A Gift for My Naughty Man Ch 2

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She likes it rough and I do too….Her knees are turning black and blue…..The front desk keeps on calling….She throws the phone across the room….So we hope nobody finds…..”I woke up to the sound of Madison singing in the shower again.
She was very chipper for 6:30 in the morning after drinking and fucking late into the night. Our bedroom fan circles slowly, blowing cool air across my body; I laid there thinking months had come and gone without Madison or Trina bringing anything up about our afternoon plays on my birthday. I was disappointed, but at the same time, I didn’t want to overstep my boundary and upset them in anyway. But for me, it was hard for me to even look at either of them and not get aroused again. I remember that day as Madison had pulled Trina up, and without a second thought, Madison’s hands began to roam over Trina’s sexy body and right down her back to her firm ass. She began to kiss her way down the length of Trina’s neck to the peeks of her firm breasts. As she got close to her nipples she pulled them out from the swim suit top, Trina slid a hand to the back of Madison’s head to help guide her to the nipple she wanted her to start with. Madison still had one hand on her daughter’s ass and began to rub it as she worked her hand towards the pussy. I watched as Madison moved her fingers in between the fabric and her daughter’s pussy. She was now sliding her fingers in and out of Trina’s dripping wet hole. Trina spread her legs to give her mother greater access. It didn’t take long for Trina to start moaning in pleasure. I watched as Jill pressed up behind Madison and put her arms around her, kissing her back. She pushed her hand down the front of Madison’s bikini bottoms, and pushed a finger in and out of her pussy, finger fucking her. That was just one of the memories etched into my mind from that day.
I was wasting the day away laying here thinking back to what will probably never happen to me again, so I stumble out of bed and head into the bathroom where I heard Madison still singing.
“It’s a fucked up situation….when the one that you love is never enough….it’s a….” Madison was singing.
“Morning beautiful.” I said.
“And good morning to you too. Sleep well?” Madison asked me.
I open the shower curtain to talk to her. “Yes I did. May I join you?” I asked.
Without an answer I hop in the shower.
“Sure why not. You’re already in here.” she giggled as she grabbed the soap.
I loved to watch her soaping her large breasts, and particularly the way her flesh rippled softly as she rubbed her hands over them in circular motions. I felt particularly aroused seeing her wash her slender legs, the soap creating little bubbles on her smoothly shaved thighs.
“Can I wash you down?” I asked her even though she had done most of it herself.
“Of course.” She said as she handed me the soap.
Madison’s body was so hot and smooth. As I work up the lather Madison grabbed the shower gel and start rubbing it onto my chest. I started caressing her breasts with the soap; they are very firm, her nipples now stood at attention. We continue soaping each other; I move a little lower and she followed. I soaped up her firm stomach, admiring how trim her body was. She copied working on my lower body. I move a little lower lingering for a moment at her belly button; she let out a small giggle as I circling it with my finger tip. I begin soaping her freshly shaved pussy. She moans and moves her hand to my now hard cock. We caress each other, soaping, teasing each other’s bodies simultaneously. My fingers move to her clit and I pull on it a little sending a gush of sexual energy through her body. Madison moves one hand to my balls and caress them as the other hand starts jerking me off.
“I want to taste you this morning, and make you cum in my mouth.” I said.
I grabbed Madison’s ass and bring her close to my mouth. I slipped my finger downward until it met the soft wet flesh between her outer lips and her moistness. I sank to my knees and used both hands to spread her legs apart, causing her vaginal lips to part even further apart. I rubbed my fingers over the hole of her cunt, enjoying the softness of her flesh against my fingers. I then planted the tip of my index finger at the wet entrance to her cunt and began to push my way up inside of her. Madison spread her thighs apart even more as my finger eased slowly up inside of her. I began to finger fuck her, knowing as I did so, that my throbbing cock would soon replace my finger inside her tight little hole. I started to use my fingertips to tease her clitoris, bringing forth even louder groans from her. It took only seconds before her whole body began to shake as she orgasm on my finger which was still firmly planted inside of her.
“Oh baby!”she cried out as wave after wave of pure pleasure rode through her body.
