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By russell-ville-man

Las Vegas. Nevada.


Chapter 1.

“I’m not spending an evening listening to you & another Laker fan carry on. I do that back home. C’mon, Cubby, take me downtown instead and I’ll buy you a deep fried Twinkie.”

“Bend over. I’ll give ya a deep fried fuckin’ Twinkie.” Katie-girl rolled her eyes.

“Ugh, I’ve heard all this Lakers nonsense till I’m blue in the face, Culburn.”

“Seriously though, Katie, I got to meet this guy. I promised him.”

Katie sighed deeply, but, gave in. “Where’s he staying?” She was resigned.

“Just ahead. He’s up at the Mirage. Some nightclub in there called the Sports Bar. We’ll go quick.”

I took a left and pulled into the parking garage.

“There’s an empty spot, Cubby. Hurry. Don’t miss it.”

I jockeyed in.

“What’s this guy’s name?” She’d flipped her visor down and was checking her appearance in the mirror.


“Kool? What kind of name is that?” She queried me as we both watched her reflection.

“It’s short for Kool Aid Man. It’s his moniker on the site. I’m almost sure he’s black.”

Her eyes found mine in the illuminated mirror.

“Culburn, don’t even think about it. The answer is ‘no.’

“What are you talking about, girl?”

“No, Culburn, no.” Katie-girl opened her door & got out.

Chapter 2.

She walked a few steps in front as we made our way thru the maze of parked cars.

What the Hell is she talki……then it dawned on me. I’d forgotten. There’d been a time many years earlier when we’d bandied about fantasies of her with a black guy, me watching. It was a favorite fantasy of mine at the time and I wore it out, per the usual. It got lost in the shuffle though 10 or so years ago. Obviously Katie had not forgotten.

“Over this way, Katie. It’s above the sports book.”

“30 minutes, Cubby. Then you take me to dinner. Promise?”

“I thought you said we could go downtown for my Twinkie?”

“You didn’t take that bribe. It’s no longer viable.” She winked at me as we rode the elevator.

“You could tie me up & eat another banana.”

“I tied you up last night. Remember?”

“How could I forget. You turned my ass into two Jap flags.”

“tee, hee.”

“Bend over. I’ll give ya a fuckin’ ‘tee, hee.’ That hurt, girl.”

“You loved it-&-you know it.”

“tee, hee.”

“How will you know this Kool guy?”

“He said to call him on his cell when we get to the place and he’d find us at the entrance.”

It took us a good 10 minutes to locate the bar, but, we finally arrived. I rang him up.

“Kool Aid Man, what up, negroe?” I put my best honky lip forward. Katie rolled her eyes again in exasperation.

“We’re here. Yes. She’s flat-eared though. Ok, guy, see you in a minute.”

“Don’t tell him that. You’ll embarrass me.” Katie admonished.

“I was just kidding. He’s on his way. He’s down in the sports book.”

Kool walked in. He was a cross twixt the kid “Ricky” in “Boyz in the Hood.” The one who got murdered in the street, & any NFL linebacker you’d care to name. He had to be at least 6’4″ & chiseled out of black granite. Kool was shaved bald. I’d predicted his grin accurately. It was real.

“Cully! You made it.”

“Finally. Kool. I never thought the day would come.” We shook hands (white man style).

“Kool, this is my wife, Katie-girl. Katie, this is one of the fellows on the site.”

“You were right, Cully, she is gorgeous.” They shook hands—Katie blushed.

“You guys & that site.” Katie was at once quiet. She edged toward me and held my hand tightly She did that when she became out of sync.

“Let’s get a table. Can you two stay awhile?”

I glanced at Katie. “Sure. I’d like a drink.” Her voice a bit lyrical.

The place was busy, but, not frenetic. I ordered 7&7. Katie, a slow screw. Kool got something on tap. “I have a long night ahead of me, Cully. Got to pace myself.”

We talked about the Board, the Lakers, the Spurs, and Vegas.

Katie quiet, but, alert. Her hand warm in mine. Another round came, then another.

“Folks, I have to make a quick call. I’ll be right back.” Kool excused himself.

She waited for him to clear. “This is a good time for me to use the ladies room. No more rounds, Cubby. I’ll be right back.” She walked away.

10 seconds later. “I’ve changed my mind. Set it while I’m gone.” Softly–behind my right ear–her hands–still so warm–resting lightly on my shoulders. “Yes.” Now hissed breathlessly into my left ear.

