New Year's Baby 2

It was February 14th and Janet was taking her car to get the oil changed. Not the most romantic of ways to spend the holiday, but then she didn’t really have any other plans for the day anyway.

She’d intended to get their earlier but one thing had led to another and she got there with only minutes to spare. One of the guys came out to see her. “Hey, Franklin, how’s it going,” she called out. “Am I too late to get my oil changed?”

The mechanic grinned at her. “Nah. Go ahead and pull the car inside and we’ll take care of you.”

Janet grinned at the man and she pulled her car forward. One of the mechanics closed the garage door behind her and she grinned again. She’d made it just in time but anyone else was going to be too late and that was just too bad for them.

Franklin came around to the driver’s side door. “So how you doing,” he asked.

“You mean other than being pregnant?”

The man took a step backwards. “Congratulations,” he said. “I didn’t know you were married.”

“I’m not,” Janet told him, “and before you ask, I have no idea who the father is.”

The mechanic’s face took on a concerned look. “What happened?”

“It was New Year’s Eve, and I don’t know exactly what happened, but one thing led to another and soon I was being fucked right and left until my pussy was full of cum, and next time I checked, I found out I was pregnant.”

“Oh geez, wow. I’m sorry.”

Janet smiled. “Don’t be. If I’ve got to be pregnant, well then I can’t think of a better way of getting that way than getting gang fucked all night long.”


“Only thing is it’s been kind of quiet since then. I haven’t had a single dick inside me since I got pregnant.”

“That’s too bad. So, um, you want the regular oil change?”

“Yeah, that’s good, Franklin, and can you rotate the tires, too?”

“Sure. No problem. Don’t you worry,” the mecahnic told the girl, “we’ll have you out of here in no time at all.”

“That’s great, Franklin,” she said. “I really appreciate it,” and with that, Janet went to wait in the waiting room for her car to be ready.

It wasn’t long before the mechanic showed up with her air filter in hand. “I wanted to show you something,” he said.

“What is it?”

“Well, if you’d follow me, I can show you out by your car.”

Puzzled, Janet followed the man out into the work area.

Each of the mechanics at the oil change place was standing there waiting for her and each of them had his dick hanging out of his coveralls. “I was telling the boys here about your little problem,” Franklin confided, “and George here suggested that maybe we could help you out.”

Where Franklin was thin and wiry, George was a big, black man and his cock was standing up long and straight. Janet licked her lips as she looked at the man. She could just feel her pussy starting to get wet.

“So whaddya say,” Franklin asked. “Are you up for a little action?”

“You’ve got to be kidding.”

“Tell ya what,” Franklin added, “if you do this, we’ll throw in the lube job for free.”

Janet couldn’t take her eyes off of George’s cock. She didn’t answer Franklin, at least not in words but what she did next spoke volumes. Slowly, the girl dropped to her knees and then she wrapped her hand around George’s cock and she began to suck on his member.

That apparently was all the encouragement that the other mechanics needed because in no time at all, Janet felt the other man gathering behind her and then one of them had his hands on her butt. The man unzipped her skirt and then he was pulling it down over her hips.

Already, Janet had that big, black cock in her mouth and she was sucking it hard. She moaned as she felt someone’s hands cup her ass and then she moaned again as she felt someone pull her pantyhose down over her butt and down past her hips.

Again, Janet felt an unseen hand slip between her thighs and then she just couldn’t help but moan as she felt that unseen hand caress her cunt. That hand caressed her and stroked her and she could feel herself getting wetter and wetter.

Someone was coming up behind her and was holding her ass. The man’s hands slid to the side and gripped her by the thighs and then she felt the man pressing in close behind her. She could feel the man press his cock up against her wet, little hole and she couldn’t help but moan again. She wanted the man to fuck her. She wanted him to fuck her hard.

Janet moaned against that black cock even as the man shoved himself forward and buried his cock in her cunt. Damn, that felt good.

George wrapped a hand behind Janet’s hand and he pulled her mouth down on his cock. Janet almost smiled to herself. He almost acted as if he thought she would try to get away. Yeah right. There wasn’t much chance of that.

Janet moaned again. Someone was stroking her ass. She wasn’t sure if it was the man with his cock in her cunt but she didn’t care. All that mattered was that it felt good.

Someone gave her ass a hard smack. “Yeah, this is what you want,” she heard a man say. “You want my cock in your cunt.”

It took Janet a couple of seconds to recognize the voice. It was the guy named Harry. He was the one who always brought her car out. He was always so polite and so shy. He always called her ma’am, but he wasn’t doing that now. Janet liked what he was doing now. She moaned again against that cock in her mouth. She liked what he was doing now. She liked it a lot.

She couldn’t help it. Her mouth flopped open in a ragged pant as that cock took her from behind and in that instant, George’s cock fell out of her mouth.

George grabbed her by the hair and he pulled her mouth back to his cock. She was panting hard. She was going to cum so hard and then the big, black man shoved his big, black cock back in her mouth.

The girl gasped as her pussy finally succumbed to the cock in her cunt and in almost the very same moment, she felt the man thrust his cock deep inside her little, gripping cunt and in the next moment, she felt his cum invade her body.

Janet stayed where she was and she took all the cum that the man’s cock had to offer her. She felt the man pull back and then she felt his cock slip free from her body but no sooner had the man vacated his place than there was another cock moving in behind her.

The new cock liked to tease her. The owner of that cock pressed his cock up against her cunt and then he pulled it back only to once again press the head of his cock up against her pussy.

