Rick & Alicia ch6

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Rick positioned Alicia legs around his hips, he pushed his head into her tight opening. She gasps feeling the invasion of his visitor into her temple. Rick was holding her down by her tit. He pushed into her a little more. Alicia eyes were close with a tear about to escape.”Rick I think you’re still too big, my pussy is small,” that made Rick dick get harder. He force himself a little more into her, she tried to move but he was holding her down, her hand went to her stomach where she felt him at. She groan her eyes still closed,another tear came out. He was ripping her apart again he was too much for her little hole. Even when she thought he couldn’t get into her anymore he would pull out a little then get into her more. Rick shoved the last of his huge visitor into her temple he let her cunt adjust to him.

“Alicia baby open your eye, I’m in now are you okay?” he looked at her open her eyes, he wiped her tears away.

“Rick I think there is too much of you,” Rick was sitting on his knee feeling her pussy adjust around his dick, he pussy felt so good,”I can feel you right her in my belly” Alicia hand was above her belly button. She closed her eyes,”Oh oh,” she moan and he felt her muscles contract”I like the way you feel, you’re in me,” she closed her eye, she was so daze it was like she was in a high,”We’re connect.” She move her hips, she did it again,”Oh Rick you feel so good,” she moved again. She could feel him bumping something inside her,it hurt but felt so good. Her hand still on he stomach,”Rick do I feel good inside,” She open her eyes to see Rick bitting her lip, he looked like he was trying not to move but she couldn’t help it, she had to move he felt so good inside of her, she could feel her private place accepting him, welcoming him, wanting him.”My Rick,” she was moving on his dick now with no problem,”Rick….inside of…. me…..feel so… Good….i’m your….your temple now….your pussy.”

She was moving he could tell she was about to cum, Rick could not take it anymore. He started to fuck Alicia tiny pussy, he was so hard from hearing her encouragement, he couldn’t help himself. He little pussy was sucking his dick into her. He felt her cumming,”Rick my pussy, my private place wants you, I want you stay in me.” Alicia was nails were digging into her stomach when she came Rick could see scratches. Alicia was in blissfulness. Rick sat her up so she straddling his thighs,her pussy was dripping juices around his dick onto his thighs. He was in her little pussy deeper now. Rick was sliding Alicia up and down his dick. He could feel her pussy jerking again. He looked down to see her pussy jerking hard. He eyes were closed she was holding on to his shoulder, her nails sinking into his shoulder. She was cumming again leaning into him her breast on his chest, her nail in the middle of his back. She came scathing up his back. She just feel back on the bed, like she had passed out. Rick was still fucking her he was about to cum, he was so close her little tight pussy just dragging him in,”Oh fuck Alicia,” He blew his load into her cunt, It was so much, he knew it was all over her cervix. He pulled out of her seeing cum all over her thigh.

He shook Alicia trying to wake her up,he had fucked her until she passed out. He kept shaking her then she woke up.”oh Rick that was so good I had a dream you were inside of me until I passed out.”

He stroked her hair and kissed her,”You did i’m sorry,” he stroked her belly knowing his cum was inside of her. Alicia sat up about to get something to drink she was thirsty. She got off the bed and stood of feeling something swooshing inside of her, then she fell back on the bed he legs giving out.

“Rick there is something inside of me, did you do that?”she asked then she got a panic look on her face,”Rick am I going to get pregnant, did we use a condom?” Alicia ask. Rick told her if she did he’d take care of his baby. She was on birth control and hoped she didn’t get pregnant. The cum felt so warm inside of her. She and Rick laid on the bed and went to sleep, know that apart of Rick was still in Alicia. His cock pressed against her ass his hand on her breast.

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