Kool returned a couple minutes later. “Where’s the wife, Cully?”

“I need a favor, Kool.”

Chapter 3.

We rode up in silence. Katie holding tight to my hand, a long held tradition of scratching my palm with her nails as a signal of imminent intimacy initiated twixt floors 16 & 19.

Kool’s room was like ice, & it was dark. He’d maxed out the A/C. Kool worked the remote & old school hip-hop commenced to lowly pound.

“You two, come see the view.” Kool drew open the curtains.

It was fantastic. The volcano, active, in perfect range.

“Jesus, Kool.”

“I know.”

“Gentlemen, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to use the facilities.” Katie nuzzled my neck & whispered “watch” before walking away & into the bathroom.

“Cully, you sure this is ok, man?”

“It’s her decision. The idea is many years old. The girl doesn’t do anything unless she wants to.”

“You’re ok with it then?” He persisted.

“Kool. I’m fine.” I didn’t mean to, but, it came out terse.

We both looked back out onto The Strip.

“We gonna do this thing, or, not, Kool?”

“You tell me, Cully.”

“As long as those humps back home don’t ring, I’m right as the mail.”

“It’s a 3 pe…”

“Is it all right that I borrowed your shirt, Kevin?” Kool turned. I watched it in the window’s reflection. Katie had emerged from the bathroom in a long sleeve white dress shirt, a half dozen sizes too big. It came down to just above her knees. She’d rolled up the sleeves just past her wrists. Katie-girl was barefoot. She stopped by the first of two double beds that occupied Kool’s room.

“How’d you know my name, girl?”

“The room service receipt on the counter in there.” Her hair, now brushed out had fallen onto her shoulders.

“Come here, Katie.” Kool’s voice was soft, though urgent.

“No. You come here, Kevin.” She sat down at the foot of the bed.

Kool glanced back at me, then slowly walked to Katie & stood between her knees. She looked up at him. “I like your name, Kevin.” She began to unbuckle Kool’s belt.

“You can’t see looking out the window, Cubby. Come. Come over here so you can see. So you can watch. Cubby likes to watch.” She never turned her face.

I walked to the side of the second bed. She began to take down Kool’s zipper.

“Come closer, Cubby. So you can see.” She never turned her face.

“This is close enough.” My voice surprised me. I turned the desk chair & sat down.

“Watch, Cubby.” She held him, with both hands.

“Kev.” Her soft whisper.

Chapter 4.

She was backing away from him, toward the pillows.

“You’re not going to finish it, girl?” Kool began removing his clothes.

“I never finish it. Not even his.” She never turned her face. She busily unbuttoned his shirt. He walked between the beds.

“I’ll finish you.” Kool, near feral, blocked my view.

“Promises, promises.” I heard the giggle.

He was between her thighs then. Black & white light unbearable. I stood.

“Sssssshhhhhhhh, Cubby. It’s all right, baby.” She never turned her face.

I took my seat.

“Easy, Kev.”……softly. She pressed a white hand to his chest.

“Fuck, girl, you are tight.”

“I wanted to be tight, Kevin. For you.” She locked her white ankles about his waist.



“Is that enough?”

“If that’s all there is.”

“There’s more.”

“Show me, Kev.”

He did.

I watched.

“Come in Katie-girl, Kev.”


“Are you finished, Kevin?” In her accusatory tone. She moved to under the sheets.

Chapter 5.

“I hope you’re not like Cubby, Kevin. He shoots once like a musket, then he’s finished.” She’d turned on her side. I saw her face.

He’d been released from her scissors grip & was on the far side.

“Is this girl ever still, Cully?”

I’d finally figured it out. It was the soundtrack from “Bully.” The children had begun the death drive to the Glades. Nick Stahl was about to be slaughtered.

The room was warmer now. I edged up.

“You’re pretty cute over there, Cubby. Kevin is still resting. We could use that bed, huh?”

“I’ll wait till we get back to the Bay. I don’t think Kool likes to watch.”

His laugh deep as across white rested black. “Cully is right, girl.”

She laughed softly—He moved under the sheets to be with her.

“Uh, oh.” She smiled at me.

“Do me, Kev. I’ll watch Cubby.”


“Ssssshhhhh, it’s ok, baby.” She pursed her lips, not once–but–twice. I settled back yet again.

“Christ, girl.” She was so still—He was moving, so rapidly.

“It’s ok, Kev—Your friend is deep, Cubby.”

“Is it good, baby?” Yet again my voice surprised me.

