Peggy's Story (Part 1)

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Chapter Thirty: Peggy’s Story (Part 1)

Miss Cramer turned toward me, snuggled closer in my arms and began her story, I grew up in Rawlings, Kansas and at first I guess my life was no different than most. But when I was a senior in high school things changed. It started on a visit to my Uncle Joe’s farm. Uncle Joe and Aunt Mary had two daughters, Brenda and Sherrie. Brenda was about the same age as me and I guess Sherrie must have been a couple of years older.”

Joe was mom’s older brother and his farm was about forty-five miles outside of town. We visited there three or four times a year. I liked Brenda and Sherrie a lot and I always looked forward to seeing them. Of course living on a farm made their way of life seem very interesting to me; I guess I sort of glossed over the hard work and isolation involved. Both girls were very pretty. I remember Sherrie as being very grown up with a great figure. Brenda and I were very cute girls and beginning to develop nicely if I do say so myself.

I don’t remember too much about Aunt Mary. She was very quite and seemed to be much older than Uncle Joe; although she was actually a little younger than him. I think the hard work and maybe my Uncle Joe, had worn her down and made her old before her time. Anyway it was clear that Uncle Joe was the dominant figure in that household. What he said went without question. I was a little afraid of him. He was a big barrel-chested man. He had long hair, a thick black mustache and dark deep-set eyes that gave him sort of a sinister look. He seemed more like a biker, you know from one of those motorcycle gangs, than a farmer. At least that was my impression.

On this particular visit, I was having a great time. I helped my cousins with their chores, which to a naive town girl like me seemed like fun. After the chores were done, we went out to the pond and went swimming. It was late in the spring, so the water wasn’t too cold. Brenda and Sherrie convinced me to go skinny dipping. They said that there was no one around to see. So we got undressed and dove in. Sherrie and I teased Brenda about her little peanut boobs and she gave the both of us a good dunking for that insult. As we came out of the pond, we again compared bodies. It was agreed that I had the sexiest tits. We checked out our other attributes as well. We all had a respectable dark bush of hair between our legs; but we had to concede that Sherrie had us beat in this department. We spent some time sunbathing and talking. Then we got dressed and went back to the house.”

That evening we had a very nice time at dinner. Uncle Joe was in a good mood. He teased us girls about boyfriends and complimented us on our good looks. I found myself warming up to him even though I suspected that his good humor came mostly from a beer can. After dinner Uncle Joe asked me if I would like to go out to the barn to see the new calf. I said OK, expecting that Brenda and Sherrie would come along. But apparently a new calf was no big deal to them and definitely not worth a walk out to the barn. Now I wished I could back out because I was still a little uncomfortable around Uncle Joe; but I didn’t see any way I could easily do that.

It was just beginning to get dusk as Uncle Joe and I walked toward the barn. When we were well away from the house, Uncle Joe put his arm around my shoulders and said, “Peggy you’re a very pretty girl. You’re going to be a knockout in a very few years.”

I was very flattered by this compliment and as we entered the barn I asked Uncle Joe if he was serious. He said, “Serious as a heart attack young lady. You’re one of the cutest little things I’ve seen and believe me I’ve seen plenty.”

Then Uncle Joe pulled me around in front of him, bent down and began to kiss me. At the same time he slid his hands down behind me and squeezed my bottom. I started to pull away, but he held me closer and started to run his hands over my bottom and up my back. All of the sudden I began to enjoy what he was doing and I started kissing him back. Then he slipped his hands inside my shorts and panties and began to massage my bare bottom. Although I knew this was very wrong, I couldn’t help myself. It seemed the more Uncle Joe did the more I liked it. I couldn’t understand my feelings and it seemed that my body was out of my control. As he continued to kiss and touch me, I felt a tingling sensation in the pit of my stomach and I could feel that I was getting moist between my legs.

Then Uncle Joe picked me up in his arms and carried me toward the back of the barn. There were some bales of hay back there that were covered with a canvas tarp. Uncle Joe laid me down on them and sat beside me. He bent over me and started to unbutton my blouse. I began to protest, but before I could get out more than a feeble “no” he was kissing me again. By now my blouse was open and Uncle Joe was slipping my breasts out of the cups of my bra. He said in sort of a soft trembling voice, “My God Peggy, you have the nicest pair of tits I’ve ever seen.”

Then he started to run his tongue all around and over my nipples as he slid his hand down into my panties and between my legs. In a moment he was touching me in just the right spot there and it seemed as if I was involuntarily responding to everything he was doing. My heart started to race and I was pushing up against his fingers. Then Uncle Joe tugged at my shorts and panties and I raised my bottom a little so he could take them down. Once he had them off, Uncle Joe lifted my legs and spread them apart. Then he started kissing me down there and using his tongue there like he had done with my nipples, only this was far more stimulating. Within a few moments I felt a wave of pleasure sweep over my body as I experienced my first orgasm.”

After my climax Uncle Joe sat up and began to slowly run his hands over my body as he stared down at me. He said, “You are a real beauty Peggy. This body was made for loving and you’re going to find that out soon enough. You have more sensuality in your little finger than most women have in their whole bodies. I could tell that you were ready for this. It was just a. matter of time. So I figured it might as well be now and it might as well be me rather than some pimply faced teenage boy. I don’t know how I know these things; I just do. Now put your clothes on. We have to get back to the house.”

As I put my things on, I kept trying to think of something to say. I knew that what had happened was wrong. I resented what Uncle Joe had said about me being ready for it and I wanted to tell him so. But then why didn’t I do anything to stop him? Why had I willingly let him take my shorts and panties off? Now that it was over, I felt terribly guilty and I resented that as well. After all, it was Uncle Joe who had done wrong; not me. I felt that I should tell mom and dad what had happened as soon as we got back to the house. But I already knew that I wasn’t going to do that and I’m sure Uncle Joe knew it too. When we got back, I acted as if nothing had happened.”

As we were getting ready to leave Brenda and Sherrie suggested that it would be great if I could spend a week or two with them when school was out. Considering what had just happened, I should have come up with any number of good excuses as to why I couldn’t do that. Instead I said that I would love to stay with them. Mom said that it was up to Uncle Joe and Aunt Mary; which of course really meant Uncle Joe.

Uncle Joe said, “Why sure Peggy’s more than welcome. It would do her a world of good to get out in the fresh air and country sunshine for a while.” So it was settled. Uncle Joe was going to pick me up the week after school was out.

At this point Mrs. Cramer glanced at the bedside clock and said, “It’s nearly 3:00 Bill. Hadn’t you better be getting home?”

I replied, “Don’t worry about the time. Tell me what happened next.”

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