Her body nearly collapsed against me as she started to come down from her orgasm. Instead of stopping, I continued to gently massage her sensitive clitoris with my fingers bringing more loud moans from her as she started building towards her second orgasm of the morning. I quickly took my finger out and moved my face into her warm pussy. I thrust my tongue deep inside her freshly shaved mound. She lets out a sigh as my tongue explores inside her. I know that she loves my tongue and can tell how badly she wanted it when she pushed yourself onto my mouth. I could feel her body start moving in an up and down rhythm wanting more. I continue to move my tongue to her clit and lick up and around the tender folds. Madison arches her back as I tease your body. My hands move up to your nipples and I gently tug on them as I explore her clit more. She squirms underneath me from the pleasure I am sending through your body. The water still rushing down on us adds to the intensity of the moment. I take her clit into my mouth, sucking, and gently biting on it increasing the pleasure running through her body. I move one hand from her nipple and grab her firm ass, pulling it closer to my face as my other hand continues teasing her hard nipples.
I quickly turn Madison and shove her into the shower wall. I watch as she positions her hands above her head and spreads her legs apart, giving me better access to her pussy. She turns her head and looks at me. Her body stiffened as soon as she felt the head of my cock touch her ass. I bring my finger back around to her clitoris and started massaging it again. She made no attempt to stop me. I slipped my thick cock in between her thighs until it nestled her wet hole. Madison began to moan and to slide her pussy over my cock. I squeezed her tits and bite her neck; she moaned louder and started rocking harder on my cock.
“Don’t stop.” She cried.
Madison gave a push back and the entire length slid into her balls deep. My hands on her hips, I slid my cock in and out, deeper and deeper, faster and faster. I was thrusting into her as hard as I could when Madison thrust back causing our bodies to slap together. The shower was still splashing down on us adding to the feeling of sexual bliss we were both experiencing. I could feel the start of my own orgasm coming on so I quickened the pace. A few more hard thrusts and the feeling of her pussy gripping my shaft was enough to tip me over the edge. I could feel my cock twitch so I gave and extra hard thrust and held myself deep in her pussy. My cock exploded inside her, I could feel her jump slightly as I unloaded my manhood into her. At the same time Madison began to buck and shout as her orgasm was in full swing now. I collapsed resting on her back letting the water devour our bodies.
Eventually we composed ourselves and Madison turned back to face me. She took my face in her hands and pulled me towards her, we kissed passionately. We stepped out of the shower, hot, clean and maybe a little wrinkled from the hot water. We toweled each other down then walked back into the bedroom and went our separate ways.

I sat there at the breakfast table, eating my toast and trying not to get caught glimpsing at Trina’s ample breasts peeking out from her tee shirt, as she walked by me. My mind was in overdrive thinking about holding her deliciously firm round tits in my hands and sucking her nipples one by one. My eyes followed her; I couldn’t believe it as she was wearing a pair of sheer black lace panties that covered about half of her sexy butt cheeks. The panties were sheer enough that you could clearly see each perfect globe of butt flesh and the gorgeous crack up the middle. She turned and sat in the chair straight across from me. Trina looked at me straight in the eyes, her mascara was smudged. Obviously she had gone to bed with her makeup on, but somehow it just made her even more sexually attractive. She looked like a naturally beautiful whore, whose sloppiness only served to enhance her decadent appearance. I wanted her lips around my cock again.
“Jay, can I get you to do something for me?” Trina asked as she sat down at the table.
“You’ve never had a problem convincing me to do things for you before.” I answered.
“No…I guess I haven’t.” Trina said with a giggle.
“So what is it you want from me?” I asked her.
Maybe my sweet Trina wanted to have another go at my hard cock? If only I could get so lucky twice.
“I want you to teach me to give a better blow job.” Trina said with a sweet smirk on her face.
“A what?” I said as I about chocked on the sip of coffee I had just taken.
“You heard me right, a blow job. Tommy says I am ok at it. But I want to be more then ok, I want him to shake at the knees and love it.” she said.
“I think you should ask your mother how. She would tell you better than I could.” I responded.
“I thought about that, but who knows better on what a man likes than a man” Trina said.
“Guess you do have a point there.” I said back to her.
“Who says that a man is always right?” Madison said as she walked around the corner.
“Good point, honey. I told Trina to ask you.” I said.
“I heard your conversation.” Madison said as she through me a smirk.
“So you two will help me out?” Trina said to her mother.
“Better make sure its ok with Jay first.” Madison answered.