“It’s cool.” She giggled.

He turned her face.

Chapter 6.

Kool had cut the music. She’d fallen asleep, curled in a ball under the blankets, facing me. I leaned back in the chair & closed my eyes for a while. Black & white flashed in focus.

“Cully, sleep here. You two can take that bed.” Kool’s soft voice startled me.

“She won’t sleep long, Kool. It’s her way. Thank you though.”

“When are going back?”

“Day after tomorrow. Her sister is coming in. We gotta be back.”

“What’s she like?”

“4×4 Pepperidge Farm mama.” We laughed quietly.

“Bathroom break, Cully. Be right back.”

“What time is it, honey?” She’d wakened.

“A little past four.”

“Where’s Kevin?”

“In the john.”

“I hope he hurries, I’m next.” She quickly put on his shirt and scrambled back under the covers. “I’m freezing. He keeps it like a meat locker in here.”

“Are you ever quiet, girl?” I chuckled.

“Do you think we could do it one more time?”

“Katie, you’re going to kill the man.”

“How long was I sleeping?”

“About 45 minutes.”

“He’ll be fine then. Just more time, please. For me?”

“Yes, baby, yes.”

“Ok, when he comes out, I’ll go in. And then you tell him that I want to do it again. Ok, Cubby?”

“He’ll think I’m nuts.”

“No he won’t. He’s your Laker friend.”

Kool came out shortly thereafter, in his robe. Katie scampered into the bathroom immediately after giving me some half cooked high sign.

“She’s quite the dynamo, Cully.”

“Well, gird your loinage, Kool. She wants it one more time.”

He laughed heartily.

“I know her. She’ll want to be on top. So she can ride it. Do her squat thrusts. She works out all the time. Just humor her, Kool, please.”

“Hey, man, it’s been an experience. Christ, Cully. Whatever she wants.”

She bounded from the bathroom moments later, hair brushed, still dressed in Kool’s shirt, took a detour to where I’d taken root and kissed my cheek. Kool had Scope in there & she’d found it.

“Well?” She whispered. Those GD eyes. All lit up—4 o’clock in the morning.

“He said (Whatever she wants.).” I announced loudly & laughed.

“You’re so mean, Cubby.” Katie smacked the side of my head lightly. She made a small production out of climbing over the bed to get to Kool. He held the blankets for her and she nestled in.

And so it started a final time.

Chapter 7.

I told Cully you two could sack out there on that bed, girl.” It was now past 5.

“Uh, uh. I got to drive my boy downtown and buy him his Twinkie yet this morn, Kevin.” She smiled over at me & winked. She kissed him then, lightly on the lips & donned his shirt.

“In fact, I’m going to change up and then we’ll go, Cubby. You ready, baby?”

“I’m ready. I have to use it too before we go.”

Katie excused herself & went into the bathroom.

“What a night, Cully.” He dressed.

“It was all that. I’ll never forget it. Neither will the girl. Trust me. I’ll hear about this to the grave.”

We then fell into & got lost in conversation about the imminent hunt for the three-peat.

“You two aren’t talking about the Lakers again are you?” She’d come out, still in Kool’s shirt.

“You don’t mind if I keep your shirt, Kevin, do you?” Katie had changed out. Her jeans were on below the knees. She’d reapplied her make-up & brushed her hair yet again.

“Whatever you want, baby.” Kool had stood up next to the bed. I saw him there. Christ, the man was tall.

“I’m going to use it, then we’ll go, girl.” I headed for the bathroom. I’d give them a few minutes.

Chapter 8.

The ride down like the ride up was in silence. I took note that the shirt, in direct light had ever so thin black pin striping. As we neared parking level Katie took my hand & scratched my palm. “tee, hee.” A bright & girlish tone.

We found it where we’d left it. “Let me, Cubby. I’ll drive.”

She backed it out, worked her way thru the garage and emerged onto the exit drive. Dawn was launching in Las Vegas.

“What’s that scent?”

“It’s Kevin’s cologne. It’s on his shirt, too.”

“Nice.” I commented quietly.

Several cars were ahead of us as we neared the Blvd.

“Left for your Twinkie. Right for your little girl. What’s it’s gonna be, sweetheart?”

I watched her eyes in her visor mirror. Once again still dark enough to trigger the illuminator. Jesus Christ, those eyes.

“Go right.”

She clipped the turn signal, never breaking LOS with me.

“Should I wear Kevin’s shirt when we get there?”

The End

– russell-ville-man

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