Once again, the owner of that cock pulled the head of his cock back and then he slipped it between her cheeks.

“No,” the girl whimpered but even as she did, the big, black man was once again pulling her mouth down on his cock.

The teasing cock tickled her little puckered hole before its owner pulled it free and then it was sliding out from between her cheeks, and then it was back again, this time at the entrance of her womanly gate.

The girl moaned as that cock buried itself in her cunt. Damn, that felt good.

The owner of that cock had one hand on her hips even as the other one stroked the small of her back. The hand on her back slipped under her blouse and it moved even further up her back and Janet felt her skin tingle as that hand traced her spine.

Someone was reaching underneath her and unbuttoning her blouse. She felt the man’s hands slide her blouse free from her skirt and then the last of her buttons was being undone.

The owner of the unseen hands leaned forward and then he was whispering in Janet’s ear. “Ike always said he thought you had a tight pussy,” Franklin whispered even as one of his hands fondled one of her tits, “and you know what? I can’t wait to find out for myself.”

The girl moaned to herself. Well, if Franklin was the one fondli
ng her tits, then that meant Ike had to be the one in her cunt. The girl moaned again as she felt the man’s hands squeeze her ass cheeks. Damn, she liked that.

Franklin’s hands squeezed her t
its again even as Ike buried his cock in her cunt. Franklin was using his fingers to scissor one of her nipples and the girl moaned again. As hard as her nipples were, it must have been so easy for the mechanic to get to them.

The man in her pussy was fucking her even harder now and Janet felt her body begin to tingle. As much as she wanted to pay attention to those hands on her tits, that cock in her pussy was just too demanding, too insistent. She moaned again. Damn, she was going to cum.

The man knew it, too. She knew that because he was fucking her harder or maybe that just meant he was going to cum, too. It really didn’t matter to Janet. All she knew was she wanted him to cum. She wanted him to fill her cunt up with his jizz.

It was almost as if Ike was reading her thoughts because almost in the next moment, the man groaned and then his cock began to spurt. He buried his cock deep in Janet’s cunt and then he spurted again and again and again.

And all the while, Janet was there on her hands and knees with that big, black cock in her mouth. All the while, Janet was there on her hands and knees with Franklin’s hands on her tits, and all the while, her pussy was squeezing that cock even as it continued to spurt.

Almost as soon as Ike pulled his cock free from Janet’s pussy, Franklin was there with his cock, pressing the head of his member up against that drippy cunt. Her pussy was way too wet to resist the man’s cock so all Janet could do was moan when she felt the man enter her.

Franklin pulled his cock back only to bury it in her cunt once again. In and out, he went. In and out. In and out.

The man hooked his arms under Janet’s and then he was pulling her up to a kneeling position even as his cock continued to fuck her cunt.

And still there was George in front of her, the big, black man with the big, black cock. His hand stroked his cock as he looked at the girl. “Take it,” he told her.

Janet didn’t hesitate at all. She reached out and wrapped a hand around the man’s big, black cock.

The black man just groaned as the girl stoked his slippery shaft.

“That’s it,” Janet heard Franklin say even as he continued to ply her pussy with his cock. “Just keep stroking George’s cock just like that.”

Janet did as she was told even as she felt someone opening the catch on her bra from behind and she kept right on squeezing and stroking that cock even as she felt a hand creep forward across her shoulder.

“You know,” Franklin confided in her, “George has always said he’d like to cum all over your tits.”

Janet could feel the hand slide down the front of her body and reach inside one of the cups of her now loosened bra. The hand wrapped itself around one of her tits and the hand pulled it free.

“I think,” Franklin continued in a near whisper, “that we should give George exactly what he wants, don’t you?”

“Uh huh,” the girl murmurred even as she felt the hand pull the other tit free.

“Make George cum,” Franklin urged the girl. “Make him cum all over your tits.”

George was moaning even louder now and Janet knew what that meant. The man was going to cum and she knew something else, too. She was going to cum. She was going to cum really hard. She squeezed his cock and she stroked the man even harder.

George let out a solitary grunt and then after a moment, one more. “Oh yeah, baby,” he moaned. “That’s it. Here it comes.”

Janet already had that big, black cock aimed at her tits even as that cock doused her with the first load of its cum and in that instant, she knew she was cumming, too.

She wasn’t the only one because even as she felt her pussy clench, she felt the man behind her douse her insides with a load of cum of his own.

The big, black man moaned again as his cock continued to spray her tits. Some of his cum had splashed a little higher up on Janet’s chest and then Janet got an idea. There was one way to keep the cum where it belonged. She rubbed the head of that big, black cock between her tits even as the man groaned again and all the while, her pussy was taking even more of the cum from behind.

Finally, the two cocks had given her all the cum she was going to get and even her pussy had released its hold on the cock she was holding. She settled back onto all fours even as she panted hard.

“You okay,” one of the mechanics asked.

“I’m fine,” she said. “I just need to catch my breath.”

“You want us to get some towels so you can clean up,” the man offered.

“What, are you kidding,” the girl said. “I don’t need to clean up,” and to prove her point, she stood and pulled her panties up, trapping as much of the men’s cum in her pussy as she could. She slid her bra back in place over her cum-covered tits. “I think I’m fine just the way I am now, and besides, you still have to finish the work on my car.”

“Well, um,” Franklin stammered, “the car’s already done. We, um, just wanted to see how far we could go with you.”

Janet looked the men over and then she grinned. “I’ll keep that in mind,” she told them. “Looks like I’ll be bringing my car in around closing time from now on,” she told them and then she was off.

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