Kailah's misadveture

It started off on a rainy day. Kailah was bored. being a senior in high school isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. sure you get more privilages and granted your body is more matured than the freshmen, but in the end you’re still surrounded by the same immature boys and teachers who think you’re still — just a child. She stared outside her window and did was she does best on her spare time — day dream about her english teacher, Mr. Michelles.

Her mind wondered about his eyes that sparkles as he smiles and his hair that’s a little wavy. oooh how nice it would be to run her fingers through his hair, she thought. Kailah continued on to think about his body, nicely built, you can tell that he works out. then his hands…mmm….those big hands. It would feel so good to have those hands wrapped around her slim waste and have it cup her butt as he pulls her close to him.

With these thoughts Kailah didn’t even notice that her hands have slowly started to explore her neck, then lower to her chest, slightly cupping her breasts into her hand and playfully fondling her nipple. Finally she realized she was wet again. “God, just the thought of him turns me on,” she said under her breath. She moved away from her window and finally decided to do some homework. “Hrmm, maybe tomorrow I can stay after school and ask for some help with my homework. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.”
The next day Kailah picked a speacial outfit just for Mr. Michelles. She had her fusia tank top with a denim mini skirt just barely 4inches from her knees. She had a thin white cardigan wrapped around her waist, and left her long flowy hair down. She walked into her last class, English, with extra confidence and took her seat at the 3rd row, 2nd from the front, crossed her legs and open her notebook ready to take notes.

During the lecture she noticed that Mr. Michelles’ eyes were definately looking up and down the length of her legs before turning to the board to add more notes. “Today we’re going to discuss Abigail’s actions towards John Proctor from the Crucible.” As he passed out the handouts he purposely dropped the one he was giving to Kailah and stopped to stoop down to pick it up for her. The smell of her almost made him loose his balance. How he wanted to take Kailah right now from where she was sitting and just spread her legs and taste her sweetness. He carried on with handing out the papers and so on with class. After assignning them the reading for the weekend, he dismissed the class.

To his suprise Kailah stayed behind, not that it bothered him…to him that just meant he had another 5 minutes more to look at her perfect body before going home to fantasize about her.

“Mr. Michelles, I have a question,” she said as she approached his desk.

“Yes, what can i help you with?”

Although instead of standing in front of the desk, Kailah went around and sat on his desk. “I wanted to speak to you about Abigail’s actions towards John Proctor a bit more in detail. However to my understanding IT was HIM who made the first move despite that he was married and that Abigail was infact younger than 17 as implied in the play, right?”

“Uh, yes,” said Michelles as he could almost feel his body slowly heating up. To distract himself he got out of his chair and walked towards the door, checked outside and saw that the halls were almost cleared of students. He turned to Kailah and locked the door behind him. “You see Kailah, at that time the society considered girls to be fully matured women by the age of 14, and allowed to them to marry at that age. You see, their bodies were at that stage where it just starts to hit perfection.” With each word he was getting closer and closer to her.

“Then i guess my body would be at it’s peak of perfection already,” she said as she was slowly leaning back on her arms on his desk.

“Yes, I bet you’re as sweet as a ripe fruit.” He came closer and brushed his cheek against hers and slightly kissed her neck. His manhood was now just so hard it undoubtedly rubbed against her knee as he leaned over her.

Kailah reached her hand down to feel his hard-on. “Well would you like a taste? I see that another part of you certainly does.” Then she started to pull down the straps of her tanktop as he eased his hand between her legs.

Between there he could feel her moist panties. “hrmm someone’s been naughty, you know you’re not supposed to be this wet when i’ve barely started with you.” And with this Michelles suddenlypicked Kailah off his desk and flipped her over and raised her tight mini-skirt exposing her ass clad in the white panties. His mouth watered as he raised his right hand preparing for the swing…and then WHAP! His hand connected with her firm ass. Kailah whimpered after the first blow, but to her suprise it only made her wetter and want her teacher more. Michelles kept his hand on her ass and slipped it lower cupping her dripping cunt into his hands then brought it to his lips for a taste. Mmmm, I think I was right, you are as sweet as a ripe fruit.”

He parted her legs and pulled the crotch of her panties aside exposing her shaved young lips. This girl is so horny her no longer shy clit is already peaking out from the lips. His mouth just watered more and without waiting anymore licked her as he cupped her ass. Her juices flowed into his mouth like nothing he even dreamed about. Kailah’s moans were slowly getting louder as a wave of orgasm is slowly building up. He was flicking her clit with his expert tongue, and she came. He lapped it all up then stood up and told her, “How rude, you know better than not to respect your elders. You need another lesson.” He flipped her over again and spread her legs but not before he ripped off her soaking panties. He then unbuttoned and unzipped his pants letting out his 8in manhood, which looked almost as though it was about to blow.

Kailah parted her lips for him as he smoothly went in. It was almost impossible to get it all in, she was so tight and so hot. With each pump it seemed like her muscles were slowly giving way. “Punish me, I’ve not been the perfect student,” Kailah whimpered.

Michelles supported her lower back with one hand while his other hand was massaging her breasts, they were so supple. He just kept on pumping as he was looking at his student cum on his cock. Finally he couldn’t help it anymore and grabbed her thighs for one last hard pump, and he blew his load inside her.

Kailah became limp on her teachers desk. He helped her up after he had composed himself. She finally gathered her things and was preparing to leave the class when she turned to him and said, “Thanks for my punishment Mr. Michelles, I’ll make sure to stay a bad girl just for you.”

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    i like it……….short and sweet! 🙂

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