The Bookstore Manager

This fantasy begins with lots of flirting with the bookstore manager. It seems that whenever I walk in, he and I look for each other to say hello or to flirt a little when people are not around. He’s a nice looking guy, about 5’9 with a slim build and very chocolate. Most times our conversations are about his clothes. He has this fashion flare that at one time made me think, “ummm, why does he care that much about following the trends?” The city in which we live has a very large gay population of all nationalities. In essence, you never know who is gay.

On some days, K and I would talk about work, family, and whether we are happy working at a large college campus. He’s mentioned before that he had part-time jobs to support all of his four of his children, but I never thought any more about it. One of his part-time jobs is a police officer for a suburban county. The distance factor between us is that I have never seen K outside of me going into the bookstore to purchase items. I have never seen him outside of work. And the thing about our flirting is that is very indirect or at least that’s how I perceive it. K is not direct with saying how he wants to get with me, but our verbal exchange, his eye contact, and his body language are dripping with sexual tension. I developed this theory that he had so many children because he liked fucking and couldn’t stop to pull his penis out or use a condom. We all know raw dick is something good especially to feel the smooth head and shaft, and to feel it pulsate. I just gotta have it.

One time I saw him in the stacks at the bookstore. I can’t remember how we got on the conversation of enjoying sex, but he responded something to the fact that he did not enjoy it much. I thought to myself, “Damn!” All this time I imagined him to be a stallion. With his slim build, I fantasized about how he could position himself with a woman. I thought his waist and hips were slim enough to move in many different positions to get a girl going. I dreamed once that he had my legs spread wide open and that he could dart in and out of my pussy without bearing weight on my legs. Also, I dreamed of his penis being really big both in circumference and length, and more importantly that it is dark and chocolate like his skin. It would not be too thick to get it all in, but it would take some gentle pressure at first. I thought of him pounding my wet pussy. To say the least, it was a let down to hear that he did not enjoy sex.

One week later, I was in the bookstore looking through the magazines, and K walked up behind me. I could feel his body heat for a minute. I turned and smiled at him.

Yes, I am looking through the magazines and I am not buying any, I said with a smirk. I wanted to get a response from him.

He replied, that’s okay, you can come in here and look at whatever you want. He moved closer to me when he said this. I could tell he was back to flirting with me. I gotta tell you something, almost at a whisper.

What do you want to tell me?

It’s something about you. It’s your personality and the way you interact with people that makes you sexy. You make a man want to do things.

Oh yeah, what do you want to do?

You better watch out girl. You make a man want to do something. A customer walked close to the magazine rack. So we cooled our heels. I continued smiling, probably with a dirty secret all over my face. K then walked over to one of the employees who beckoned his attention.

That following week we had even more verbal enticement. The bookstore was crowded with students and employees buzzing around. K was preoccupied with a student, but he walked close to where I was standing. We smiled and acknowledged each other. K extended his business card to me. You make sure you use that cell number. It’s on all the time. I want you to call me.

Later that week, he asked why haven’t you used his cell number. My only reason was that I was busy with work stuff, and then family stuff when I got home. But those things did not keep me from thinking about him.

On one rainy night, I went to my office to work on a report. It was raining pretty hard, and I did not have an umbrella in my car. My office building is connected to the bookstore building, but I had to go through an adjoining building because my doors are locked after hours. This made me walk through a short passage way without any cover. By the time I made it to building door, my shirt and skirt were soaked all the way through. I absolutely despise walking in wet shoes, so I took them off once I got inside. When I got to the floor to walk over to my building, I noticed that the bookstore lights were on. I walked by the glass doors and noticed that K was standing in the middle of the bottom level. I tapped on the glass to get his attention. He came to the door smiling his sexy smile.

What are you doing here? We both said at the same time.

I have some work in my office. I actually like the rain, I feel more productive.

He smiled and put his hands on his hips shifting his weight. Uh, I gotta get this floor re-arranged and switch out the magazines. I like doing these things when there is no one around.

Well, on that note, I’ll see you another time.

No, I am talking about customers.

In my most confident pose, I tried not to display my bra that was showing through my shirt. If you need some help, let me know.

He smiled and looked down at my headlights, my best feature next to my smooth, shapely legs. I am voluptuous in all the right places. You are soaking wet, let me at least get you some shorts. Follow me to the stock closet.

He walked ahead of me up the stairs. He was slightly hesitating and talking at the same time. So why haven’t you used my cell number.

Oh just busy really. Besides,

Besides what, what do I have to do to convince you that I want to take you out?

He turned and slightly touched my nipple through my shirt, “you know you want me.”

I blushed, “Boy…I mean Man. Can I get a shirt too before we have a wet t-shirt contest up in here?”

We both walked into the closet. It was dark until K reached for light switch. In doing so, he had to stretch around me, which made him come close to my face. We almost kissed. Instead, we smiled our smiles. I felt his hands move up my hips and then to my ass. I felt like I was fire from that simple touch.

You have a nice ass. I don’t know if I ever told you that. I love to see it come in and walk out, like you are on a mission. Um, and some of the things you wear. Not too revealing, but just right. Then he kissed me. It was soft and gentle at first. Once I responded, it got more intense. I moved closer to his body. I was cold and shivering from the wet rain, but on fire inside.

