my mothers visit

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i had just gotten off from work and was sitting i my recliner watching some porn when somebody knocked at the door. i was tempted yo ignore it but i got up and went to see who was interupting me. i looked through the peep hole and saw that it was my mother. i wondered what the fuck she wanted. i put a smile on my face and opened the door and let her in. i asked her if she would like to sit and she sat down on the sofa. iasked if she would like something to drink. she asked what i had i said water and beer she said a beer would do. i brought her one and got one for myself. i asked what she wanted. she said i was over visiting your sister tina and she had some things to say and i wanted to ask you about them. i said ok what did she have to say. well she said that you had molested her and your sisters when you were living at home, and she said that you were a homosexual. she turned to me and asked well is any of this true.
i stood up and started to pace and then turned to my mother and smiled well what do you think. do you think i would molest my own sisters and do i look like a faggot to you. she said i didn’t think she was telling the truth, but i had to ask. i smiled again and said mother i din’t say i hadn’t molested tina because the truth is that i have fucked her and my other sisters too. don’t tell me that you didn’t know that tina was a whore and let every fucking man that asked fuck her and some she asked. fuck yea i fucked her if you think it was molestation then i will have to say that you have molested her too. she started to say something, but i held up my hand and said don’t waste your time denying it. i’ve watched you make her eat you pussy and i have even videoed you fucking her with that 12 inch black strapon of yours. you should be here and we should be sharing stories of the pleasure we had screwing my sisters and your daughters.
now about her other accusation i plead guilty. yes i enjoy the pleasure of other males sexually. before you ask i will tell you i suck dick, i lick balls, i lick ass,and i let other men fuck me in the ass, and no i do not use condoms. i swallow when they cum in my mouth and like it when they cum in my ass. i said ma one thing enjoy that you might find revolying is licking a mans cock clean after he has fucked and cum in my ass. i said so mother all she said is true what do you want to do about it. she said i just wanted to see if what she said was true, i didn’t think about doing anything about it.
i looked at her and asked her if she wanted another beer. she said ok. i went and got her one. as i gave it to her i said i know what we should do about it. she asked what? we can continue fucking tina and i think we should get together and really fuck the shit out of her. and as for my gueer escapades maybe some time you would like to watch your son as he gets gang banged by a bunch of bikers. i looked her in the eyes and smiled and asked her if she had her strapon with her she said yes. i said i always wanted to be able to tell people that i am a cock sucking mother fucker. i said how about it ma wouldn’t you like to be fucked by your faggot son and after i fuck you you can get that big black srapon and fuck your son. she smiled and said i’ll get the strapon. i said this is going to be fun and it was.

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