“You love putting me on the hot seat don’t you? I asked Madison.
Madison raised an eyebrow, “Now why would I do a thing like that Jay?”
“I guess I can give you some pointers.” I said.
“Really, you would do that for me!” Trina said with a big smile on her face.
“Yes, really.” I said back to her.
God what have I gotten myself into? I’m about to tell my future step daughter how to give an amazing blow job to her jerk of a boyfriend, and her mother is going to help me do it. This is going to be interesting. If only it was me that was going to receive the pleasure of having her soft lips rapped around my cock, I could feel myself starting to get hard just thinking about it.
Yes I had the pleasure of having her soft lips there once, but it just wasn’t long enough. After my amazing birthday gift from Madison and the girls, all I have wanted was more. To be able to touch Trina again, slide my long hard cock into her, feel her wet pussy throb as she comes all over me. I had to shake myself back to reality
“Ok I’m all ears.” she said as she adjusted herself in her chair.
“Think wet and lots of teasing” Madison said to her.
“Wet?” she said with an uncertain look on her face.
“The wetter you make his cock the more sensitive he will become. Cover it with saliva or some kind of lube first.” Madison said.
“Wet got it, and I think I have the teasing part down.” Trina said with a giggle, and a wink of the eye.
She was so right she did have the teasing part down, last night I was lying in bed watching TV when I heard Trina outside in the pool area. I went to the window just in time to see Trina climbing out of the pool. She was fully naked, I watched as her firm and perky 34C nice, and round tits with erect nipples, bounced as she towel dried her hair. Trina made eye contact with me, smiled, gave me a little wave, then proceeded to drop the towel next to her and swirl around so I could get a good view of everything she had to offer. Her body was really tan and completely shaved everywhere, her ass cheeks were firm, and her legs long and well-toned. I stood there and just watched her. She finally picked her towel up, wrapped it around herself and headed inside. Just thinking of it made me hard as a rock.
“Ok I think I got this, get him wet as hell, and tease like crazy.” Trina said.
“Maybe we better practice on Jay so you can make sure you are doing it right” Madison said.
Before I could say a word, Madison stood before me, reached down and began tugging at the bottom of my shorts with both hands. I got the hint and stood up slightly so that my shorts and underwear could slide right off, where she tossed them to the floor leaving me naked from the waist down. I was exposed. My erection which pointed straight up became even harder. Madison casually kneeled before me. I almost dropped in a faint as her lips wrapped around my swollen head and her tongue began caressing it. She started sucking very deeply, letting the head of my cock enter the mouth of her throat. I could hear her breath stop and start as the head bounced against the entrance of her throat. She was salivating heavily, and pre-cum and saliva slid down my shaft, into my pubic hair, and down my balls.
“Oh I think you have it well lubed up there mom.” Trina said.
Her eyes wide open, staring, almost like she was in a trance as she watched her mom working her magic on my hard shaft. She pushed her tongue out of her mouth and rubbed it around her lips. She then stood from the table and walked towards me. I felt the warm of Trina’s body as she stood behind me. Her hands slowly rubbed down my chest, I could feel her firm breasts pressed up against my back, and her soft hand rubs against my ass cheek. My sweet Trina was touching me again. I felt like I was going to faint.
“Your turn baby girl.” Madison said as she released my cock from her mouth.
Before I could say anything Trina was standing in front of me. She grabbed my cock with her left hand and started to pump me a few time. Madison came up and kissed me passionately on the mouth. I played with Madison’s breasts as Trina kneeled before me and quickly leaned forward and took the head of my cock inside her mouth and began sucking on me deep and hard. It felt incredible. The sight of her lips around my cock again and her cheeks caving in from her vacuum like suction was surreal. I tried to let my cock slide forward slowly, but she pulled more intensely until I felt my nuts slam into her chin. I realized what she wanted and gave it to her, pumping my hips forward and back rapidly.
I felt Madison now standing behind me, her hand moves to my firm ass; she finds the crack of my ass and teases my hole with her soft fingertip. I am in complete ecstasy, our sweet Trina was once again sucking my cock like the dirty little whore I know she is and Madison was enjoying every minute of it. They both know how to push my buttons, and how to make me about explode. I felt Madison quickly push a finger up my ass. I am shocked at first but a wave of pleasure sweeps through me as I jumped a little bit.
