Ride Home

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I had known Jon since third grade. He was the son of a minister in our town. We graduated the same year from the same high school and went to the same college. When it came time for our first Homecoming back home, we were both psyched about going. His girlfriend, Kate, was a candidate for homecoming queen. I didn’t get to go to my senior homecoming because I was in the hospital, so when Jon asked me if I wanted to go home for Homecoming, I was ecstatic. I hadn’t seen some of my classmates in over two months, and there was one that I especially wanted to see – Toby. I had had a crush on Toby since my freshman year of high school, and I was just finally starting to get over him.
On the way home, Jon asked me if I still liked Toby. I told him that I didn’t like him the way I used to – I didn’t say that I thought it was horrible that he was dating a freshman in high school when he was a freshman in college. Everyone else thought so too, but no one would say anything. I also didn’t say that I was starting to like Jon. Jon and Kate had been going out since before our graduation, and I didn’t want to ruin their relationship.
When we picked up Jon’s brother, Derek, who was 24 and a grad school student, he brought a case of beer with him. Jon and Derek pretty much drank the whole thing on the way home. I couldn’t drink because I was going to go out with my parents, and they’d flip out if they knew I was drinking. I couldn’t wait until the trip home, because I was pretty sure there’d be beer there, and I hadn’t had any all weekend. We had to leave from home early because we had to go to a concert for one of our classes.
I was right, Jon’s brother bought him a case and we cracked one open as soon as we left my house. Within an hour, we drank three beers each and I was buzzing pretty good. (I suppose I should take this time to explain that I’m about 5’3″ and 130, and am a 36C-28-32. I have medium length light brown hair and blue eyes. Jon was about 6’1″ and 160 – thin build but strong. He had been drinking for awhile, so three beers didn’t bother him a whole lot.)
Jon decided that he had to go take a piss, so he pulled off on a deserted gravel road, shut off the engine, and went around to the other side of the road so I couldn’t see him. I was getting pretty sleepy now, so I laid my head on the headrest and went to sleep.
The next thing I knew, I was laying on my back in the back seat with just my bra and shorts on. Jon had removed his shirt and had one hand on each of my breasts, playing with them and the sweet torture had woken me up. I reached around his neck and pulled his head down onto mine and we kissed – gently at first, but then with more intensity. I sat up and he reached around behind me and unfastened my yellow satin bra. My breasts tumbled out of their restraints and I could tell Jon was getting more and more aroused by the second. I reached down inside his gym shorts and boxers and found the ultimate treasure. I had heard that his cock was pretty big, but nothing I had heard could have prepared me for the 9″ and thick monster that I found. It was already pretty hard, and it was so soft and smooth. Just touching it made my pussy start to ooze.
Jon’s hands around my nipples tweaked the buds until they were sensitive and he closed his mouth around each one. I shuddered at the sensation that ran down my spine. Jon helped me out of my jean shorts and yellow panties and I pulled his shorts down and threw then into the front seat. He laid me down on my back and pulled my hips up to his face. He put a finger inside my now-dripping cunt and massaged my inner walls. His tongue found my rock-hard clit and I just about came as soon as he started licking and sucking on it. I pushed myself into him, and he put two more fingers in me and finger-fucked me until I came all over his face and hand.
I sat up, pushed him back, and told him that it was time for me to return the favor. I ran one of my fingertips up from his balls to the tip of his cock, ran it around the underside of the head, and back down. There was a drop of precum at the top, and I licked it up and savored it. I sucked on the head of his cock like an ice cream cone. Then I ran my fingertips up and down the shaft of his dick. He shook – I could tell he loved every second. I took his whole cock into my mouth and deep-throated it – I thought I was going to gag, but I eased up for a second and resumed working on the head. His cock started to grow in my mouth, and I wanted to lick up every drop of his cum. Pretty soon, his whole body tensed up and shot after shot of hot spunk shot into my mouth. I swallowed every drop, and then proceeded to suck him dry.
He laid me back down on my back and asked, “Are you OK with this?” I looked up at him with open eyes, and said yes. I told him that I’d been fantasizing about him all summer and that I wanted him so much right now. He stroked his cock until it was hard again, and put it at the opening of my pussy. He started gently, but I was in so much need that I grabbed the small of his back and pulled him into me. It almost hurt, but pretty soon, we were in a rhythm that was building up to something still just out of our reach. He reached a thumb down to my growing clit and started to rub it. My eyes must have rolled back into my head because I came almost immediately. I reached up and kissed him – his mouth, his neck, ears, chest, anywhere I could reach. He started working on my nipples again, and I was about to cum again. He rolled me onto my side and started fucking me from behind. He was starting to grow inside me, and I knew that this was it. “Harder, harder!” I gasped, and he responded by driving in deeper than I ever thought imaginable. He started first, and I felt the hot cum fill my wet pussy and I let go. Jon had collapsed behind me with his arms around me, so I ground myself against him for the grand finale. I came so hard and passed out in Jon’s arms.
When I finally woke up, it was night-time, the car was moving, and Jon had found a blanket in his trunk to cover me up with. I pulled it around me and crawled into the front seat, and looked up into Jon’s eyes. I’d never noticed them before. They were a deep, rich blue and were so peaceful. He looked back into mine, and I thought that I’d melt when our gazes met. “Good evening, honey,” he said with a sweet, smooth voice. “Good evening, babe.” I managed to say back. I pulled my clothes back on, curled back up in the blanket, and slept the rest of the way back to school.
When we got back to school, Jon found my keys, unlocked my room, and carried me up the stairs and put me in bed. He kissed me on my forehead, and when I woke up the next morning, I found a note beside me. It read: “Thanks for everything. Maybe we’ll have to go road-tripping next weekend. Love, Jon.” I knew that he’d eventually have to decide between Kate and me, but for now, I was just going to enjoy this for all it was worth.

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    I turned the car key, my eyes drove along the story’s road, I braked by pumping the penis pedal until I came.

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