Sleeping Mother

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I came home from work and I was about to go to bed, I work long hours driving a truck and I had already drove 500 miles and I was exhausted.
As I was walking down the hall I heard my mom moan.
I peeked in her room and seen she was sleep, laying on top of the covers, having a *wet dream* and rubbing her pussy hastly.
I don’t know why, I did, but I slowly walked over to her and she has her mouth open sleeping.
At that moment, I took my cock out of my pants, and begin to stroke, letting my pants fall around my ankles.
I had my cock right by my mother’s mouth, stroking for all I was worth, I then stopped and put the head of it closer to her mouth, letting it rub her lips, when she took her tounge and licked it.
She then began to stir, so I pulled back and she turned over on her side, facing me. YES! I thought.
I put my cock back up there and put it back in her mouth, and easily thrust into her mouth not enough to choke her while asleep just the head of it was in her mouth.
I licked my finger and then started rubbing around her nipples, not wanting this to end.
Then I heard her moan, I froze.
I looked down at her and she opened her eyes.
I pulled my dick out of her mouth and started to speak, “I… I..” “Yes, you’re home, you look tired, you better come to bed.” she interupted as she took me by my arm and pulled me into bed with her.
“Now then, let’s finished what we started,” she said as she climbed on top of me in a 69 position and took my dick back in her mouth.
“mmph” she moaned as I started to lick her dripping slit.
After a few minutes of this, I told her, “Cmere mom, your baby boy wants to fuck you.”
She then raised up and turned around and sat over my dick, I held it as she slowly started to descend on my dick.
As she was sliding down my dick, I wrapped my arms around my mother and thrust up into her, and then pulled her down on top of me.
I then started to pump into her soaked cunt as she raised and lowered her ass on my cock as hard as she could.
Mom wasn’t to big, about 36c, but she looked great, especially on top of me.
I raised up and licked and then kissed her on the tip of her nose.
“, mommys gunna cum,” Mom said moaning.
“Ohh, God mom, me too,” I said as I continue to thrust into her.
She began to tighten her pussy around my cock and then shouted, “OH shit, here it comes!” and threw her head back.
I thrust again as I shot my load deep in my mother.
“Fuck” I said as I grabbed mom’s ass.

When we finished our climax, I rolled over on top of mom, still inside, but limp now.
I leaned down and kissed her, took her breasts in my hands and whispered in her ear, “Ready for round two?”

Mom wrapped her legs around my waist as I started to get hard again, and said, “I love you.”
“I love you too mom,” I said as I slowly started to move in and out of her pussy again.

Mom and I moved to anther town, and tell people we’re married, she is now 4 months pregnant, but still loves to fuck me and who am I to tell my mother “No.”

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  1. Daddy Oh!

    Great until the pregnant part – Didn’t need to go there

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