Sweet Transition

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“I hated girls”, if that is the right place to begin this story. Seriously, I hated girls.

I grew up like just another kid in the city. There is one thing I noted about myself that I felt
very uncomfortable around girls. I just could not stand them. It was not like I was not attracted
by the opposite sex, but somehow I didn’t like them. Maybe they are only a machine for
continuing our generations.

My hatred for them dated back to the first day I joined school. I remember when I was in 2nd; I
slapped a girl just for sitting next to me. Slowly I grew up always abusing them. I got a good
beating from my mom for that and I hated mom for taking the other side.

I swore I would never get married and would bang and leave any girl I could find and leave

I did not even worship the lady gods too. It was all the fault of Eve because of whom Adam
ate the apple and we are all suffering here.

So I finished my schools, went for college, hoping to enjoy every aspect of my life. But
strangely, I always felt lonely inside. I always felt less and less happy. Tried lot of different
things but I found lasting happiness in nothing. The older I grew, the less happy I became. It
was like I was searching for something but did not know what it is. Least I know it would be

I was un-successful in everything I did and the mood didn’t last. I learnt a lot of different
things, but got bored quickly with everything. I kept searching from inside but couldn’t find any.
Never felt calm. I didn’t know, but slowly I was getting into depression. I couldn’t take this any
longer. Failure, failure and again failure. Maybe this world is not for me.

So it all begins like this.

So it all begins like this. One day I finally decided to end my life. I was too tired of it. I felt no
meaning in it. I managed to get some drugs, which if taken in large quantities was lethal. I used

to live alone so there was nobody stopping me. One fine Sunday morning, I finally ate a whole
bunch of them and bid adieu to the world.

A very bright light was shining very bright as I could hardly see. When my eyes got adjusted, I
was finally able to see a man’s face. His face was calm and it was like a strong presence that I

He said he was Adam. I said WTF… am I already dead, then I realized that drugs which I took. I
must be dead already. When I looked around, I could see only light.

So if I was dead, I was expecting something else maybe. Don’t know. He said that it is not my
time. I need to go back. He said that my purpose in life is greater and I don’t know it yet. I
was to become a great scientist who one day will give the world a major breakthrough. I could
hardly believe what he was telling me.

I asked why god had sent him to which he answered that God has many forms. God can be
seen in anything. It can be even found in a temple, a thing or a person. It doesn’t matter. All
that matters is faith and good deeds. This I agree.

Adam told me now something which I never realized…. at least not until now. He told me why
he ate the apple. He said the greatest happiness one can get is by giving utter love and by
doing whatever makes her happy. “SHE, comes first”. “You will feel the meaning of love and fall for her.
She will be your earthy goddess and you need to worship her. Then you will feel the power of love and in time when you are happy,
you will find your meaning in life”

He told me that the reason why I as so at unrest is because deep inside me I want to literally
worship at the feet of a woman.

“What bullshit”, I thought.

He finally gave me a golden ring. He said that it would be lucky for me. This would be my lucky charm from here. It will guide me in my
life and I should keep it till I happily give it to the woman I love and want to worship. he left.

I thought I was not dead, but got crazy. Maybe I am in a hospital with some stupid nurse giving
me those freaking injections which were making me crazy.

Before leaving, he told me to forget fear, give in to my inner feelings and one day becomes the
person I am destined to become.

Ahhh……. My head is aching…… a lot..
What happened? Oh I was lying on the floor, must have been hours. I looked at the calendar
and checked the date around. OH my GOD, it was a Sunday evening, but the next Sunday. One

I reached out to my pocket, I couldn’t believe, but i found that golden ring that he gave me. I
thought it was a dream. I also found many tablets with it. I thought I ate them. But apparently
by counting them, I realized that magically only 2 were missing which I could have eaten. How
could it be? I remember eating all of the 25 pills. What happened?

“I don’t give a damn about what he said. Maybe this ring is lucky let’s see.”