“Don’t forget about the balls.” Madison told Trina. “And make sure to hit all the sensitive spots too.”
“I think your mom has the sensitive spots taken care of.” I moaned, as Madison pushed her finger in more.
I felt Trina’s tongue quickly dart out and down the underneath side of my cock, she dragged her tongue slowly back up. Then she begins rapidly tonguing my cock and dragging her bottom lip across the bottom of my balls, I felt her tongue dart underneath my balls, and then she began to lick them. She sucked one of my balls between her lips, her tongue gently playing with it, than she began sucking it hard. She released it and gave the same attention to the other ball, as her palm rubbed over my sensitive head. Then she took both in her mouth and licked all around them as she sucked. Trina grabbed my dick with her free hand and continues jerking me off while she sucked on my balls. I felt her mouth move off my balls and her tongue move back down underneath my balls.
“Oh Trina…..that’s it baby girl.” I moaned.
“Make eye contact with your partner.” Madison said as she now stood behind Trina.
Trina licked her way back up to my throbbing cock and engulfed me once again. My cock was throbbing at that point. And my heart started pounding faster with every second that Trina’s hand was exploring my cock. She squeezed my cock a little tighter and began stroking me as she worked her tongue around the plum. We looked each other in the eyes as she jerked me off. Her grip was tight as she worked her way from the base of my cock to the head. Her thumb and tongue taking turns rubbed the sensitive tip of my penis, which was extremely pleasurable to me. She kept stroking me furiously.
“My turn baby girl.” Madison said to Trina, as they switched spots.
Madison traced over the length of my cock with light finger tips, then stroked base to tip and back again. Then she lowered her mouth and closed her lips over the tip, as she slid her mouth lower. Her tongue still stroking me as she slowly took me in. Madison continued to slowly suck my cock in and out of her mouth. Her right hand playfully massaged my balls, and her left hand stroking my ass crack. She inserted a finger into my asshole, pressing inwards towards my prostate gland. Her tongue was driving me crazy as she would lick my cock head, then dive again, sending my cock to the back of her throat, dragging her tongue along the underside as she did. Then Madison started to fervently suck on the head, and pumping my shaft with one hand. The erotic sensation of the finger in my ass, the tongue dancing around my cock head, and the hand pumping my shaft, was more than I could stand.
“Oh god I’m going to come.” I said.
Madison once again released my cock from her mouth, and her and Trina switched spots again.
“Finish daddy off, baby girl.” Madison said to Trina.
Trina knelt down in front of me sealing her lips around my throbbing pole again. I rested my hands on her shoulders as I pumped my hot rod deep into her mouth. I couldn’t help myself; her mouth was warm and moist as she sucked my cock down her throat. The feeling was awesome, my body was on fire, every nerve tingled like bolts of lightning flowing through my body, and my cock began to pulsate as loads of my come shot to the back of her throat, which she willing swallowed without any hesitations? She kept me inside her mouth until every last drop of my sperm had been devoured, and I became flaccid with her lips still around me. I felt my knees buckle, and had to hang on to Trina’s head for support.
“You taste good,” Trina said, licking her lips clean. “Now if you two will excuse me I need to go get ready for work.” She gave the head of my cock one final kiss before standing up.
“Hey.” I said to her as she continued to walk away. “I think Tommy will be very satisfied now.”
Trina stopped in the door way to the bathroom, turned and looked at me. “Oh he is already satisfied. Just wanted to see if you could be satisfied too.” she said with a smirk and a wink.
I turned and looked at Madison, who now had a cup of coffee in one hand and my shorts in the other.
“I can’t believe you fell for that.” Madison chuckled as she handed me my shorts.
“I can’t believe you played along.” I said as I put my shorts back on.
“I’m not sure what’s hotter Trina pleasing you or the look on your face while she is doing it?” Madison said as she leaned over and kissed my forehead. “I have to go to work; maybe we can continue this play later.”
“Maybe?” I said with an evil smirk.
“Have a good day my naughty man. Love you.” Madison said as she closed the front door behind her.
Oh my god what just happened? I once again got taken in by the two beautiful ladies in my life. How could I get so lucky?
