Uncle Dave's homecoming

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Uncle Dave’s Homecoming


Christy Hopper

Eleven fifth she thought as she looked at the clock on the v.c.r Dam I’m not going

to get the beach today. Anita had been looking forward to a day at the beach with friends

from school for weeks. It was a hot summer’s day in Miami and instead of going to the

beach party that she had plan with her friends she was on her way to the airport to pick up

her uncle Dave, a man she hadn’t seen in five years. As she took the 405 freeway out to

Sky Harbor Airport she wonders if she would even remember what he look like, after all

she was only eleven when he took a job as a photojournalists for Today’s world

Magazine. He had been all over the world taking pictures and in all that time he had never

bother to call or even write, and then two weeks ago he calls his sister and said he’s

coming for a visit. Ever since that dam phone call mom had been barking orders to the

cook and the maid saying that they had to get the house in order because her fair haired

brother was coming home, she thought as she pulled her new red convertible into the

airport parking lot.

Anita looked stunning as she walked through the airport. Her five foot six inch

frame at one hundred five pounds always turned heads when ever she entered a room. Not

to mention her long flowing red hair and soft green eyes that could get what ever she

wanted when ever she wanted it. Wearing a black mini skirt that showed off her long tan

legs and white tank top revealed her perfect thirty-two inch tits she made her way to gate

511. Flight 616 had arrive on time and as people begin to pass through the gate she

looked for a face that she might recognize, she was about to give up and go to the ticket

counter to ask for help when a tell well build man caught her eye. He was leaning up

against pole smoking a cigarette as if he was waiting for someone. Anita began to walk

toward him and the closer she got more excited and turned on she became. “God she

through please don’t let this gorgeous man be my uncle. As she walked by him Anita

notice that he was checking her out, she could tell that he wanted to approach her. She sat

on a bench directly in front of him. She wanted him to get a good look at her lovely body,

she sat with her long delicious legs crossed giving the handsome stranger a birds eye view

of her upper thigh as her black mini skirt rode up her thigh. Fleshing a very sexy smile

that told him that she more then willing as he walked over and sat down beside her.

The handsome stranger said nothing for a few minute doing nothing except gazing

at the fine looking sixteen year old. “My god your mother was right you are a beautiful

young girl.”

Anita was so embarrassed by her behavior. “Oh uncle Dave I’m so sorry I did

know what you looked like and…god I’m so embarrassed”.

“Oh hay don’t worry about it, if your mother hadn’t told me what you look like

when I talked to her last night and that you were coming to pick me up, then who knows

what might had happened .

After she recovered from the most embarrassing episode of her life the two

collected Dave’s bags and headed back to Anita’s house. On the forty-five minute ride

home Anita filled her uncle in on the family’s happenings. But the fact was Dave barely

heard a word she said. The only thing he could think about was how in hell was he going

to get into Anita’s pussy. The whole way home he could barely stand it, his dick was still hard from her come on in the airport, and now driving back to the house with the top

down and the wind blowing her long red hair and her thin tank top revealing her hard

nipples was almost more he could take.

When they arrived back home Anita showed her uncle Dave to the guest room

where he could unpack and settle in. She said that it would be a few hours before her

mom got home from the office. She said if he needed anything she would be out by the

pool. After Anita left Dave jacked off immediately while fantasizing about his sixteen

year old niece.

About an hour passed since Anita left her uncle Dave upstairs in his room. He had

come downstairs to see if he could use the phone. As he walked into the living room he

could see through the big bay window the pool area where Anita was lying topless on a

lounges chair. She heard the sliding glass door open and she knew what was coming. He

walked over to where she was lying and from behind he reached down and start fondling

her tits. Moaning “What took you so long?’ she said . He walked around and sat down on

the lounges chair beside her.

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

She smiles and place her hand on his large cock.

“Aren’t you?”

Dave pulled her close kissing her on the lips while he continue to play with her

nipples. He thrust his tongue into her mouth while running his other hand between her

legs where he found an wet eager pussy just waiting for him to take. Dave adjusts the

lounges chair to a lying position, he laid Anita on her back removing her black thong

revealing a mound of gorgeous red pussy hair. Dave’s mouth watered as he striped of his

clothes. The sight of her uncle Dave’s big hard dick send a tingling sensation through the

sixteen year old. A perfect six inch penis hung perfectly between his legs. His tall lean

body glistened in the warn sunshine.

Dave kneels at the end on the lounge chair spreading her legs apart he rams two

fingers hard into her love hole, She lets out a scream that stops him cold. He pulls her up

close to him looking her in the eyes.

“Hay sweetheart are you still a virgin?”

Anita trembled in his arms as tears stream down her face, as she nodded yes.

“Oh don’t worry baby your uncle Dave is here now and I’m going to take good

care of you.”

Dave laid Anita back on the lounge chair spreading her legs again he began to

gently massage her pretty little kitty. The thought of him being her first turn him on even

more. Dave has always had a thing for young girls and that attraction would be even

greater if the girl was a virgin. The massage helped Anita to relax her tight little pussy.

Dave fingered her again but this time she seemed to like it. Dave took his thumb and his

indexes finger stretching her little pussy lips as far as he could. The taste of young fresh

cum was intoxicating. The sensation of having her pussy eaten for the first time carried

her away with pleasures that she could never image.

Dave was so ready to stick his cock into his sweet young niece, he slid her body

under him and with his hand he guiding his hard dick to the opening of her sweet little

love hole. Stopping lingering for a minute he asked if she was ready, with a slight nod she

indicates that she is. With one big thrust he plows all six inches into her. Moans of complete ecstasy came from the young girl as she had nonstop orgasms. For more then

two hours Anita’s uncle Dave took her to a sexual heaven that she could have never


Lying naked on the lounge chair Anita asked him did she please him, Dave toke

her face in his hand saying “You were much better then your mother.”


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