So I decided to start a new life and I joined this firm. It was the best company I’ve worked for
but there was no pressure. Life finally started looking ok. I did not deserve that job but still I
got it. Maybe the ring was in action. I started doing well and was getting good attention and
perks too.
I considered that golden ring to be lucky as it was one reason I was alive today. I had this lucky charm but
never showed her or anybody as I thought if I show it to anybody, my luck will transfer to that

One day I heard the news of this new girl joining in my team. I said DAMN IT!

So when I met Neha, a most beautiful woman in her late twenties, our relationship was
primarily only peers. She used to sit near my cubicle. She was very sweet but I hated her as
with all girls. She was from a good background and was just working for fun.

I noticed that she always seemed nicer to me than with other men. I felt awkward. Slowly I
started speaking to her outside of work too. This was most unlikely but she was becoming a
good friend of mine. Again it was most unlikely but I *just* had this friend whom I found talking
to always. I liked her presence. Whenever I realized that, I maintained my distance. I however
noticed her sweet spot for me in her eyes. I tried to hate her too, but could not.

Slowly and slowly, we became best friends. We used to share all our thoughts with each other.
She was single now and I did not really bother as she had boyfriends in the past. I liked her
attention and that was it.

Don’t know it was because of her or the ring, whatever I did was praised and I was getting
famous there. I got up the ladder very quickly and now I had a good hold of the organization.
Even though I barely had time, I always made time for her. She is the only one whom I liked to

IT was 4 years now. We would go out as close friends where Neha would confide in me.
Although there was no romance and due to our special friendship, there was little chance of
that ever occurring. She always used to boss me around and said that I am a kid who cannot
take care of himself. She cared and scolded me all the time. I kind of liked it.

We did build a relationship of trust where they could share with each other their fears, hopes
and dreams. Neha did most of the talking as she found in me a man who was willing to
listen, a man, who was genuinely interested in her life.
We both became very good friends and I was always happy to meet her. We both were eager
to see each other. We both used to share much to each other.

“Neha can unload all her frustration and joy on to me.”‘

I and Neha became comfortable with each other to the place where I was able to open up to
Neha about my secrets, some which were silly and never told anybody.

person. I also had this new strange inner desire to be the loving servant of my queen. Due
to the trust we had established as friends, Neha was more than understanding. Neha
decided to make my dream a reality and give me her piece of treat.

“She invited me to her home for a dinner,so she said with a mysterious smile.I enthusiasticallly
agreed to that and so I dressed up,bought a botttle of good champagne and went to her

As I knock on the door, she opened and blew me off my feet. So beautiful she was,
Smelling like a flower, her shoulder long hair opened and she was wearing an elegant dress.
She told that she would need a little help in cleaning the house as she did not get time, and
two more of her guests are to come. This irritated me for a second, but it was OK of course… I

I cleaned the whole house while she was doing her further makeup.

I took a glimpse of her while she went down to take something from the car. Oh MY!!

She came back and went back to her makeup again.

Finally everything was clean and soon her two friends, also charmingly beautiful women in
their late twenties I guess joined us. They greeted me friendly and I noticed that they quickly
exchanged looks, which made me a little nervous. And as I was about to sit down with them in
the living room, Neha quickly asked me to bring us some glasses for the wine as well as
some water to start off.

If it were not Neha, I would have kicked out those girls by now. This time, for Neha, I did
not rebel. Naturally I got some glasses from the kitchen and saw that there was some food
waiting to be prepared. When I got back to the living room the three ladies were already seated
around a table and engaged in a conversation. So I brought the glasses and the champagne,
put it all on the table and wanted to join the round, as at that point I still believed this to be
a date. But I immediately was asked to open the bottle and the ladies held their glasses
towards me, so I could pour the champagne into the glasses.

There was a strange but funny atmosphere in the room. In some way these women didn’t
really take much notice of me, only Neha maintained some eye contact, with a beautiful
smile, and so she sent me off to the kitchen again to bring all the silverware and napkins.