I was sitting at my desk at work; all I could do was look at the clock. Come on five o’clock, I kept thinking as I tapped my pen on my keyboard. The phones were ringing and the spread sheet on the computer screen was doing nothing for my mental wellbeing. I found my eyes turning quietly down to the bottom of the screen, and with that I watched the time tick by. Only 5 more minutes, thank goodness. I wanted to get home to Madison and our sweet Trina…..4 minutes….come on time move faster. I wanted to go home and feel Madison’s soft lips pressed to mine….3 minutes…..oh man this is going to take forever I told myself.
“Hey Jay, want to go have a drink with us?” I heard Sal ask.
“Not tonight guys.” I said.
“Jay has to get home to that hot future wife of his.” Ed said back.
“You are a lucky man Jay, Madison is a hot tie if you don’t mind me saying so?” Sal said.
“Yes, I am very lucky.” I chuckled back.
If only those guys knew how lucky I really was. They would be so jealous if they knew I got the best blow job from my two favorite women this morning. Nothing like a little mother, daughter action, oh lucky me! I looked at the clock; yes it was now 5:01. Time to rap this work day up and head home to my two girls. I shut down my computer and headed for my new car.
The drive home usually takes me 20 minutes, but today I made it in 15. Thank goodness, I finally pulled my Camaro into the drive way. I got out of the car and make my way to the house. Hanging on the door handle was 2 sets of panties; black lace thongs that I knew where Madison’s because I had given them to her for Valentine’s Day, and a pair of hot pink boy shorts, I knew those panties well too. Trina loved to wear them around the house with nothing but a short cut off tee shirt. I can still picture the material of her panties cling to the cheeks of her ass, as her little ass swayed back and forth. I grabbed both pairs off the handle, and opened the door.
“I’m Home” I hollered.
I got no response, I explored the house to see if anyone was home and as I walked to the bedroom I shared with Madison, I heard what I thought to be female moans coming from the room. Putting my ear to the door I listened in, hearing the sexy moans I remember so vividly. I figured Madison was masturbating, so I opened the door slowly, and squeezed in quietly. I couldn’t believe my luck there was Trina. Legs spread over the chair’s arms, exposing her pussy as Madison’s tongue was probing and teasing. Madison continued sucking on Trina’s clit and slowly reached, with both hands, to feel Trina’s perky mounds. Madison found Trina’s nipples and gave them both a tweak, getting them hard. At the same time she was still flicking her tongue over Trina’s sensitive pink nub.
“That’s it lick my pussy mom.” Trina moaned.
Madison removed her mouth from Trina’s clit, which now poked out in arousal. I watched her slowly, slid her tongue, from the bottom up, tasting the sweet goodness that had escaped Trina’s tender sexual lips. Madison was using her fingers to pull Trina’s lips apart, then her tongue darted out and made contact, and she was literally devouring Trina’s sweet twat. Trina arched her back in pleasure as she surrendered to her mom’s delightful ministrations. Trina then rode Madison’s tongue like a little dick for what seemed like forever before she had a small orgasm. After her orgasm I could tell she was about to stand up but Madison would not let her move. She grabbed Trina’s hips and redoubled her licking assault. Her tongue disappeared between Trina’s tiny lips again. Trina gasped sharply as her mother’s tongue swirled around her clit; Madison continued the stimulation to Trina’s sensitive clit with an onslaught from her tongue, sucking gently to increase the stimulation from the rogue assault her tongue was providing. Trina’s moaning increased sharply as her body began to convulse and her muscles began to spasm. Her body shook as the warmth of her climax flowed through her. I watched as Madison used her tongue to wipe Trina clean of her cum, than kissed softly up her body, to her stomach. She settled on one of Trina’s soft breasts sucking her nipple until it was hard and then circling the perky with her tongue. Madison latched on and sucked Trina’s breast while massaging the other with her hand. After a few minutes she switched to the other giving it the same treatment.
I stood there in shock at the beautiful sight of my two favorite girls pleasing each other. I reached down and rubbed myself through my work pants. My cock was rock hard and throbbing in my pants. I slowly reached inside and pulled it out, trying not to make any sudden movements. As I pulled my cock up, I pushed the waist-band of my pants down. My fully erect cock sprang free and already had pre-cum dripping from the tip. I stroked up then down the full length. My other hand cupping my balls and slowly massaging them I feel the pleasure building within me, I wanted my long hard cock inside my sweet Trina.
“Oh god mom that was amazing.” Trina said as she stood up and grabbed Madison’s hand and led her to our bed.
