My Sister and Miss Jones V

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My Sister and Miss Jones V
Julie and I spent the day visiting riding the river boat to the Zoo, going to the Aquatic Museum, had lunch at a famous resturant and relaxed by the swimming pool. Michael came by and dropped of 4 invitations to the haunted house party for tonight. We decided to go to the casino to help pass away some time and since it was within walking distance, took off and walked along the antique shops going there. Since neither of us were gamblers we decided to try our luck at the Roulette table. Our plan was to bet on whoever had the strongest gut feeling, red or black. Amazingly we did very well and had our winnings up to $2100. i was standing behind Julie and my light whispering in her ear must have warmed her up because every time the ball was rolling around she would wiggle her ass against my crotch, which in turn got me horny. We were going to bet one more time and leave by mutiual consent so we both said at the same time, bet it all. We placed all our chips down on 13, since this was haunted house day, and watched the ball roll, we actually won and Julie was laughing with excitement. Nothing like beginners luck and a good bit of money in winnings.
Picking up our winnings and paying taxes on it, we went back to the motel walking a little faster and definetly with more excitement. We both jumped in the shower and as I was sponging Julie I woudl lightly kiss her neck and shoulders causing her to gyrate in pleasure. We hit the bed and started passonatly kissing and touching each other. Julie slid down and started licking my balls moving all the way to the tip of my cock and back down. I was throbbing at this point and she slowly took my cook in her warm mouth and worked her lips and mouth down until she gagged, and repeated this until she was able to take all of me down her throat. The tightness of her throat just about caused me to explode so I took my turn on her. Using my tongue I started at her ears, under her arms and around her breast and nipples, and down to her toes. I worked my way back up to her extremely wet pusssy and teased her clit while sucking lightly on her swollen pussy lips. I put my arms under her thighs and lifted and spread her legs working my tongue down and around her ass. Julie really started moaning, letting her ass loosen up so it was making my tongue easier to slip in and out tongue fucking her. She was so turned on she rolled over and lifted her ass open to my tongue even more. Pussy juice was flowing and Julie’s face was buried in the pillow making sweet moaning and sobbing noises. The sobs kind of worried me as to why so I slowly worked my way back up her ass checks, up her back and up her neck letting my hard cock drag through the cracks of her ass. She reached back and guided my cock up and around her ass so I let her control my cock and its entry into her beautiful pink ass. She worked it very slow, stopping every millimeter until she was comfortable letting it go in further. After what seemed 5 minutes my cock was nestled all the way in her tight ass and the pulsing of her ass muscles was causing me to feel an eruption about to happen. I was caressing her ears with my tongue and whispered how great it felt and let ther know I was getting ready to cum very hard. Julie started using her ass muscles to contract and relax around my cock and I cried out as I unleashed my cum deep in her ass. The orgasm was so intense I collapsed on top of her. She kept moving her muscles in her ass until I finally softened up and my cock slid out. I rolled off of her and about passed out. Julie rolled over and put her head onmy shoulders, kissed me and we both fell asleep.
The knocking at my room door awoke us and I opened the door in a bathrobe to see Clair and Cheri standing there with big grins on their faces. “I see you two have had a good day” Clair said as they walked in. Julie and i excused ourselves for a few minutes while we showered off our sexually smelling bodies. Julie whispered in my ear ” I would have never beleived I could have sex like that. Thank you for not moving and allow me to experience a feeling I didn’t know could exist. I want you to know no one has ever made me feel so good I wanted all of them,” We kissed passionetly kissed and dried each other off to prepare for a very exciting night.
We asked directions to the Magnolia Mansion at the front desk and on our way over there, each one of us told a ghost story to liven up the event before we arrived. The place was absolutley beautiful and as we gathered among the other 30 or so people a narrator got up and gave us a brief history of the mansion, built in 1857, and why it was haunted. He also asked that generous donations be made so the parties can continue each year. Since Julie and I won so much at the casino I put $1000 in the donation box. Six couples started this club, we found out Michael was one of the original six, and every year the donations made determined two years in advance where next party will happen . Since this night is planned two years in advance the entire second floor is closed to the public and can only be reached with the special invite only cards. Dinner and drink were served and everyone with special invites were directed to the stairs to begin the festivities.
A large haunted looking tapestry looking with a make shift door was hanging at the stairs to block off any view to upstairs and as we presented our invites we were allowed through the tapestry. The original 6 met everyone and directed them to a room to disrobe and explained all rooms were open to join in with the different crowds. Michael grabbed Clair and Cheri and took off with them so Julie and I went to undress and join the first room we came to.
The room we picked had four people mingling on the huge King sized bed so we joined them and it was a free for all. I recongonized the beautiful black lady I met at the swingers club and while paying some atteintion to Julie I started off my night with her as my first sex for the night. When she turned to see who was touching her, she smiled at me and said nice to see you again. No need to say more after that as we started kissing and carassing each other. I found her name was Laurie. Laurie went down on me and sucked on my cock like a vacuum cleaner as I slowly turned so I could taste that bald pussy of hers. Laurie slid her tongue down my balls and started licking my ass, it was unbeleivable how good that felt. Finally I turned and pushed my cock deep in her pussy and started pumping like a man possesed. Was it a ghost causing this? Her pussy was really hot, are all black ladies the same I wondered. The night pretty much was different sex partners and sitting back and enjoying watching others have sex. Julie eventually found me again and asked if I felt the same extra excitement she had felt. We agreed it must be the fact it was a haunted mansion causing this extra excited feeling.
We found Clair and Cheri and told them we were going to go back to the motel room, as it was getting very late and we were worn out. They hugged and kissed us good-bye and informed us they planned on staying the night. When we went to get our clothes we had to search for everything because all the clothes and shoes had been moved around in disarray. Did someone do this as a prank or did a ghost do this? We seen Michael on the way out and thanked him for the wonderful night and the invites. Mcihael thanked us and asked for my businees card so he could mail invites every year to the parties. When we asked about the clothes being moved all over, he promised no living person up here moved anything. Our first haunting!
On our way back, Julie kept saying she felt like someone else was with us and I said its just because of where we were and its nothing. We got bak to the motel room, cleaned up, had a small snack and drink and went to bed. We kissed and being too tired to have sex anymore tonight I closed me eyes to fall asleep. As I was drifting into my dreams, I heard Julie moan and when I looked over she was moving her hips like she was getting fucked. I feel asleep smiling, thinking it was just a predream state causing that to happen.
The next morning Julie asked where did I get the energy to have sex one more time. I guess from the look on my face, we both knew something did follow us back.
To Be Continued.

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