Her voice is like poison for me, so I went back and got all the tools, and since I slowly started
to understand the situation, I brought the plates with me as well. As I put all this onto the
table, something happened to me. I got really aroused by my situation. The women were talking
about their lifestyle, their jobs, their friends and husbands, and were completely into their own
Neha sent me to the kitchen a couple more times, and eventually joined me there. She then
asked me to prepare dinner and told me how she wanted the meal to be prepared. ‘Do this
and then do that’ and so on. She gently stroked my neck and gave me a smile, and then went
back to her friends. I looked back at her as she left, something really snapped inside of me. I
saw her walking in all her beauty,”Self Confident” as she is and I think I was hypnotic to her
at least for that moment.I felt a heat inside of me and my “secret” dream was coming true. I
think I was glowing inside and outside and I started to cook the meal.

At first, I prepared a little salad for each of the ladies and brought it to them. At that point I
was already the servant. I elegantly serviced the group of women and focused on my role as a
chief cook and waiter.
While at the beginning I tried to have a conversation with them, I now served as a speechless
servant. I think I cooked the best meal ever and so the whole evening went on like this.

Neha treated me like a waiter and her guests just ignored me and enjoyed the evening. I
have to say that in that moment, I was like in a trance. I couldn’t think of anything else but to
please Neha and her guests.
They were so beautiful, each of them and together they radiated a strong erotic power to me. I
was in subspace, transformed into what I dreamed about so many times and I enjoyed this. I
made some dessert and some coffee after the meal, took away the plates and cleaned the
table, and then waited in the kitchen for Neha’s commands.
She called me into the living room and so I stood there in front of the table and the three
ladies laughed and applauded me for my service.
Neha stretched her hand towards me and as if I was remote controllled, I kneeled down in front
of her and gently and fulll oflove,kissed her hand.

The two other women cheered and congratulated Neha for this.

Neha gently stroked my face with her hand looking down on me friendly and understanding
and I bowed even deeperand hugged herleg.

I don’t know what made me do all this, but I was nothing but a doll in this moment. And in
fact the women started to talk about me and how much they would love to have somebody like
me for a weekend in their homes, as they have so many things to do.

While I was down there and heard these ladies talking like this, I was in sub-space. And the
voice of Neha went through me like a knife through butter. She controlled me and in fact I
desired nothing more at that moment then for her to give me an order I could obey, something
for me to do for her, just because she wants it.

While I was sitting next to her, hugging her leg, she called me her pet and I guess I was just
that. And even if she would have slapped me for my any past sin, I would have taken it gladly
as a reward. I was all hers. I have never experienced something like this in real life.

She dismissed me and ordered me to go to the kitchen. I got up and left confused. As I was
leaving, the three women once again applauded.

She came with me and asked me to face the wall and stand quietly. She ordered me to stay
like that till she came back. Then put a blindfold over me and put an earplug so that i cannot
hear and see any further.

She took a hand cuff and cuffed both my hands behind.
It was like an eternity i was in the same thought and going deeper into submission to her. I felt

After the girls left, Neha came to me and took my hand and took me to the living room. She

She removed my blindfold, earplug. and gave me a sweet smile.

My heart became heavy and i kneeled in front of her. I said thank you. My hands were still tied
behind me.
She told, this was a gift for me and called me…. “My darling Pet”.

I coulndt control and it felt natural. I said “In all earth, you are the one I want to worship and want to grow old with. I want to server you my entire life. Will you marry me?” SHe smiled and said ‘of course’. she pulled my head and bought her lips closer to mine and looked deep into my eyes. my heart stopped for the next 20 mins.

So the marriage date was decided and finally we got married.

So here I am, happily wedded to my wife, Neha, the love of my life. I feel good, very good.
THis is the fist night and i know it will be little different for us.

she was in a deadly sari, siting on the bed, looking so beautiful.