It didn’t take long before Madison was on her back and Trina was kissing her. I watched as their tongues flicked in and out of each other’s mouths. Trina’s hands roamed over her mother’s naked body. Trina fondled her mother’s breasts, tweaked her nipples, and fingered her pussy. Trina slid her fingers inside of Madison’s pussy, her free hand now rubbing the clit, but only ever so slightly making her want more and more. Trina positioned herself between Madison’s legs, her tongue rolling over her mother’s exposed clit, and wet pussy. Trina reached over to the bedside table and pulls out a large see through double ended dildo. Madison moaned loudly, as Trina rams it inside her. Trina pumps the dildo in and out of Madison, driving her mad. Trina then straddles herself on the other side of the dildo, bringing it slowly into her wet pussy. They both start moving in sync and moaning together as they get themselves off. Trina was moving her pussy one way and Madison moving the opposite, faster and harder they moved with each stroke.
“Holy shit you two are hot!” I said as I continued to stroke myself.
They both paused and looked up at me. Madison looked me straight in the eyes and winked, as Trina blew me a kiss. Then they turned back to each other and continued to fuck the double dildo between them. I wasn’t stupid, they knew I was there this whole time and that their show was just for me, and man what a show it was. I was going to continue to enjoy every minute of it too. I walked closer to the bed so I could get a better view of the two beauties. I thought to myself wonder if they are going to let me join in at some point. God I hope so, I wanted another go at sweet Trina.
I continued to watch them fondle one another’s breasts as they made the dildo move deeper into themselves, and their pussy’s continued rubbing each other. Trina was the first one to through her head back, and moan in pleasure as an orgasm ran through her tiny body. I watched as her juices ran out of her pussy, down her thigh and formed a spot on our bed. Trina pulled herself off the toy, moved closer to Madison and continued thrusting it into her mother’s pussy, in and out, faster and faster, deeper and deeper. I watched as Trina began to rub her mother’s clit, helping her orgasm build stronger. It didn’t take long before Madison bit her lip and closed her eyes as her body started to shake and the juices began to flow. When Madison’s orgasm was over she pulled the toy from herself, handed it to Trina and stood up off the bed.
Madison was now standing with her legs wide apart, hands on her hips in the center of the room. She pointed to me, curling her index finger in an invitation for me to approach. And with that she pushed me back into the chair and ripped off all my clothes. Madison swung her leg over me, over the arms of the chair and grabbed my dick and rubbed it up and down her shaved pussy lips getting the head all wet with her juices. Then she lined the head up with her opening and slid her pussy down over my dick. I grabbed both her ass cheeks and she then started riding me up and down, she reached down between us and rubbed her clit as my dick slid in and out of her pussy. I leaned in and caught her left nipple between my lips and sucked on it and then used my teeth to gently chew on it as it stuck out hard and then switched to her right tit and did the same to it, this brought a moan out of her from deep down and I could feel her pussy clamp down tight on my dick as she had another orgasm.
Trina stood beside us and watched as my dick slid in and out of her mom’s pussy. Then she got down in front of my legs and reached her tongue up and alternately licked my dick and her mother’s pussy as my dick slid in and out. It was a bit of an awkward position and she couldn’t really get her tongue in very far. So she stood up and came to our side and started fondling her mother’s tits, then she stuck her head between us as her mother and I kissed and sucked her mother’s tits. After her mother and I broke our kiss she leaned into me and kissed me, inserting her tongue deep into my mouth and swirled it around with my tongue.
“Suck my tits baby girl.” Madison ordered Trina.
Trina was more than happy to comply with her mother’s request and feverishly sucked and licked on her mother’s tits. Madison started to hump up and down on my dick faster and faster as I bucked up into her as hard as I could. Madison knew how to ride me and I loved it, but I wasn’t ready to come yet. I pulled my cock out of her wet pussy. Madison looked at me with an arch of her brow. I picked Madison up and carried her the few steps to our bed, and tossed her down. I position myself next to Madison on the bed.
Trina stood before me briefly before climbing up onto the bed to join her mother and me. She dragging her body against mine as she made her way up, she started at my toes, wiggling her tongue in and out between them, she took her tongue slowly up my legs to my thighs and began kissing me. Then I felt her soft lips kiss the head of my very hard shaft. She started licking her mother’s juices off me.