K pulled back and suggested that I take my shirt off. As I reached over my head, he felt on my full, firm 36D breasts. They were almost falling over the top of my bra from my arms reaching up. After I put my arms down, he unzipped my blue jean skirt. He slid it down, and on the way up, he caressed my legs, hips, and back to my ass. I felt vulnerable. Instead of appearing that way, I straightened my back and looked confident as if I knew my body was sexy and on display. My thong was dark in color so you could not see through it from the rainwater. My bra on the other hand was showing everything. My skin tone is a light olive, so naturally my nipples are a light brown. K moved even closer. While he ran his fingers along the sides of my body, he started kissing my lips gently and repeatedly. It felt so sensual.

Your breasts are beautiful too. May I? He released the hook in the front. My breasts remained in place but with a little sag from the fullness. He cupped both of them, pushed them together and put his face in the middle. He sighed from doing this. You like this? Umm, I love to see you wear low-cut v-neck shirts. I always though
t your breasts were beautiful, but I didn’t think they would be this soft.

On cue, I reached down to feel K
‘s bulge. Ahhh, just what I expected, thick, firm, and long. I was hoping for chocolate also. Apparently, I started to rub in all the right places. K’s breathe started to quicken, and I could literally feel heat coming from his body. In one smooth motion, he lifted me onto the table that had computers, table files, a stack of shirts and pens. Somehow, these things didn’t matter at the time. Before I knew it, he held both of my thighs open and dived into my patch. K was gentle at first, touching and licking, and stroking all the right places. He was moaning from this pleasurable experience. I couldn’t help but hold my head back as I got tongue-fucked on the stock table in the back of the bookstore. It was a fantasy come true. I wanted to return the favor, but first I had to get down off of the table.

K was caught up in the groove. I reached down to cup his chin to bring him up for air. Old boy was working it. Much to my chagrin, as much as it feels good to have someone lap it up, I’ve very seldom had an orgasm that way. We kissed with passion. I was really into him. He had my juice all over his face. I whispered I want to get you off. I want to turn you out. I kissed his lips, his neck, his chest, and on down. I leaned him against the table and went to town teasing his penis. It was chocolate, warm, and full of pre-cum by the time I got there. I am not sure if it was my enthusiasm or my method, but K had an explosive orgasm. I teased the head while I worked my hands up and down the shaft. And then I took in as much as I could more than a couple of times. We had a rhythm going. I took his dick out and licked on his balls a little and returned to sucking his dick until I felt him tremor. K’s hand was on the back of my head as if he was instructing me, and his head was tilted back. I could tell he was ready. It’s something about a man when he is on the brink of exploding that turns me on. It lets me know that I got him where I want him. If I stopped he would feel unsatisfied no matter if he came later. It’s that heightened sense of ecstasy where he thinks he’s fucking you to the extreme that makes him come back for more. I didn’t let the jism stay in my mouth. I used one of the shirts to catch it all. I could tell he had it for a while.

Once he regained his composure, he reached for me. This time I felt his hands all over my body at once. He picked me up and carried me to the book stacks. I want to fuck you on the books and on the cash counter. I want to fuck the shit out of that ass of yours. He began to tease and suck on my nipples, which brought my body back to a simmer. We came upon several stacks of books. K laid me down on the floor in between the books. The smell of the books, the sound of rain and thunder, and the dim lights made the atmosphere more cozy. But in my mind, I thought about the people who would populate this very area the next day. K rubbed on me some more. He looked in my eyes. You want to get fucked or you want to go slow. I responded, go slow. With that, he went back to sucking and caressing my breasts and then began to rub on my hips and legs. I arched me back and my legs were lifted. With the slightest pressure, he penetrated me. It felt wonderful. I could feel the tip of his head snaking instead of me. I was truly wet and slippery as he moved deeper inside of me. All at once, he moved to a slow pace and sucked my nipples. It felt so good, I couldn’t help but respond with my own thrust. My response must have sent K into overdrive. With his thighs, he moved my thighs out wider. He was positioned dead center of my body and began to pick up the pace of thrusting.

Do you like that? I love this flirting and fucking we are doing.

K eased up and moved back a little. He held my legs straight out. I felt his wet fingers tickle my clitoris. This started to make me cream. K then moved one of my legs over and before I could get adjusted, I was on all fours. He reached down and cupped my breast and he rode my ass. He slapped my ass a couple of times. I moaned and breathed faster. Fuck me, fuck.

K straightened his back and held my hips. For an eternity, he fucked me from behind. I felt pain and pleasure from his thrust. I could feel his balls slapping my pussy. K slowed up and stopped. His balls began to pulsate. Oh no, I am not letting you get a way. Somehow he stood me up with his dick still inside, and leaned me against the bookshelf. This was probably my most favorite position, getting fucked from behind standing up. K kissed the back of my neck and began to work his dick inside. It felt so grown up to get fucked standing up. He tickled my clitoris with one hand and squeezed my breast with the other. I could feel his body building up again. I moved away from him and pulled him over to the couch in the window. I sat him down and sat down on his dick facing away from him. That was good fucking too.

I turned around to face him. K and I kissed while I fucked his dick. It felt so good to have a thick, heavy dick inside of me. He knew what he was doing, and he knew how to give me pleasure. Our bodies were wet from sweating. He whispered for me to slow down, that I was going to make him cum, but I kept going. I was on the edge of my orgasm. It was building, but K stopped me. He picked me and laid my upper body on the couch. In between my legs, he held me tight. His back was arching up every time he thrusted in, going deeper. Our bodies were together when we both came.

It was a sweet, sexy entanglement that lasted for two more sessions that night. Ever since then, K and I still smile at each other in the bookstore. I once caught him standing in our spot by the bookshelf. We met up once again at the hotel close to the campus to fuck in between white cotton sheets. He’s been my fuck buddy for a while now.

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