Amanda and Ryan Get Even Closer

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When Amanda got home, her dad was waiting for her at the door. They stared at each other as she walked in, without saying a word.
“What were you doing at that boys house?”, her father asked her.
“Dad, i’m 15, i have the right to a private life.” she told him.
“Not if you’re going around acting like a slut gettin fucked by horny teenage boys you don’t.”, he told her.
“Dad!”, she yelled, “Just stay out of it.”
Her dad looked at her with an evil glare.
“You’re grounded for the next 4 weeks. No phone, no chatting, and no leaving the house!”
He walked out of the house right after he told her that and drove away in the car.
Amanda ran to her room crying. She got onto her bed and lay there with her legs spread open. She wasn’t wearing and panties or thongs.
Amanda hadn’t realized that her older 17 year old brother was home. He walked into her room and his attention was immediately taken by the view of his sisters shaven pussy out in the open.
“Hey Amanda.” he said.
Amanda was startled by his voice and covered up quickly, before he could get a better look. She turned red.
“Hi Ryan.”
“I heard you got into some trouble last night huh?”
“Yeah , well that’s none of your business so stay out of it.” she replied bitterly.
Ryan walked closer to the bed and sat down beside Amanda.
“You know, i know you’ve had sex more than just that time last night. I could get you into a lot of trouble.” he told her.
“What are you trying to do? Blackmail me?” she asked in shock.
“That’s exactly what i’m trying to do.” he replied.
“Fine. What’s it going to take to keep your big mouth shut?”
“Well i couldn’t help but notice your shaved pussy when i walked in.”, he said, ” It looks real sweet.” he smiled.
“Are you crazy!?” she gasped, “You’re my brother!”
“Fine, then i guess ill have to give mom and dad a call to tell them that you really are a slut like he said you were.”
“Okay fine! I can’t believe i’m doing this, but okay.” she gave in much faster than Ryan thought she would.
Ryan ordered her to take off all her clothes, and to get onto her knees. She obeyed him, and it really turned him on. He instantly got hard. Too hard. He pulled off his shirt revealing his built tanned body to his younger sister. Surprisingly it turned Amanda on. She started getting very wet at the sight of her brother. Ryan then took off his jeans and boxers, letting his big cock free. It sprung up and Amanda gasped at its size. It was just as big as Chris’. His dick was throbbing with anticipation.
“Why don’t you suck it like a good little sister.” he told her.
She slowly took his entire shaft into her mouth. She had blow job lips, and that mde everything all the better for him. She started thrusting back and forth, deep throating her brothers cock. He was surprised that she was able to swallow his whole dick.
Ryan started to moan loudly as he felt himself getting closer to orgasm. He felt his cock getting ready to explode down his sisters throat.
“Sis i’m gonna cum soon.” he warned her, ” Get ready to swallow it alright?”
She moaned, signifing a yes.
Ryan started thrusting his hips back and forth as if he was fucking Amanda’s mouth. He did it until he couldn’t take it anymore.
“Ahhh fuck!.” he yelled, moaned and grunted as his cock exploded and all his warm cum shot down his sisters throat.
Amanda swallowed the whole load, but occasionally the cum would over flow in her mouth and start coming out and dripping all over Ryans cock. Without being told, Amanda quickly licked up all the extra cum off of Ryan’s cock, and continued to lick his balls just to finish him off.
“Good girl.” he said to her after she was done.
Ryan’s eyes then went to her shaven pussy.
“So, about that shaved pussy of yours …”
Amanda looked up at Ryan. He smiled at her and signaled her to climb onto her bed and spread her legs wide open. She braced herself for what would be another night of fucking , but this time with her brother. Without saying a word to her, Ryan grabbed his dick, and slowly pusjed it into Amanda’s waiting cunt. He started off slowly, thrusting in and out of her to get a feel of her pussy. It was tight, and he loved the way it felt around his throbing cock. Amanda began moaning as he thrusted into her faster. He would gradually increase speed and fuck her harder as he went on. In no time at all he had his little sister screaming his name, and screaming for more.
” You like that don’t you Amanda?” he said.
“Oh my god yes! C’mon Ryan, make me cum.” she pleaded.
Ryan spread Amanda’s legs even wider and fucked her as hard as he could until he and she both came at the same time. It felt great for both of them. Ryan shot his huge load all over Amanda’s body. Tits, face, everywhere. She went to clean up and when she got back to her room, he was there , waiting for her on the bed.
“That was amazing.” he told her.
“You were really good yourself.”
They smiled at each other, and knew that this would not be the only time they would have sex together. They both got dressed and went their seperate ways.
When Amanda’s dad got home, he and her mom gave her a lecture about teenage sex, and how she could end up getting pregnant by doing it, and that she wasn’t able to support a baby if it ever happened. She pretended to listen and then went to her room to call Chris.
She ended up telling Chris what she did with her brother, and surprisingly it made him kind of horny.
“Whoa, you actually fucked him?” he said.
“Yeah .. well he kinda black-mailed me into it but it was good in the end.” she explained to him.
They talked for a while, and decided that they would meet again at someone’s house to have some hot heavy sex again. They just couldn’t get enough of each other.

Part 5 coming soon!

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