bathroom to view my large cock which she loved too much. By keeping shower on I went silently to door of bathroom and suddenly opened she was there with lustiest smile on her face and I invited her to have a bath with me.

Now she was inside bathroom and I sat on floor and told her to sit on my lap. As clever she was she sat gave a slight touch of her ass cheeks on my hard on dick. This sent waves of lust in my body and I grabbed her from behind by holding both her boobs and started to press them madly. She was enjoying this and spreading her legs and in doing so she was playing with her own pussy lips encircling them with her fingers. I took her fingers and licked to taste her juices. And then turned her over to me to French kiss her which lasted for 10 good minutes. We were kissing like die hard lovers.

Then I asked he r to stand with her legs apart. Then I kissed her on her milky thighs and chewed meat of thigh to her pleasure. Now I moved on to her inner thigh and to her red hot cherry and kissed the cherry. She uttered yes darling suck me I love it. This gave me extra boost to suck her pussy. First I kissed pussy lips and then pushed my tongue inside her pussy and tongue fucked her for half an hour during which she came twice in a big way. I was enjoying her juices and let me tell you it was the best I tasted in my life.

Guys just imagine sucking atleast 10 to 12 years younger hottie is a divine pleasure in itself. After sucking her out she headed for my dick and gave me another blowjob and I came twice in her mouth and she thankfully drank all my love juices. Now we were exhausted and we cleaned each others body with towel and came on bed. She was lying naked breathing heavily and me also exhausted but after a while our breath was normal so I suggested her to prepare 2 glasses of milk with almond powder, saffron and cardamom and bring them to bed so we can drink and get on to the job. She agreed and got up from bed and was putting on clothes for which I told her no need as at this hour of night nobody will come so better be naked. She went to kitchen swaying her hips in most sexiest fashion and I was looking at her beautiful hips in lustious fashion. For the first time I realized I had so much of lust within me.

After 10 mins she came back and sat on bed next to me giving me my glass but I had other ideas I told her to drink from my glass and I drank from her glass so I can have nice view of her boobs while drinking milk. Saffron in milk had very good effect on us and our bodies became hot again. After finishing the glass both of us kept some milk in our mouth and while French kissing again poured milk in each others mouth and this gave us a erotic boost in our bodies.

Really, I was in heaven with beautiful apsara treating me like a king. Now I started kissing her boobs and belly button and she was moving up and down in frenzy. I sucked licked her boobs and she was moaning in pleasure and started talking dirty with me. This gave me turn on and I also started talking dirty to her. She said once leave your wife who is old now and marry me. I said honey, you are my wife from today though not official and took promise from her that she will never leave the job and will be my cup of tea always. She now was clasping me very close to her as a real wife does. I was indeed in pleasure zone.

Now I sucked her cherry once again. I finger fucked her and tongue fucked her. As my dick was remaining unattended we decided to go in 69 position. Now I was eating her cherry more comfortably and she was giving me very slow blowjob with utmost care to suck my bowls inbetween. She was expert in rhythm of blowjob. She was sucking me hard and as she felt I was ready to cum she eased out to increase tenision of sex. Such a wonderful masterly job she was doing that I was moaning in pleasure and she too was moaning in pleasure as I was eating her cherry. I was preying god that this should never stop. She must be doing the same as she enjoyed a lot.

After eating and sucking each other in 69 she decided to have my dick deep inside her pussy which was aching. I told her to ride me for a change. She agreed and sucked my dick again to make it more hard and now dick was pointing to ceiling upright. So she mounted herself on top of me and slowly slid my entire 10 inch cock in her pussy. She sat for a while still just to adjust my huge cock inside her tiny pussy. And as soon as it got adjusted she started going up and down on my dick and moaning in pleasure and her beautiful pair of boobs bouncing beautifully. I could not resist so held her both boobs with one hand holding from titty rings and started to give pressure slowly. Her thirsts became fast slowly and faster as my pressure on her boobs increased. She was bouncing up and down on my rod like frenzy and in good rhythm. I realease her boobs from my grip and moved my fingers to her inner thighs and started caressing so she increased her speed with a big moan and thereafter she was moaning continuously in pleasure and I was viewing her bouncing boobs making my rod inside her pussy more hard. Our fuck went for an hour during which I had three orgasms and she had five times each one huge then previous one. After one hour we both were sweating hard and she lay on top of me kissing me and then remained on top of me leading her boobs to my mouth and I suck them with pleasure.

After a while she slipped over to my side her head on my arms and her legs on my thighs entangled beautifully to feel warmth and her silky thighs on my hairy thighs. She kept her hand on my hairy chest and was fast asleep. I also slept for sometime with lights on and both of us lying naked. After a while I got up and made her awake by gentle kisses on her lips she was half awake looking at me questioningly. I whispered lets try doggie style to which she agreed instantly. And we were ready for another go at about 4 am early morning. I rode her from her rear and inserted my dick in her vagina from behind and then holding her ass I was moving her away and into me with small thrusts and then with final plunge I started moving her faster. She was making moaning sounds larger than before. I was enjoying and slowly from ass I shifted my grip to her boobs now I was fucking her in doggy style and torturing her boobs and nipples respectively with both hands. She came twice in our one hour doggy style fuck and I was enjoying. My dick was sooooo hard that she was enjoying the fuck. She said she is having the best fuck of her life. And I too. After another 15mins over one hour I felt my bowls tightening and I told her I am cumming to which she said yes my love cum right inside my pussy. I raised speed of torturing her boobs and my piston too. She enjoyed and with final grunt I shot huge cumload with waves in her pussy and she was upright when I cummed and this gave me better grip on her boobs. Her boobs were hot red with all torture I did on them and nipples grew very hard so gave me chance to torture them till they were soft. As soon as I came with final grunt she closed her eyes and was enjoying heavenly pleasures.

So this is how we enjoyed whole night of fucking and slept again at 5 am this time after dressing up perfectly so when we get up late in morning we are well organized. She went to her room to sleep at 5 am and I was in my distant dreams with snapshots of fucking session of night.

Guys, I hope I have described in detail for you to enjoy. Still more to come as 15 days of pleasure trip in land of lust and love so please wait. To be continued………………

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  1. Anonymous

    I read your story, part one and now tooo:), i cant tall you how wet i was by just reading your story, i hav recently started uising internet and i am really enjoying it, i have kept a copy of your story in my word pad and whenever i feel kinky and horny i just read it and masturbate….mmmmmmmmm and i cant tell you how goood i fell, i wish i cud make u lick and suck me..blv me i wud love to chat and do cyber with you…..IF INTERESTED, ADD ME,my mail add is….C’ya my hot dick;)!

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  2. Anonymous

    i just cant tell, how expressive and realistic were u… was just really grttt……!!!!

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