Another Visit With Peggy

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Chapter Thirty Three: Another Visit With Peggy

When I got home from Peggy Cramer’s it was nearly 5:00am. However I was still too wound up to go to sleep right away. I started thinking about my recent experiences with Amber’s mom and Peggy. Both women were much older than me and yet I found them both to be very sexy.

One person I didn’t like to think about was Amanda. I still wasn’t over her. I guess if there was anyone that I had actually cared about it was her. I knew that I had to face the facts. Amanda was too nice for me. She needed a commitment that I just wasn’t ready to make; at least not now. There were too many other girls out there to tempt me and it was beginning to look like the field was expanding into older women as well. I felt that my experience with Karen’s mom all those years ago didn’t count. Besides that happened before I met Amanda.

I went over the events of the past evening and found myself beginning to get that tingling feeling as I thought about Peggy’s nice tits and her big plump butt. If I had her with me now, I knew I would be ready for some more action. I started thinking about fucking Amber’s mom in the ass when we were in that huge soaking tub. Then I realized that my tool was getting hard as a rock again.

I reluctantly pulled my mind away from past events and started planning my next move. I decided that early tomorrow afternoon I would call Peggy; just to see how her cat Tiger was getting along. I figured that might be a good opening to get invited over to the Rosewood Apartments again. Besides I was very interested in hearing more of Peggy’s story.

One nagging thought crossed my mind as I got into bed and it bothered me just a bit. It seemed that all I did was think about pussy; pussy that I’d gotten, pussy that I wanted again and pussy that I hadn’t had yet. I made a vow to think about something besides sex for just a little while. Then I started thinking about that hot little Kim Douglas as I dropped off to sleep.

The next afternoon I was driving into the parking lot at the Rosewood Apartments. Peggy had thought my concern for her cat was very sweet. So naturally she invited me over so I could see how Tiger was getting along. I thought cynically as I got out of my car; that was one pussy I didn’t give a damn about. But if playing the animal lover was what it would take to get Peggy’s panties off again; it was a small price to pay. I even got a cute little get well card for Tiger. Then I laughed a little to myself as the thought struck me that if things went according to plan, there would be at least one pussy in Peggy’s apartment feeling a lot better by the time I left.

When Peggy answered my knock at the door, she was wearing a short cream colored robe. It was cinched in tightly at the waist and the mounds of her large full breasts were protruding tantalizingly beneath the thin material. Her thick dark hair was brushed back and looked incredibly soft and seemed to literally glow in the sunlight that was streaming in at the open door. Peggy stepped back and I kicked the door shut as I entered.

I immediately took her in my arms, dropping Tiger’s get well card on the floor in the process. I began to nuzzle Peggy’s neck and pushed her silky hair back to nibble on her ear lobe. She was wearing some perfume that smelled wonderful. As I held her close I slid my hands down her back and let them come to rest over the ample curves of her bottom cheeks. As we began to kiss, I massaged Peggy’s butt through the thin material of her robe and I felt my tool already coming up to full alert.

When we broke the kiss, I undid the belt of Peggy’s robe and pushed it open. As I expected, she was wearing nothing underneath. I cupped her large firm breasts and began to suck on their nipples, which were already erect and awaiting my attention.

Peggy asked a little breathlessly, “My God Bill! Aren’t you even going to say hello?”

I raised my mouth from her nipples and said, “Hello.”

Then I knelt on the floor and began to kiss the dark bush of hair between her legs. In a moment my tongue was probing Peggy’s pussy. I homed in on her clitoris and, not too unexpectedly, I found that it was already erect.

I felt a movement and glanced up as Peggy slipped her robe off and let it fall to the floor. She said, “Let’s go into the bedroom Bill.”

I got up from the floor, practically tore my clothes off and followed her across the living room.

When we got into the bedroom, Peggy went over to the bed and lay face down with the upper portion of her body across it and her feet on the floor. In this position her amply curved bottom was displayed perfectly. Then I noticed the paddle that I had used last night was placed conveniently on the bed. Obviously Peggy was in the mood for another good butt warming before we got down to other business.

I came over to the bed and began to run a hand over her firm mounded bottom cheeks as I picked up the paddle. I then ran the paddle over Peggy’s bottom in a light circular motion. I saw her butt cheeks tense in anticipation of what was to come. I brought the paddle down with a resounding CRACK right to the center Peggy’s butt. Then I set to work slowly and methodically warming her lush bottom. In short order she was crying out as the paddle CRACKED down on one butt cheek and then the other. As I brought her bottom up to a rosy glow, Peggy began to move it from side to side and moan as the paddle continued to splat into her large firm butt.

After I laid the paddle aside, Peggy shifted her legs apart and I could see the bush of dark hair that covered her pussy peeking out between her plump shapely thighs. I knelt on the floor and slid my tongue into her pussy from behind and began to tease her already swollen clit with the tip of it. Within seconds Peggy was moaning and wiggling her butt as my tongue played over her pussy. I moved my tongue away from her pussy and up into her deep butt crack and sought out the puckered elastic opening there. At the same time, I began to gently run a finger over her clit. Peggy brought her hands around and spread her beautifully globed butt cheeks and as I continued to probe between them with my tongue. She cried out, “Yes more! Fuck me in the ass!”

I got up and guided the head of my rock hard tool to its target. Peggy let out another moan as her ass hole stretched to accommodate my swollen rod. I pushed forward and the length of my stiff shaft began slowly sinking in between Peggy’s elegantly curved butt cheeks. She cried out once more as I sank my tool in to the hilt. The sight and sensation of my tool fully rammed up Peggy’s tight hot ass made me almost weak with pure sensual pleasure.

In another moment I began to pull slowly back and then drive my rod home again. Peggy shifted a hand down between her legs and fingered her pussy. In a short while, I was driving almost the entire length of my tool in and out of Peggy’s ass at a fairly rapid pace and I was bumping up against her big rounded butt cheeks on each inward thrust. I wished that I could make this pleasure last forever; but I knew that couldn’t be. Long before I would have liked, I was shooting my load of hot cum up Peggy’s tight ass. Then I continued to ram my tool home until she reached her climax.

Later, as we were lying side by side on the bed I said, “Tell me some more of what happened at your Uncle Joe’s.”

Peggy turned toward me and said, “OK, I just hope you’re not planning to write any of it down.”

I replied as I toyed with her breasts, “Of course not. I’m just interested.”

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