“You and mommy taste good, Jay.” Trina said as she continued kissing her way up my body.
I felt Madison’s soft palm and fingers wrap around by thick tool. I felt her begin to stroke it ever so slightly as she lay next to me. Trina grabbed my face and gave me a deep kiss. How I wanted our sweet Trina. I grabbed her by her hips and rolled her onto her stomach. I rubbed up and down Trina’s firm ass cheeks; she was lying flat now with her arms up hugging the pillow under her head. I rubbed and massaged her butt cheeks, my cock still getting stiffer. I spread her legs apart and positioned myself between them and started gently kissing and tonguing her bottom. Trina raised her bottom off the bed just enough to let me find her clit with my tongue. She let out a long, deep moan. I continued poking my tongue down her freshly shaved pussy. It was completely bare and smooth and I loved the feeling of my tongue roaming around her cunt lips, darting in and out of her wet hole and back to her clit. I slowly flicked my tongue across her clit, up and down, up and down. It was so juicy down there and I was in heaven. Madison was laying on her back next to us rubbing her own clit and pinching her nipples, she smiled at me.
“Oh god Jay.” Trina said quietly.
I kneaded her ass and I licked away at her. The moaning was constant now and I could feel her orgasm building, I kept my tongue working on her clit, trying not to break my rhythm for even a stroke. She was pushing her pussy into my face and I could feel the moistness on my nose. Finally her body got rigid, her legs clenched around my body and I could feel her juices flow on my tongue. I stayed where I was and kissed her butt cheeks, spread them apart and started to tongue her asshole.
“Fuck my virgin ass Jay.” Trina said.
Oh I was going to do as I was told, so I got as much saliva on my tongue as I could and slowly lapped away at her tight little hole. I spread her cheeks as far as I could and poked my tongue in and out of her pucker hole. Trina let out a few little squeaks and moans as I played with her. This went on for some time; keeping her cheeks spread wide and my tongue slowly worked her area. I pressed my finger flat against the opening and pushed a little, not trying to slide it in, but applying some pressure. I slid a finger into her pussy and slid it in and out as I went back to eating her ass. My finger was now well lubed and I slowly slid into her tight hole and it went it very smoothly. Trina moaned again as I started to lick her clit again, my finger now all the way up her ass. She was now grinding her ass towards me pumping at my finger. I stuck another finger in her pussy, spreading her juices onto it. When it was well lubed I added it too. I now had two fingers, moving in and out of her ass. My cock was now rock hard; Madison grabbed the lube and squeezed a large glob on Trina’s hole, then she squeezed some on my cock. Madison placed a hand on each cheek and pulled them apart for me. I pressed my cock against her asshole and rubbed the tip up and down her pucker hole, then slowly pressed it in.
“Oh god.” Trina yelped.
“Be gentle to my baby.” Madison said as she leaned over and kissed my lips.
I did as I was told, placed the head of my cock against her opening and pushed forward slowly and gently, the head slid right in. I stayed still for a moment to give Trina some time to adjust. Madison had a huge grin on her face as she continued to hold her daughter’s ass cheeks apart for my cock. I continued to inch my cock into her, Trina pushed back and my cock went deeper, I began to thrust in and out, but still not giving her my full eight and half inches. Madison continues to play with Trina’s pussy as I continued to thrust into Trina’s ass.
I now had my cock all the way up her ass. I leaned over her and started pumping, Madison’s hand still spreading Trina’s cheeks apart, I looked down to watch my swollen cock slid smoothly in and out of her ass, it was tight, and Trina was rocking with me and moaning. She was flat on her stomach and I leaned right onto her back and really started fucking. Madison now had her hand under Trina and was rubbing her clit; I was really going for it, slamming away and could feel the rhythm of Madison’s hand playing beneath me, my pelvis smashing against Trina’s plump ass.
I wrapped my arms around her and buried my face into her neck as I shot my load deep into Trina. My orgasm was so intense I couldn’t move I just laid there on top of my sweet Trina; I felt Madison’s fingers caress my back as she kissed me on the head. We were all exhausted; I rolled off of Trina and into Madison’s arms.
“Oh Jay” Madison said and we kissed.
I reached around and put my arm around Trina and pulled her to me and gave her a kiss. There I was, in my own bed, a gorgeous naked woman in each arm.

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