I went to her and kneeled beside her. Something happened and I bowed my head before her.

I said “With all my respect, thank you my queen”. I lowered my head even further in respect

and slowly pressed my lips to her feet for the first time! Heaven! I now knew what Adam told me was right indeed.
I wanted to stay there for ever. I knew I had found my place.
There was something special being at her feet. I felt relaxed and calm.Her skin was glowing and i wanted to worship her.
She slowly kept her hand over my head and i was complete now.

Something inside me told me that I am at the proper place. while my lips were exploring her heavenly feet, she
lifted the lower part of the sari and slowly completely covered my head wih it, shutting off any other sight.

She giggled and said”This is where you belong. Don’tyou?” with a sweet smile.

I did not have the courage to furtherlook into hereyes.Her feet were my whole world now.
After some time she asked.”So like the new place?”I answered yes.

She then went one step ahead and asked… “want to be my slave?”
“I answered yes, my goddess. It is my pleasure”

She suddenly pulled my head and shifted. She said. Slaves are supposed to be naked. I
thought for a moment, and then pulled of my shirt, took my jeans off. Now i was only in my
under garments. My manhood could be clearly seen but I am her property now, so whatever she wishes.

She inspected me for some time. I felt a bit of humiliation as well as peace in my new place. I
had my goddess.

Finally after analysing me for some time, she ordered me to follow to the champagne table. I
crawled with her.

She ordered me to lie upside down and kept her feet on my face.

She said..Now it’s your turn for the ritual. She ordered me to bring a bowl,
fill it with rose and wash her feet. After i was done with that, i understood what i
had to do. In India its a custom to wash our Gods feet and drink the holy water. Its called charanamrit (charan=feet, amrit = Nectar)Its I took the bowl in both hands, said , “thee my wife, my goddess my destiny, bless your slave.” and slowly drank the water slowly slowly. I wanted this. It was the best drink I ever tasted.

She pulled my head towards her and wrote “SLAVE” on my forehead with a marker. I was in tears now. “Happy “tears.

Those were her words “Now you have earned this place, my slave.”From now on, you can only
touch me at my feet and only with your lips.She took out a golden collar chain and locked it around
my neck to symbolize her superiority and my new position.She took a picture of mine in that
position.She atttached that small key in her anklet. The collar read N’S (Neha’s slave)

I took out my lucky charm from my pocket and inserted into her toe….a perfect fit…..like it was destined to be at her feet.
I looked into her eyes and said…….”My Queen!”

My head just bowed more than ever before and licked her feet soles in even more submission. I
just had my luckiest day ever. I felt like a small piece of ornament that she is wearing at her
feet. I was lying there, I was savouring every moment of it. She was my earthy God from now.

Now I didn’t’ want my old lucky charm as i had a new one , that was around my neck
given by my queen, more powerful than ever.

This evening was a very special gift from Neha to me. I took in this moment as a pleasure
and a joy.

From the next day, there was something really beautiful between us, a mutual
understanding. No tension and no mis-expectations. She was the head and I was to obey and respect her no matter what.

The next morning, I got up quickly, got fresh and made cofee, bought some fresh flowers and came near the bed and kneeled and waited for my queen to wake up with those flowers in my hand. As she got up, I greeted her good morning , and offered those flowers to her. She was still lying on the bed. I crawled towards the foot of the bed, and kissed the sheet covering her feet and asked for her blessings.

There was no need for talk and our eyes did all the talking. I There was a sense of calmness
between us. A new relationship had just started. I was happy. Happy to be her’s. I wanted her to be happy.

She got up and told me that now I will be leaving my job and will be going for further studies as this is
what I want. She told me she would take care of my finances and I need not worry any more. She said, once my sutdies are complete, we will have lots of kids.

I knew I need not worry about anything now. She gave me a deep kiss on my forehead and said,

“I love you, my darling pet…” •

I said, “I love you too.”

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