gladys and me 3

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Charlene was very pretty and under developed for fourteen. Hardly any breasts at all and a really smooth hairless little cunt, she gave the impression of being much younger.
She had come to visit gladys and I was hoping to fuck gladys all day, now this little dish in her uniform was here from school and interrupting things. Black shoes, white socks up to her knees. white blouse and tie, grey pleated skirt and looking every inch the horny young girl. My mind was wandering from gladys as she was making tea.
Charlene was sorting some things out in her school bag and was bending over, her knickers were on show and she looked good enough to eat.
I offered to make gladys tea while she chatted to charlene. An idea struck me, where are gladys sleeping pills. I found them and broke three up into her drink and two into charlenes. They drank them without even noticing and I had turned up the heating also so it was not long before they were both out for the count, gladys on the sofa and charlene on the floor.
I stripped naked and stood there stroking my cock, what to do first.
I removed gladys dressing gown so she was naked and took off charlenes panties and opened her blouse, no bra, superb.
I knelt beside charlenes face and slowly rubbed my cock across her cheeks and lips and wonderfully her lips parted, I slid in and very slowly humped her warm mouth. A few minutes of that and I slid out just in time to shoot a full load across her chest, wonderful. I sat back to enjoy my handy work only to find gladys sat looking at me.
“You dirty boy she said, did you think I drank it, I heard you getting the pills out and I tipped it into the plant pot”.
I was stunned.
“That looked delicious and you enjoyed that did’nt you”
“yes I stuttered”
“well lick her little pussy now while I watch and see to myself”
I did as I was told, come back again to find out more.

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